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  1. [COLOR=DARKSLATEBLUE]I haven't read the manga myself but I have watched the anime...or at least some of it...I don't know if it has more or not. I really enjoyed the anime and the artwork was still very well done. I might try and get the mangas for myself then if its so good^^[/COLOR]
  2. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][i]You grab anything you could find as you race down the corridor, which happened to be a broom. All thoughts of spells were washed from your mind as another lightning bolt crashed just inches before you. You turn to face your former master, the one you had come to love like a father.[/i] "Why? Why are you doing this to me?"[i]You hear your voice crack as it rings hollowly in the corridor.[/i]"what have I ever done to deserve this kind of treatment?" [i]The old wizard sighed heavily. It looked as though his streagth was being drained by the spells he was using.[/i] "Its not about you anymore, don't you understand? Its about the world, and if you are left alive, it would cease to exist. I'm deeply sorry." [i]Your eyes widen as you realize that he was preparing for the final attack, one that was almost impossible to counter. All thoughts flew from your mind as you charge head on, with only a cleaning broom in your hand...[/i][/COLOR]
  3. [color=seagreen]Pah maybe he's a little crocked because he's in the wind. Unless you think that hair stands out like that on their own K.K.C. I know about the line down his clothes, I noticed that after I had already inked it. It not my fault his eyes are asymmetrical, I drew them both by hand, their two different eyes thank you very much.[/color]
  4. [color=seagreen]Lol I haven't put anything up here in a while so I thought I would just show you this one, though I did it in a hurry. Tis Malik Ishtar....Smiling! Oh my god! Ahem anyways the only thing I like about this pic is the eyes...don't ask me why, to you they might look weird. ;o; you can see all my mistakes where I went out of the line, that what I get for using a big brush I guess.[/color]
  5. [color=seagreen]Oooooh I really like the design of her clothes. That's what I have a problem with most of the time clothes and folds lol....oh well hopefully I'll get better soon^^ Hehe well this is a great drawing^^[/color]
  6. [color=seagreen]Haha I never knew so many people would answer to this thread^^ Since I don't watch a lot of anime (I wish there was more older ones here in Canada) I don't know of half the anime you talk about. Though I know that the Ocean Group did do Inuyasha and Escaflowne, and the voice actors came from there. Its located in Vancouver I think, at least that's what the credits say^^;; Haha maybe they can't find any more talented people to play the parts. It would be interesting if they had a variety though.[/color]
  7. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Eugi [/i] [B].Here in canada, Cartoon network is replaced by YTV...the worse channel you could ever get overseas (if you dont live in canada). So, most preffer to download anime. But you know, with YTV is where EVERYONE gets to know anime, after ONE episode of, lets say, Inuyasha, the person that never know wtf anime was in the past, is no totally into it... [/B][/QUOTE] [color=seagreen]Hey! YTV isn't that bad^^ Anyways I like Inuyasha! I don't get to see a lot of anime because YTV doesn't show that much and this is the first anime I've gotten into since Escaflowne. The art is great to me, cause I feel as though the art in YGO has gone a bit...lets say sour since I started to watch Inuyasha. I like that the show is long, opposed to Escaflowne which only had 26 epps.[/color]
  8. [color=seagreen]Do you ever find that the voices of English dubbed anime are repeated in a lot of them? I admitt I don't watch a lot of anime only because there isn't a lot on tv and I don't feel like buying $45 dollar DVDs with only 5 epps on it. I really like the anime Escaflowne, and I've just resently started to watch Inuyasha which I really like now as well. A lot of the voice in these animes are repeated. For example Sango has the same voice as Hitomi, Naraku has the same voice as Folken, Van has the same voice as Moriku. Uh I forget many of the others but they are repeated a lot which kind of gets annoying after awhile. So do you ever find this in other animes?[/color]
  9. [color=seagreen]Haha I don't have that many nickname but a lot of people seem to try and make as many nicknames out of my real name as possible. My real name is Lorissa and my nickname that come out of that name are: Loris, Lo, Ris, Rissa, Lori (damn I hate that one) then there's Shayleigh, or Shay from my name on another site XD[/color]
  10. [color=seagreen]Oooooh he's bare chested ;) Haha very nice I like it! The backgrounds nice![/color]
  11. [color=seagreen]Ohhhh wow that's amazing! haha I can tell that you spent a lot of time colouring it! Better than I could do! Great job![/color]
  12. [color=seagreen]Wow! That's good! I don't watch Beyblade...but I have seen some of the characters before^^ It looks awseom! I love how you drew his hair![/color]
  13. [color=seagreen]Haha wow that's really good! I couldn't draw on the computer for beans! I hate using the mouse for things like that! Great Job![/color]
  14. [color=seagreen]Hehe I think it looks cool! I can't draw dragons so you're ahead of me! I really like the elf's hair....it looks so fluffy![/color]
  15. [color=seagreen]Ooooh I'll enter something....though his head looks way too big (we'll just say its his hair) and this was my first time colouring something on the computer so its a little weird. Ahem....[/color]
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