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  1. 'Llo. Well, with my coming back to the OB and all, I'd like to get a new banner/avi set. This one is going to be themed around my all-time favorite character from X-Men, Kurt Wagner (a.k.a.-Nightcrawler). I'd like to have the attached picture made into a banner/avi. On the banner I would like it to say, "Und führe uns nicht in Versuchung, sondern erlöse uns von dem Bösen. Amen." (It's part of the "Our Father" in German if anyone's wondering) Thanks muchly to anyone who tries! +E+R+I+N+
  2. [QUOTE=Dagger][b]The Scarlet Pimpernel[/b] is my favorite musical of all time... no contest. I saw it twice when it was at the Kennedy Center, and if it came back in town, I would see it again in a heartbeat. I love the songs, the comedy and the whole atmosphere--it's just so much fun and so stirring. [/QUOTE] I heard a song from the soundtrack of The Scarlet Pimpernel on Broadway's Best (Sirius Sattelite Radio channel) and thought it sounded pretty good. I absolutely [b]loved[/b] the book and I'm glad to know that the musical does it justice. :)
  3. Ah! Broadway on the OB? When did this happen? Heh. So anyways, as for favorite musicals- Dirty Rotten Scoundrels- If you haven't heard of it, it's a fabulous musical about a couple (or shall I say a trio? ;) ) of con artists who have their "base" (I guess would be the word) at a resort on the French Rivierra. A whole lot of calamity goes down with a few sarcastic jokes and some fantastic songs and dances. Norbert Leo Butz, John Lithgow, and Sherie Rene Scott were AMAZING! Not to mention, the Imperial Theater is gorgeous. Miss Saigon- Probably one of the lesser known musicals of current, but I love it anyways. It's about a soldier who falls in love with a Vietnamese girl during the Vietnam war. Well that's putting it simply. The songs are beautiful and I definately cried for alot of the end part of the show. And of course I love (the already mentioned) RENT! DVD came out today. And I can't wait till I get a chance to see it on Broadway. I don't like Rosario Dawson as Mimi (in the movie), but that's just my opinion.
  4. Hey! I told you I'd get around to looking at this eventually. Anyways, I think you did a pretty good job on this. As Lady Katana said, you could have done it on white paper. That would make it look a little better. Also, you can still see some lines that didn't get fully erased. Another benifit of white paper: You can clean up things like that when you scan it. Just put it into whatever image program you have. Even if it's Paint. But overall, it's pretty awesome. :) Keep it up! -Erin
  5. Project Name: Project Houha-1 Name: Abbigail "Abbi" Connely Age: 16 Gender: Female Appearance: 5' 7" with violet hair and gray eyes. Wears hair in loose ponytail at the base of her neck that goes down to about two inches above her waist. Wears lots of orange tops and dark purple/navy blue/black pants/shorts. And, as most people tend to notice, very...Well...Hmmm...Busty? I think you get what I mean. Transformed Appearance: Abbigail will take on a form very similar to that of Kali from the Hindu religion. Her skin goes navy blue, her tongue becomes long and snake like, and she has four arms. This is a Darkness form, of course. Personality: Abbigail has a very evasive person who, even though at first glance one wouldn't know it, likes meeting people. She has a very mysteriously sexy air to herself that attracts the people she wishes to attract. But to those she DOESN'T want to meet, she seems like an ice queen who's out of their league. Home Colony: Australia Zero Colony Weapons: a.) Crossbow with poison tip arrows and b.) a glaive. When combined, the bow of the crossbow unsheathes into a blade and attatches to the glaive so that it becomes like an axe that can shoot arrows. If this becomes too complicated for anyone, tell me, and I'll draw a pic. Phyiscal Ability: Top speed: 70-75 mph Max Arm Strength: 1/2 ton Max Leg Strength: 1/2 ton Note: Abbigail's strengths lie not in how much she holds, but her agility and stealth) Special Abilities: Teleportation, Mild invisibility (5 minutes tops), High Speed, slight minor telekinises Spirit Partner: [url=http://www.schlangenzoo.ch/regius.jpg]Garish[/url] Yea, it's a boa constrictor, but give it fangs.
