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    I'm small, enjoy chocolate, am a video game nerd, and am the long-lost Power Ranger.
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  1. [quote name='silpheedpilot'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]and anyone who dresses remotely like a goth should end their life. Indie music sucks, rock music is the best. My clique could kick your clique's ***.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] [size=1]1. I guess I should go die then. :) 2. A lot of rock groups are indie. 3. I'm not so sure about that... you say "meat" around most of my friends, and I'm sure they'd grind you up yelling, "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ON THE WAY TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE, B***H?!" Hehe. I like this discussion. It's fun. [/size]
  2. [size=1]Still watching [B]Sailor Moon[/B]! But I just got into the third season. I also just watched the first episode of [B]The Snow Queen[/B]. It's based off an old European fairy tale. The music is beautiful, and the show is cute overall so far. I'm actually very excited to continue it. Unfortunately, the site I'm watching it on only has 12 out of 36 episodes available. :( Finished reading [B]Chobits[/B], too. Think I'll start the [B]Kashimashi[/B] manga next. [/size]
  3. [size=1]I didn't have cable or anything when I was a kid. So, Digimon after school on FOX. Ohh yesss. :cool:[/size]
  4. [quote name='AzureWolf'] My two cents, but let's face it. Having casual sex and relationships will eventually become as normal and accepted as premarital sex has.[/QUOTE] [size=1]I find that very sad. :( I don't understand cheating. If you aren't going to save the intimate stuff for your boy/girlfriend, why say you are in a relationship? I've heard people say that it's "fun" and "adventurous" to do things with other people behind your lover's back. I don't see what is fun about betraying their trust, and will more than likely backfire. That leaves no one laughing. I believe a
  5. [size=1]In my school, there only real "clique" is the so-called popular people. Everyone else just sort of hangs out with whoever, because they don't care who they're seen with. All my friends tend to either be gay, a vegetarian, or a hardcore weed fiend. It's fun to eat bacon in front of my veg friends. :)[/size]
  6. [size=1]It sounds like she is very [I]very[/I] sexually frustrated. And wants you to soothe that frustration. ;)[/size]
  7. [size=1]I'm about as straight as an imaginary line. I don't like all of these prefixes... "bi" "homo" "hetero" "a" "pan" Hell, I'm just plain [I]sexual[/I]. To me, sex is sex, love is love, doesn't matter which gender I'm with. [quote name='Deus ex Machina'][COLOR="DarkOrange"] And the penis is just plain [i]creepy looking[/i]. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Amen.[/size]
  8. [size=1]Joined in '03, oh yesss. About four years, I guess. I was young... eleven years old. Nobody remembers my first username, but that's fine. Back in the days when I was motivated to start dabbling in Photoshop, dishing out banners and making repetitive art threads as Conna_da_fox. I used to think I was amazing at graphic art, and not many of you helped deflate my ego. :p I think I made the most friends when I joined a Rurouni Kenshin RPG, I'm still very close friends with two of those people, but they no longer come here any more. We made a sequel to that RPG and everything, it
  9. [quote name='Gunslinger'][COLOR="77656"] @ Fyxe: Tegen & Sara isn't my cup of tea, but I like them. They're supposed to be having a show on MTV, I dont' if it's a whole series, but they had a commercial for it. I heard that song where she was playing the piano and they switched. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] [size=1]:O Tegan and Sara? On MTV? The world has changed a lot, for the mainstream world to actually appreaciate [i]music[/i]. I sort of miss the old days were everything was very hush-hush and all of their concerts were an underground deal. :)[/size]
  10. [quote name='Deus ex Machina'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]You say yourself you don't want to XD besides, in your case, I'd rather wait till after the operation ;) [/COLOR][/QUOTE] [size=1]HA, that can be arranged. Just the more reason to get it done sooner.[/size]
  11. [size=1][b]Watching:[/b] I'm rewatching a lot of old series that I never completely saw right now. This is just so I can finally move on to some new stuff... I really hate starting new series when I need to finish more than one already. So here's the list: - [B].hack//SIGN[/B] - [B]Sailor Moon[/B] - [B]Tenchi Universe[/B] Then I also started [B]Naruto Shippuden[/B] and [B]Revolutionary Girl Utena[/B] lately. [B]Reading:[/B] Nothing as of now, really. I just finished [i]Death Note[/i] and plan on starting [i]Chobits[/i] soon. I also need to catch up on [i]Loveless[/i], gaah.[/si
  12. [size=1] [I][B]music I HUG:[/B][/I] - Stars - My Chemical Romance - Kill Hannah - DJ Tiesto - Shiny Toy Guns - Scar Symmetry - The Birthday Massacre - Muse - Melody Club [I][b]music I KISS:[/b][/I] - Wheatus - Jack Off Jill - Cansei De Ser Sexy - The Unicorns - The Faint - System of a Down - t.A.T.u. - scarling. [I][b]music I HUMP:[/b][/I] - the LoveCrave - Disarmonia Mundi - Moonspell - Killwhitneydead - Dragonette - cornandbeans aaaand... The Greatest in my book as of Now... - [B]I Am Ghost[/B] - [B]Tegan and Sar
  13. Fyxe


    [size=1]I'm going to be Peter Pan... need to hit up Goodwill for some costume materials soon. I don't plan on going trick-or-treating or anything like that, but I suppose I'm going to a party. I really wanted to get someone else to dress up as Tinkerbell, but no one else is Lost Boy enough, I guess. Anyone have green tights I could borrow? :([/size]
  14. [size=1][I]1. Do you have anyone who you'd like to take your virginity?[/I] Yes. And Conrad I can't believe you don't want me to take your virginity! >:/ Haha. [I]2. How or where would you like to loose your virginity?[/I] I would like to not be on drugs. And in an empty house. [I]3. Are any conditions you consider that must be met for you to loose your virginity? [/I] Not really. I would prefer it not to be a one night stand... generally the person stalks me for a few days after anything happens, because they consider it as "we're together." [I]4. How does it feel being a v
  15. [size=1]Why let a meteor ruin my day? I'd just flash the Herb Signal and have Neville Longbottom magic it away... because we all know that if Chuck Norris can't do it, Neville can. [spoiler]Chuck Norris' boggart is Neville Longbottom, you know.[/spoiler] ;) Then I'd go back to sleeping.[/size]
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