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  1. have you gotten the one where it says that if you send the message to 15 people and click "below" you'll see christina kiss justin, 20 people and brittney will come out and slap her etc... ive gotten it like 3 times... i hate chainletters and the people who send them to me ive never even heard of.
  2. i had to take a test on the book today. that sucked. i think i failed it, but i hope that i didnt. itd be cool to make into an anime, but thatd be strange. and cool. i hated this book...
  3. break the lock of his door. use a hammer. that way he cant lock stuff in his room. for everything of yours that he breaks, break something of his that he really likes. eithr that or videotape hip stealing your stuff and show it to your parents of blackmail him with it. hope that helps...
  4. okay, why would your g/f be mad at you for knowing what r and c did and telling j the truth? c could have been hurt by r if she tried to resist what r was wanting to do to her. r has reason to be mad at you because you betrayed his trust in you, but j would have found out eventually, confronted r, and if r is really that manipulative, he would have told j that you knew all along, so j would have been mad at you for not telling him what you knew then. whoa, confused myself...
  5. i get mad really easily and very often. ive wanted to kill only a few people in my life, and it would have been easy because they lived near me. i didnt do it though...
  6. the problem is that most people probably dont read the rules when they sign up because all they have to do is say that they read them and its done. i know its in the rules and that it should be read but there are a lot of rules and most people dont want to read them all. maybe you could put it in bold and at the top of the page so people registering could see it.
  7. i have about 10 cds worth of songs that "fit" me. every metallica song ever made to sum it up quickly. i love metallica and i can, well i cant really relate, but i feel like i can.
  8. im not related to anyone that i know of, but chris is one of my friends in real life. he introduced me to the boards originally.
  9. this is for mods. ive noticed that there have been a lot of newbie threads saying nothing at all and that they are all getting closed and i think that theyre crouding the lounge, so i think that the e-mail that is sent to people who have just registered on ob should say that newbie threads are not allowed, since you have to read the e-mails to be able to do anything on ob anyway. think about it.
  10. i like lots of foods. italian, mexican, chinese, american, french, dogs, greek and just about any others. wait, i wasnt supposed to mention dogs...
  11. we went to a state park once in the mountains and there is a ledge one one of the mountains with a picnic area and a great view of the mountains. anyway, there is this one place where you can climb a steep ladder through this hole in the mountain that goes out on to a ledge thats really high above the ground. i dont know if that qualifies as a cave or not. ive never found a cave but i have found a tunnel and some railroad tracks that i can go to if i want to get away.
  12. i got my name from my life. my friends are really wild and im sorta like them, so i chose this name. also one of my cats names is wild thing.
  13. do any of you on ob have any regrets? anything you wish you could have done some time ago or anything that you did that you wish you hadnt? i regret 2 things: threatening a teacher (i didnt do it intentionally) and not getting into the habit of going to church. what do you regret?
  14. my dream room... id want a bose 5.1 surround sound system linked to a 56" plama hdtv with a ps2, xbox and gamecube and a vcr, just in case. id also want a state-of-the-art computer system with all the extras.my walls would be grafitied as i got bored and id have blacklight spotlight in the corners of my room. the floor would be orange and black checkered and hte ceiling would be high gloss light for the blacklights to shine off of. i would have a pullout bed/couch and the walls would be lined with swords, knives and guns. college dorms...
  15. i have a bad temper. ive had it for years. i just always keep it inside, locked away, and stored for use sometime. i dont know why, but i get mad way too easily. little things set me off and when i look back at them they seem stupid. i have a few people that i try to avoid to keep the rage away completely and its working. unfortunately, the worst one lives down the street from me...
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