  6. [font=verdana][size=2][color=#ffffff] "Light, eh? That's odd." She smiled at him, "At least you had some idea of what you would be. I had no idea. Let's just hope that I won't have to use the healing portion of my element any time soon." TJ seemed to understand and nodded, placing his hat back on his head. A look of realization passed over Sebastiene's face. She reached into the left pocket of her vest and put an acorn in the palm of Takahiro's hand. She grinned and said, "It brings good luck and long life. Call me superstitious, but it's brought me some pretty good luck over the years." "But-" "Don't worry. I have more luck than I need, Takahiro." she replied, twirling the chain of her mini-horseshoe necklace around her finger and winking at him. [/color][/size][/font]
  7. [font=verdana][size=2][color=#ffffff]OOC: Mr. President, you amaze me sometimes...These are awesome. Anyways, on with the post!!! IC: Sebby laughed with the others as she watched Dagonet pin Imric to the tree. It was funny, but she gradually felt sorry. As she munched on a hunny bun, she slipped another into the pocket of her orange hoodie-vest so that she could give it to Imric later. Hopefully everyone was taking things so fast that Dagonet had probably not noticed. And she prayed so. She found fruit! An apple, at least. She immediately scarfed it down when Dagonet stated that there was four minutes left. [i]At least I had [b]some[/b] nutrition.[/i] She looked around at the other kids. She noticed that the boy, TJ she thought it was, was standing alone with his back to everyone else. [i]He must feel lonely, being the only guy. I think I'll try to cheer him up before training starts. I know it's not fun to practice when you're down.[/i] She knew she didn't have much time, so she quickly walked over to where TJ was sitting and sat down in front of him. "Hey giovinetto*! What's the matter?" she asked with a smile, just loud enough so the others wouldn't here her through there own talking. OOC: *Giovinetto=boy. Italian. Duh. [/color][/size][/font]
  8. [color=yellowgreen][font=tahoma]Wow Moll! This stuff's great. Does this person have any books of poetry out? -erinzyger[/color][/font]
  9. [color=yellowgreen][font=tahoma]Yea, really Mai_Minase, this sounds like a fun story to do. I don't know what you see wrong with it. I think if you want to add some twist to it, you could always wait until the players have actually started posting and I'm sure something will eventually come to you. It'd be cool if you would put this one up because it sounds real cool and I'd like to join. -erinzyger[/color][/font]
  10. [color=yellowgreen][font=tahoma]Hooray, hooray, for GUNDAM WING! A.C. is the best! Name: Allesandra Chang (No! She's not married to him darnit! And she's not his sister. Read the bio! The bio!) Age: 15 Gender: Female Appearance: See attatchment. Now replace the dress with a white long-sleeved shirt, a t-shirt (of any random color) over it, give her too-long jeans that she constantly steps on the back of, some sneakers, a hoop earring in her left ear, and finger-less gloves. Ta da! Instant Allesandra! Mech: Name~Echo If one were to describe Echo in one word, it would be 'offense'. Echo is known for it's speed and attack power. It is aerodynamically designed and equipped with a blade boomerang (hey, a weapon that always comes back), a vulcan cannon positioned on it's head, and alot (and I mean alot) of hidden missles/rockets that don't do much on their own, but when fired at the same time can pack quite a punch. As a note for the future, the blade boomerang will eventually be damaged beyond repair and traded for a Beam Glaive, much like that of Wufei's Nataku, but larger and will do more damage. Country: Italy/China Personality: Allesandra is the girl all the guys want...to kill because she stole their wallets without them even noticing until she was far, far away! Allesandra lie like no other and can cause quite a distraction to get what she wants. Not to mention, she has perfected the art of insult through sarcasm. When in battle, she uses these skills to her advantage by psyching her enemy out to the point that they've forgotten that they're even battling. And then she makes her move. But, towards her friends, she is a very good natured person who just likes to help out. Almost a night-and-day difference. Bio: Allesandra Chang, [i][b]cousin[/i][/b] of Wufei Chang, was born on December 12, A.C. 183 to Xiao (Wufei's uncle) and Maria Chang. From the beginning, she was very close with her cousin and visited him often. But after his beloved (somebody remind me of her name because my copy of Episode Zero is in storage at the