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    Hi, My name is Alyssa. I have brown hair and eyes, and a little chubby.(at least I think so ^.^)I have an stubborn attitude, and a little bosses, but I can be sweet . Sometimes I act a little stupid , even though I am smart and mature IRL. @.@
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  1. Well this year I'm going to try to do things/join things that my mom wants me to do. The only reason I want to do it is because lately my mom doesn't seem to happy with me,(for many reasons. ^.^;;; ) so I'm just going to try out a few things she wanted me to do. I do, kind of, also want to do a few of these things for myself. ^^; {Things such as} -Please mom -Join the club dillies she wanted me to join , and.... -I'm not sure, but I bet there some more stuff I'll end up doing (I can't think of them{note taken:I {note taken: I Like to ignore my mom} >.
  2. Well at the moment I only have two nick names: Kitty and Al Al. Kitty-This is my most common one. I don't really know how I got this name, but it suck to me like glue. Al Al-This one comes from my name. (Alyssa) It's just my notes passing name, silly huh? Oh well...
  3. Well I'm in middles school and I have many of these bracelets, (I'm wearing them now) and I find it stupid. My friends and I wear them all the time, but the problem is that the boys love to play ?Snap?.(you should see how many boys get slapped^^; ) Even though here it doesn't mean anything,( just like playing around.)Teachers have started to take them up, and give out detentions if they find someone playing ?Snap.? A pointless stupid thing I would say. My mom and dad have even had a talk with me about this bracelets. Some, very few, of my friends have stopped wearing them, cause there parents made them...stupid...,but thats parents for you...
  4. I have to admit, I am very much of an immature teen...child.^^;;; Guilty Pleasures...hmmm. OK just a few minutes ago I was watching "the wiggles".>..< I only watch when I want to get up though, so it's not a regular thing. I also tend to watch other PBS/ Disney shows. ^^;;; I, also, still have a teddy bear I sleep with. I've had it ever since I was like two. I just can?t let it go >.< But of course none of my friends in real life know this. ^^;;;; (They already think I'm weird enough, with out the wiggles...) [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Arcadia [/i] [B][size=1][color=maroon] I crack my knuckles, too. I think eventually my fingers are just going to fall off.[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Same, same...
  5. Well I was born in Dallas, Texas. I , then, moved to Startville, Mississippi. Then I ,moved to Tupelo, Mississippi, where I lived most of my life, and then I moved back to Texas((Garland)), but I spend most of my summers in Mississippi, with all my friends... Basically just a southern girl...
  6. A favorite sent...well I very much like the smell of "wisteria". It's a very nice and soothing smell, very pleasant to the noise .^^ I also very much like the smell of ?gardenia?. I mostly like gardenia because well I?ve just always have loved the smell of it. ^^?
  7. Eve


    First Name: Alyssa M. Flores Age: Thirteen Hair Color: Short dark brown with ginger steaks Eye Color: Dark brown Height: Around 5'4 Wardrobe: I wear alot of short/tight tee-shirts((mostly black)), shorts, and flip-flops((for the summer)) Personality: Stupid...well I act it, and jumpy, and happy, and act very weird o.0 Hair Style: A little wavy, hanging down. Favorite Music Type: Hip-hop, rock, country, classical . Favorite musical Band/Artist: I don?t have a favorite band/artist... Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, singing, acting, swimming, internet, and making a fool of myself. ^^'
  8. Eve


    [COLOR=deeppink]I have a curfew, I have to be home at 9:00, in bed by...well I get to pick when I go to bed, but I never leave my house and if I do it's down the street to 7-11 to get some candy, or the park to watch my little sisters, but I can only go with a friend...and during the day time. ^^' So my curfew really doesn't suck that much cause I never do anything. [/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=deeppink]OK I can't even start with the weird things I say. Too many I can't remember them all, so I'll give you a few. Sometimes I talk without using my brain, so I don't realize that when I mean to say "you" I say "moo". Of cores at that time my friends will start to make "moo" sounds, then I repeat "you, you, you". Another one is when I say, mean to say "cool" I say "fool". >.< I basically have a rhyming. There are many more, but it would take all day.[/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=deeppink]Ya I think we all know why :rolleyes: But I love them all especially Subaru's. I really don't know why, I was just drawn to it, but again they are all very good ;) [/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR=deeppink]Here are my votes, but I didn't know a lot of people on this list so some of these people are ones I thought really deserved it. -Juuthena -K.K.C. -OtakuSennen -Lan -dbzanimegrl17 -Stuart/Raven [/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=deeppink]Well at my school we have to ware what they call it standardize dress. In other words means uniform, but have to ware red, white, and nave shirts ((collars and buttons)) and khaki or nave pants ((with belts/nets/ribbons, ya they let kids ware a ribbons as belts, weird.0.o)) But on Friday we do have free dress, well sort of, we have to ware a school spirit shirt ((it's a red shirt or gray with the words "Braves")) and jeans, still with a belt
  13. Eve


    [COLOR=deeppink]Well I play softball, baseball ((with my cousins)), swimming, and dancing ((jazz)). I almost got into soccer, cause of Tasrai, but it didn't work :p , but Tasrai you can ice-skate better then me! Remember me clinging to the wall and that little kid passed by all fine and all?>.
  14. [COLOR=deeppink]I love them. I really like the last one the best. I just love you banners ^^ keep up the good work! 1)8/10 2)7.9/10 3)9.9/10[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=deeppink]Well I go to a magnet school so they, of cores, picked something lame, but we a the "CCBMS" Braves...ya...woohoo...forget this. Our colors are red, white, and gray ((see lame)), and, no duh, are mascot is a brave ((Indian))((lame)) But it is better then the other school down the road((blue, orange, and white 0.o))[/COLOR]
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