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    that's what myotaku is for! lol jk jk
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    sophomore in High School...fun fun... ^-^;;
  1. Well, people can ask me OCCASIONALLY but I get asked that frequently! @_@ I guess it's just a pet-peeve. Don't worry Sara! That was alright....Just don't ask me all the time? alright? *laughs to herself*
  2. Hello! This is just a thread in hopes someone feels the same way. I'm from a scandinavian country (pm me and I'll tell you) and I speak the language fluently. I speak it at home, so whenever I'm on my phone people think it's awesome that i'm bilingual. THEN people say, "Say something in (my language)." That annoys me. In short, are there any other people that are bilingual and sick of people asking them to "Say this" or "Say that"? If you'd like to share a funny occasion that has happened, go right ahead! :D
  3. Thanks for everyone's input! I appreciate it! Thank you! *bows* I'll find the answers eventually but for now, I'll be ok. :D
  4. Rei was walking down the streets late at night, as was her habit when she was bored. [I]What to do....What to do...Should I go look for a fight? That always makes me feel better![/I] *she laughs for a second* [I]Maybe I'll just go home...It's 11:30 anyways...All my favorite bars are closed.[/I] Then Rei turned the street corner, and then she felt as if someone was following her. She whirled around to find that noone was there. She shook it off and went into the 3rd apartment building on the left side of this dark and damp street. "Ah! It's good to be home! Although I've done noth
  5. Well, I haven't been kissed either. I dream about it. sure! There is this one guy I'm not sure if he likes me or not...but it would be nice if it was with him! ;)
  6. Whoah Solar II...that was pretty deep...And yes, wristcutter and wiccansamurai, I did mean the Religion part...My parents always drilled it into my mind that people could be offended by religion, so that's why I added that...maybe it's my subconscience working...
  7. Have you ever had a time in your life in which you question everything? I am now in that time. Some of my questions include, why was I put on this earth? What am I going to do with my life? Does he like me? lol Questions like these... I know those questions are trivial and can be answered my noone other than my Lord...(sorry if I offended anybody with that..:sweat: ) Well, anywho, have you ever had a questioning time in your life? If so, how'd you deal with it? Thanx! (OCC: I hope I'm not being to vague with this...I don't want to be yelled at! :sweat: )
  8. This poem is VERY lovely! It sort of embodies what Inuyasha must be feeling for Kogome! I too got a tear in my eye! You're a great poet! :D
  9. I sure hope I get to be accepted to do this! Name: Rei Kotosuwa Mentor: Phoebe, She was one of the original Titans, she is another Moon goddess, Her name means "Bright Moon" she has the power of Enchantment Appearance: Rei is tall and very attractive with long black hair tied loosely at the nape of her neck with a black ribbon. She wears a long leather jacket with a white tank tops and dark jeans. She also has large combat boots. She has purple eyes, that turn silver when she's mad. She also carries a large knife with her, just in case ;) Personality: Rei is very dark and
  10. (OCC: I hope you let me in this!) Name: Minako, people normally call her Mina Gender: Female Age: she looks 16 but they really don't know Element: Water Race: Elf Normal Description: Mina has long blond, a little wavy, hair that she ties in two braids down the sides and has two streaks of black surrounding her face. (see pic) That's how she normally looks. She has Green eyes with blue specs in them. Guardian Description: She get's this long, silvery-white dress that seems to flow...like water! Her eyes go to sliver and her hair loses the black and goes a bril
  11. (OCC: This DOES sound interesting!) Megaconglomerate CEO Name: Erin Red Company: Virgin Records Company Type: Music Label Style: Hates to lose, and will not take no for an answer. Appearance: Erin wears Armani Suits and Prada Heels, and has long Black hair and red eyes.She also has very chic glasses...As you can probably tell, Erin's VERY beautiful. She's known for her fiery temper, note her last name, "Red". P.S: I may add things later, as I get more into character...
  12. Mine's a white on white gold finish and the december stone with a sunburst...if you know what that means...I have the drama masks on one side and Strings on the other. Around the stone it says "Lutheran High." I also have my initials engraved on the inside. I payed extra for the sucker and i'm really glad I did! I wear it almost every day!
  13. Sun-Ae wondered who this "Basa" was...Who is he? Why haven't I ever seen him before?? She went back to healing the others' minor cuts and bruises. "What happened?" asked Faye. "I don't know...Ask Abby" replied Sun-Ae. Abby finally was starting to settle down. "Are you alright?" aksed Sun-Ae. "Yes..yes, i'm fine." replied Abby
  14. Ayumi found herself in a jail cell type thing, sore in her stomach from the blow, when she heard Ayuta's voice. "I'm glad you woke up, Ayumi." Ayuta taunted. "Shut up." Ayumi replied. "We jusssst need your help, little one. We know that you know how to harness the 'power'...'The Magic of the Heart'...Tell usss how." "I would never tell you, bitch." Then Ayumi got punched, giving her a shiner. "Do you want to have the sssame fate asss your mother??" Ayumi was speechless...There were so many things going on in her head, and then Ayuta brings THAT up... "Good." Ayuta said, smugly.
  15. (OCC: I like these turn of events!!!) They arrived in a dungeon like room...Ayumi assumed she was in some kind of a castle...It was damp and dark, except for a few torches scattered about the walls... Ayumi was shocked that this b***h knew her! [I]O crap, what am I going to do now??? I'm still weak from the last battle and my arm isn't fully healed!...Even if I could go back, they'd never trust me again...[/i] "Ssso? What'sss the matter? Do you misss your friendsss?" Ayuta taunted. "What's it to you??" Ayumi spat at her. "Fiesssty now are we? I wouldn't do that...You KNOW wh
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