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    fav anime: excel saga, jubei-chan, trigun, cowboybebop, one piece, trigun, ccs, flcl, chobits, I cant really think of any more at this moment...
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    frightening simpletons like yourself
  1. HaUnTeD

    Art New Banner and Avatar, fun effects.

    i like it!! good job!! i wish i could make banners... *sniffle*
  2. HaUnTeD

    Art HaUnTeD's Banner

    YOU PEOPLE! its a fan art i found of sakura from ccs... i thought it was worthy enough for my banner... oh, and yes it is NOH_FACE!! spelled with an H i met him...and he gave meeh gold...and he told me, my name is NOH_FACE not no-face.. actually it was some guy named bob...dressed as him... but he was quite cool... BOO_YEAH!
  3. HaUnTeD

    Art HaUnTeD's drawing of...well, herself...

    GAH! IM NOT ASIAN!!!! *dies* im actually a stupid little blonde girl of...(irish/italian/german/polish/english) decent... got a problem??
  4. HaUnTeD

    Art HaUnTeD's drawing of...well, herself...

    0_0;; damn hot.....heh...I wouldnt say that...but..thank you I guess...
  5. HaUnTeD

    Art Kenshin wall

    dude thats so cool..i love it so much i set it as my wallpaper ^.^
  6. HaUnTeD

    Art HaUnTeD's drawing of...well, herself...

    ah, thats what you meant... 'sok, im working on it.. I'll try harder next time! theres always something new to learn..thats fer sure
  7. HaUnTeD

    Art First Vash Drawing

    wo0t! boo-boo is da shiznit!!! go you... (drunk vash is mah sexay luvah) erm...100% A+...10/10, whatever the heck ya wanna call it..ish guuud
  8. HaUnTeD

    Art HaUnTeD's Banner

    thankies jamie! i still cant figure out how you made that...heh..:drunk:
  9. HaUnTeD

    Art HaUnTeD's drawing of...well, herself...

    aww thankies so much guys!! i didnt think i had a real good skill in drawing..but when i look right off the paper and copy it...its easier ^_^ oh and i dont mean tracing... no tracing... BUT I DO HAVE ONE QUEStION! what exactly do you mean by... eyes falling off my head?
  10. HaUnTeD

    Anime Otakon 2003!

    i went to otakon...its in mah home town...i was dressed as yuna from final fantasy X, so out of the fifty thousand yunas that were there...i was one of them.. ^_^ some guy video taped meeh...vause im special.. otakon, if you've never been, is definatly something you should look into, its tons of fun..if ya know what your doing..this was my first year, and i know ill be going back untill.......uhm...im tired of going..:D heh.... WOO! GO OTAKU! WE SHALL TAKE OVER THE PUNY TOWN OF BALTIMORE CITY! I TOLD YOU WE WERE COMING! YOU"LL SEE! YOU"LL ALL SEE!! MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!...:devil:
  11. HaUnTeD

    RPG TRIGUN: Return of Death

    whats the teams for? im new here... can someone explain? :wigout:
  12. HaUnTeD


    ah, depression, my favorite topic, my life is a big heap of depression. I'm lonely, and....well....lonely..I guess thats a big deal in depression. but eh, who cares, i havent killed myself yet!:D thats a good thing..is it not? but yeah...im not that crazy...im actually pretty afraid of death. i guess im just a normal girl..but i get left out quite a lot. High school isnt all glam, and I know I should be focusing more on my work, but I have no social life, whatsoever, Im not noticed, and, frankly, im starting to get used to it...ive always been left behind, maybe one or two good friends. And this year im gonna make a change, once and for all, people are going to know my name...and fear it...MWAHAHAhAHAhA!!!!! :devil: *e-hem*...well, maybe not fear it.. but that would be kinda cool...:angel: ok, well im done complaining...:D seeya :butthead: heh.. ~krissie~
  13. Yes it is I, and I drew this piccy..its supposed to be meeh, although it's not exactly close. We can thank whoever Tadashi Ozawa is for his(or her) lovely "how to draw" books.