moment, and when I remember it I'll edit this) died, he slowly drifted away from her. She missed him desperately, but could not contact him. She did not hear from him for over five years. After the war was over, she recieved a letter from him, though there was no return address. He told her what had happened to him since they drifted and that he had been told to give her an address to go to and talk to someone who needed to speak to her immediately. He also, told her that he would see her again someday. "Hey, what are best friends for?" Trusting her cousin fully, she went to the address and was recruited as one of the new pilots who would fight in case of the break out of another war. Being the youngest of the four, Allesandra looks up to the other three, especially Garret. She is on good terms with all of them. She still, unfortunately, does not know the location of her cousin.[/color][/font]
  11. Before the others woke up, Sebastiene was the first to rise. It was always like that for her, up at the crack of dawn. She thought about waking up Steffanie, but decided against it. She stood up and stretched. God it was great to have control of her own body again. She looked around at the others. She was right. It must have been true. Everything that Dagonet had said was true. Speaking of that mysterious person, it was dawn, he should have been there. She walked only a little while until she found her answer. He was sitting next to a tree again. He seemed to like trees. Before she could say anything to him, he beat her to it. "So you're here!" he shouted to her. "Yea, hey." She cocked her head to the side, "So, this wasn't a dream, huh?"
  12. [color=yellowgreen][font=tahoma]Sebastiene lay on the ground, unable to move. [i]Che?! What is this guy talking about? I knew the little light was some sorta of omen but...Hey. Healing powers? Cool...Wait, what am I saying? This is insane. But all things are possible.[/i] She shifted her eyes (about the only things she could move), to look at the people who the guy had called Jenny and Maiko. They looked just as confused in their eyes. But this must have been something good. She was wearing her lucky rabbit's foot and her mini-horseshoe necklace. Those were her two luckiest items! She would just have to trust this mysterious new guy, and rest until tomorrow. And so she closed her eyes and concentrated on the sounds of the forest.[/color][/font]
  13. OOC: Glad this has started. IC: Sebastiene kicked her soccerball along the alley, humming the tune to "Grand Theft Autumnr". She knew it wasn't exactly safe to be walking this way home, but it was the quickest way. That's when she saw it. A little green light floated near the end of the alley. "An omen!" She rushed toward it, the superstitious person she was, kicking her soccer ball the whole way. She stopped in front of it and picked up the ball. The light zoomed around her head a few times and them went around the corner. Sebastiene ran after it, following it across streets, through feilds, and over a few fences when it finally slowed down and went into a forest. Sebastiene hesitated, but followed it through the trees. It stopped at a group of people, one who she recognized as Steffanie from the soccer team. They were gathered around a figure leaning on a tree. "Oi! The light sent me. Anyone know what's going on?"
  14. Hey Mr. President! Long time no see! Name: Sebastiene "Sebby" Bianchi Age: 14 Gender: Girl Element: Nature Appearance: [url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/1-2.htm]Clicky[/url]Doesn't usually wear the knee and elbow pads. Has freckles on her face. Personality: Loud and athletic, Stacy is one of her school's "leaders". She's a born leader who takes over and likes to have things set right. She is also immensly (sp?) superstitious. Biography: Sebastiene comes from a large Italian family that includes not only her close family, but her grandparents (from both sides) and her uncle (mother's brother). She has three brothers (Dante, Marco, and Rolando) and 2 sisters (Bianca and Melita). She lives in the big city, with a large group of friends, many of those from the soccer team that she plays goalie for at school and her softball team for which she plays catcher. She does many a superstitious ritual before her games. Most people think it's rubbish, but they seem to work quite well. One day on the way home from soccer practice, she noticed a small light in the back alleyway. She thought it was some messenger light, come to show her the way to something. Yea, she's pretty messed up. But little did she know....Yes...Little did she know...
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