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  1. [color=royalblue]that sounds like an interesting idea. but there are a lot of people who dont have animation thingys so they wouldnt be able to do it. that wouldnt be very fair. and the voting thing could also turn into a lot of spam like you said. but if that was made into a forum that would be cool. the best animater would win, and people vote for the best animater. and people could keep some sort of record of how meny wins they have.[/color]
  2. [color=royalblue]i've been playing magic for a while now. I usully start playing for a while then stop for a while then start and stop over and over. my fav card would have to be silvos rouge elimentel. that card is really cheep with its pay one to regenerate. just power it up a lot and its a great card. my fav color to play would have to be green. I really like all the power you can get with them :D. i've noticed that a lot of card games were based off of the gameplay of magic. pokemon was yugioh was and a few other card games that never got popular too.[/color]
  3. [color=royalblue][b]Answer[/b]: you can carry 2 of each kind of seed [b]Question[/b]what weapon do you use agenst the first form of vaata(sp)(you know he's the big black floating dude)[/color]
  4. [color=royalblue][b]Answer[/b]: im not sure if this is the right answer but is it A Link To The Past? where you have to collect those 7 crystals. and Ocarina Of Time, when your getting the 3 Spiritual Stones. if this is wrong then dont answer this question [b]Question[/b]: how many pendents in A Link To The Past do you have to collect to get the master sword. (I know this one is really easy but I cant think of anything else)[/color]
  5. [color=royalblue]cool banner. I think I like some of your other septhiroth banners better thought. I like how you changed the color of the flame. um whats with all that tiny text off to the left? I give it a 7/10[/color]
  6. [color=royalblue]User name: Prozen Player class: WaveMaster Player Type: Newbie level: 7 looks: see picture Weapon name: ice staff Weapon level: 2 Weapon skills: frozen fury[/color]
  7. [color=royalblue]Horray! nobody voted for me! [b][u]General Awards[/b][/u] Overall Member of the Year:[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] Male Otaku of the Year: Female Otaku of the Year:[b]Chichiri's Girl[/b] Staff Member of the Year:[b]James[/b] Funniest Member:[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] Most Opinionated Otaku: Member most likely to be here in two years:[b]Adam[/b] Best Newbie: Best Oldie:[b]Charles[/b] Most likely to become a Staff Member:[b]Shinmaru[/b] Favorite Banned Member:[b]Taylor Hewitt[/b] Most improved Member of the Year:[b]im gonnna say me lol[/b] Thread of the Year: Silliest Thread of the Year:[b]How the James Stole Christmas[/b] [b][u]Random Awards[/b][/u] Avatar Award:[b]Hack Helba[/b] Signature Award:[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] Best Location: Best Otaku Couple: Best looking Otaku:[b]Juuthena[/b] Otaku clique of the Year:[b]cAttitude[/b] Best MyOtaku: [b][u]Otaku Writers[/b][/u] Poet Laureate: Writer of the Year: Orginal Story of the Year:[b]Otakuboards: Enter the Net[/b] Role-Player of the Year: Brawler of the Year (sparring): Role-Playing Game of the Year [b][u]Social Otakus[/b][/u] Otaku Social member of the year: Entertainment Otaku of the Year:[b]Chichiri's Girl[/b] [b][u]Anime Otakus[/b][/u] Otaku of the Year: .hack//SIGN Member of the Year:[b]K.K.C.[/b] DragonBall Guru: Digipeep of the Year: Gundam Member of the Year: Yu-Gi-Oh Member of the Year: Least Disappointing Yu Yu Hakusho Member: [b][u]Otaku Gamers[/b][/u] Gamer of the Year: Nintendo "Mario" Award: The Sony Award: Xbox Gamer of the Year: PC Gamer of the Year: [b][u]Otaku Artists[/b][/u] Best Graphic Designer:[b]Hack Helba[/b] Best "Traditional" Artist: Best Spriter: [b][u]Series Otakus[/b][/u] Series Otaku Member of the Year:[b]Desbreko[/b] Square/Enix Member of the Year: PokéPlaque (Pokemon): The Triforce Award (Zelda):[b]Desbreko[/b] i'll edit this later[/color]
  8. [color=royalblue]oh yea I forgot about slow readers. you shouldnt worry too much about that because there arnt that meny slow readers on otakuboards. and if there are then they should learn to read faster. *looks at animation shop* im a idiot. if I wanted one part to go fast I would always duplicate it lol. *looks at the poll* theres something wrong with that poll. im not on it.:p[/color]
