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    I'm very imaginitive.
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    Drawing(so far I've made a pretty good story it's called "Angel's Sorrow" ask me questions about it if you want.
  1. Duuuuude,get Fable man it's worth it.I'm a big Star Wars fan but Fable just seems better.I mean do yuo get to get married in SWB?Do you get to drink beer and get drunk in SWB?Do you get to flirt with the honeys in SWB?Do you get to get freaky with ya girl in SWB?I think not. :2women: :beer: :nope:
  2. Me and my cuz are thinkin' of going back again to Toys'R'Us hopefully we'll have so much fun we'll be kicked out...or seriously injured! :blowup: :bash:
  3. You're right it is alot like Inuyasha,but don't worry some of the greatest manga writers/anime creators have gotten they're ideas from othe manga/anime.As long as you keep trying to make it good but different from other manga/anime you'll do good.(when I first started my manga/anime,Angel's Sorrow,It turned out to be almost exactly like Inuyasha,but after careful thinking and planning it started to be different and better.)So keep trying there's no such thing as a ripoff. :smirk:
  4. I haven't read capters 1,2,3,4,5,6 but I read the prolouge and I really liked it.I especially like the interracial part,because it compares to whats happening in todays world.(you know,like the racisim and laws against gay marriage)I'll be sure to read the rest of the chapters. :cool:
  5. I'm making a rp of my main character,Zero,(If you've read my thread of my story called Angel's Sorrow then you know who he is)well anyway he's on his way to find a sorcerer to grant him wishes.The sorcerer grants 11 wishes(including me)so I need 10 more people you can make them up.Well he meets these 10 more people on the way and he really doesn't need those 10 extra wishes, so what the heck.These are the things I need you to put,for example. Name:Zero Weapon: Dark Katana Apearence:A leather jacket with the right long sleeve ripped off and it's open so you could see his tan chest,and
  6. Don't think i'm ungratefull('cause i'm not)you did a good job but can you make it as big as your banner? :D
  7. Thanks it's really nice to see someone appreciate my work.I've been working on it for 4 years,so that means I was 8 years old when I started thinking about it. :cool:
  8. Can someone please make me a banner of Kakashi that maches my Avatar but I also want it to say "A ninja of darkness is a ninja of fear",please. :D :cool:
  9. When I first saw the title I thought it was some kinda gross manga,but it actully sounds interesting.kinda remines me of the movie The Butterfly Effect.
  10. Now,i'm not gonna flame you but there are 3 reasons that I can think of. 1.Some of the mangas may have a better story than it's Anime counterpart.Here are some examples,.hack//legend of the twighlight,FLCL,Trigun,and DBZ. 2.If you want to see an anime but it might not come to America you still can get the manga. 3.Some of the mangas don't have a anime counterpart. That's pretty much it. :D
  11. I'm currently reading Naruto it kicks ***!But I'm waiting for the 4th volume.I'm a little confused about the charka stuff but I think I got the basics.Oh, if any of you have info on where to get a Naruto dvd with english audio please share the info.
  12. I'm making a manga called Angel's Sorrow.It's about a 9 year old kid(his name is Zero) who gets possesed by a new kind of demon.He kills his parents(but he doesn't do it on purpose,and the worst part is that when he kills when the demon takes over he has to see himself kill them knowing he can't stop it.)13 years later(during those years he trained as a ninja and is now the best ninja ever to walk the planet.And he's 22 years old and because of the demon inside of him he stopped his aging and will stay 22 years old forever) he thought the demon went away,so he got married and raised an 11year
  13. Oji ryu


    As usual your right,Double B Daigo. God:10,000 points Satan:10 points Go God it's your birthday,Shake your :butthead:,now Oh yeah!:D
  14. Oji ryu


    There is God,okay?How can you explain sometimes when you really need something and your in a struggle something good happens.God spoke to my mom when she was wide awake.:smirk:
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