  9. [color=royalblue]yea I guess some of the timing for some of the jokes were kinda bad but I still thought it was good. but you cant blame him if he was a slow computer. and I know how you can make different timing for the frames with your program you have DW. if you want some stuff to go fast just make the thing move really fast. when theres parts you want to go slower just use that same frame as meny times as you need it too to slow it down. thats what I did once and it turned out pretty good. lol PiroMonkey I dont think its a good idea to say how much you hated his movie then ask to be in his next one.[/color]
  10. [color=royalblue]lol that was great. why is syk3 always a monster? but yea great stuff. how the james stole christmas was still better though. that one was great. Mr.t saves the prez? sounds interesting. cant wait for you to be done with it. lets hope its as good as some of your other stuff.[/color]
  11. [color=royalblue]*looks at katanas post* its about time somebody didnt think it went to fast. lol im a fast reader too so I guess thats why it seems kinda fast.:D if it looks choppy bring that up with Helba not me. I just animated it, he made the slides. I wish I could make it look cooler but im too lazy to figure out how to do effects like that.:)[/color]
  12. [color=royalblue]i'll probley just do what I do every year. stay up late, have some sparkeling cider, play some nintendo, watch the ball drop then go to bed. one year I had a bunch of my reletives come over and it was crazy. we had to make a bunch of food since there were about 20 people and the second the ball dropped everyone started screaming at the top of there lungs. lol it was pretty funny.[/color]
  13. [color=royalblue]let me think for a minute.... [B][u]from older bros[/u][/b] Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga Mario Kart: Double Dash!! A big painting set thingy 100 bucks [b][u]from santa *wink wink*[/b][/u] Lord Of The Rings: Risk A leather men pocket tool Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (for gamecube) A few hoodys a bunch of other shirts and 50 bucks I was kinda surprised I got that much because I have 6 other brothers and sisters. I usully dont get a whole lot for chirstmas since my mom foceses on the little kids. I think I made out really good this year.:D [/color]
  14. [color=royalblue]lol this looks like its gonna be fun. Name: Matt Rawding Year: 2 Team: Weapon club Lable: The jester Description: is 5'6 and has light brown hair and hazle brown eyes. usully wears one of those jester type hats and a shirt that says "boards and babes" and blue jeans. Bio: a few years ago when he was 12 he and his friend were taking a shortcut home through an ally way and someone attacked them and killed his friend. ever since then he's started training with a battle axe and is ok with a gun. he also knows some Martial Arts. when he saw there was a weapon club he joined it.[/color]
  15. [color=royalblue]"dont make me do this!" said Link while blocking her attacks. Kila started muttering something and shot a big energy blast at link. Link quickly used Nayru's Love and didint get hurt by the attack. Link pulled out his bow and shot a light arrow stunning Kila then charged after Hiro. Hiro pulled out his sword and blocked Links attack. Link pulled out his arrows again but Kila came up behind him and hit him in the side sending him flying into the wall. "hmph. I always thought you were stronger then this. goodbye Link" and she threw a really powerfull energy ball at the place in the wall where Link was. suddenly the energy ball went flying back twords her and hit her dead on and she was knocked out. Hiro looked at Link wondering what had hapend and he saw Link holding the mirror shield infront of him. (is it ok for me to use this even thought I forgot to put it in my sighup sheet?) Link pulled out his bow again and started to shoot light arrows at Hiro. Hiro easly dodged them all. "thoughs puny arrows are what defeted the mighty gannon dwarf?" Said Hiro. Link plunged tword Hiro and they locked swords for a minute. "your about to find out why" Link jumped back quickly pulled out his bow and arrow and shot Hiro with a light arrow stunning him. "damnit!" said Hiro. ooc: I hope that was ok. I can delete this post if I cant use the mirror sheild.[/color]
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