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  1. Nice news to know. But since theres really nothin to discuss with this, I think I'll close it. Thanks for the info though. ;) Operation LOCKdown. "Cause the boys in the hood are always hard. You come talkin that trash, we'll pull your card. Though theres nothin in life, but to be legit. Dont quote me boy because I aint said shhhhhhh."
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by KAOS [/i] [B]Hi, My question is simple ive heard in one of the forums that this game make sthe others seem like dust in the wind But what is this game and what makes it so decent?? what genre is it?? what's the plot?? what comsole is it on?? Plz make things clear for me and answer these questions. [/B][/QUOTE] Dragonball Z Legends is a Fighting/War game. Fightin concept, old school war game look. The plot is the exact same as the series. It goes through EVERY SINGLE SAGA in DBZ. And its only on the original Playstation. I too must say that this is probably the greatest Dragonball game in existence. Sure the graphics werent that great, but I've never been one to really care about graphics(you should know that since Grand Theft Auto 1 is still my favorite of the GTA series). The gameplay has always been the only thing I cared about, and this definetly has that. Its definetly worth ordering, or probably going to your local game store and pray that they sell imports(I got lucky when I went up to EB...well, back when it was known as Gamepro a few years ago, and bought that game for only $20.) Now the only way you'll be able to play the game is if you have a Playstation emulator on your comp and have a PS type controller for the comp. Or if you have a mod chip in your playstation. But its definetly worth grabbin to add to your collection.
  3. Not many folks have seen the ending yet, so more then likely folks wont be able to put their 2 cents in yet. So unfortunatly, I'mma have to close this for now. Holla.
  4. Whats goin down peoples. Well, first of all, I didnt know which section to put this in, so I just thought I'd post this here since its basically "art work" I guess. But anyway, here is my first AMV(Anime Music Video)that I made. I made this video with Windows Movie Maker and it features scenes from Yu-Gi-Oh!'s 4 Way Dance of Death(from the Alcatraz Tower saga between Kaiba, Yugi, Malik, and Jounouchi). And ONLY clips from those episodes(eps 122, 123, and 124 of Yu-Gi-Oh!. I'm not gonna do like most other folks and put clips in the music vid that have nothing to do with the vid.) The song in the background is "Dont Stay" by Linkin Park. You'll probably notice that it looks a bit n00bish, but again this is my first music video...so OF COURSE its gonna look n00bish. lol But hey, I like it. And I hope yall do aswell. Anyway, its in .wmv format, but I had to upload it in a .zip. The size is 19.3mb(dont know how to make the size any smaller and keep the good quality of it). Well, anyway, here it goes. I hope yall like it. Let me know what yall think about it. What can I improve on and what not. Well, thanks in advance for the comments(good or bad). Well, Peace! [url]http://immortalguru.web1000.com/ygoamv_1.zip[/url] (right click, "Save Target As")
  5. Awwwright, first of all, welcome to the boards. Now, usually this would be the time that I would let ya know that you've been warned. But unfortunatly I cant due to the simple fact that you're breaking a rule that isnt really posted in the rules, so let me break it down for ya. Normally around here, we dont accept "Favorite" threads due to the fact that it may begin alright, BUT usually turns into spam(especially "favorite hero" and "favorite villian"). Soo, unfortunatly I'mma have to close this bad boy. But just remember, no "favorite" threads around here okay. Dont worry, you dont have to worry about a warning this time. Well, Peace!
  6. Ding Ding Ding. And your winner of this round is NIIIIIIIIIIGHTWING!! Its your turn playa. ^_^
  7. [u]Anime[/u] Best Character: Malik of course(I hate his dub voice, but oh well) Best Yami: Bakura Best Millenium Item: Rod Best Rare Hunter: Keith. ;) Best Big Five Member: Jinzo(I HATE that country voice, but still) Sexiest Character (Male): ---- (please) Sexiest Character (Female): Anzu/Tea(They edited some real sexy parts with her, but oh well) Best Monster: Ra and Osiris(Slifer) Best Duel: Yugi Vs Bakura Best Dressed: Kaiba Best Scene: They heavily edited all of the best scenes, so I guess I'll go with...Keith bein possesed by Malik. *shrugs* Best Duel Move: Kaiba tricking Isis by not using Obelisk to attack, and pulling the Blue Eyes White Dragon instead. [u]Video Games[/u] Best Video Game: Duelist of Roses Best Video Game enemy: Kaiba(if you're on Yugi's side on Duelist of Roses) Best Game Monster: Mammoth Graveyard(I rarely lose wheN I use him after I put the board on Yami mode) [u]Japanese Anime[/u] Best Character: Devil Malik Best Millenium Item: Sennin Rod Best Yami: Devil/Yami Malik Best New Character: [spoiler]The entire Doom Organization[/spoiler] Sexiest Character (Male): ---- Sexiest Character (Female): Kojaku Mai(Mai Valentine) Best Monster: [spoiler]The Great Phoenix(Ra's third form)[/spoiler] Best Duel: [spoiler]The final battle between Kaiba and Yugi (due to the simple fact we got to see Black Paladin, plus both went all out.[/spoiler] Best Dressed: Kaiba Best Scene: [spoiler]Jounouchi's death scene(when he's getting fried by Ra)[/spoiler] Best Duel Move: [spoiler]When Malik drew "Poet From Hell" and then all of a sudden, after every move, one of Jounouchi's cards get pulled into the graveyard by a ghostly hand.[/spoiler] [u]Manga[/u] Best Character: Theif Bakura Sexiest Character (Male): ---- Sexiest Character (Female): Anzu(in issue 1) Best Scene: In Vol 1, Duel 2 "Lying Eyes", at the very end after the director threw that dice at Yugi and it broke in half and then he basically went blind with Mosaic Illusion. Best Volume: Tie between 1 and 33
  8. Alright, this ones gonna be pretty easy. Who were the [b]first[/b] NWA-TNA Champions World Champion: X-Division Champion: Tag Team Champions: For extra credit, who did they defeat to win the titles.
  9. Fritz died of Cancer Kerry, Mike, and Chris commited suicide And David died of an overdose Kevin(my favorite Von Erich other then Kerry)is the only one thats still alive. I dont know if thats fully correct so I'mma wait until I find out it is right.
  10. You're right on it bein Miss Elizabeth. But the event was Summerslam 88 (during the match with the Mega Powers{Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage} Vs The Mega Bucks{The Million Dollar Man and Andre The Giant} when she took offt he bottom of her dress and exposed herself to the world, and especially Andre and Ted to force them to lose the match. Classic stuff right there. ^_^)
  11. Jinzouningen17

    DragonBall GT

    First of all...welcome to the boards. Next, read the rules. Third, this belongs in my section of hte board which is located at [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=7[/url] And finally, even if it was in my section, I'd probably close it. But I'll let the other mods handle this since this is their section. Have nice day. ^_^ [color=teal]Giving you a hand. ^_^ -Syk3[/color]
  12. High Impact(later becoming the Suicide Blondz) Christian = Christian Cage Edge = Sexton Hardcastle Now, onto my question...gonna be pretty easy, but oh well. Who was the first "diva" to actually show something below the waste at a Pay Per View(and which PPV was it.) Hint: It was before 1995 when women started showin off anything regardless to what event it was. ;) Some hint huh. lol
  13. Ah, a thread I can actually relate with. ^_^ Anyway, I've always been one ot love just about all of the anime theme songs that I hear, but there are only a chosen few that I can say are the absolute best... First of all, my current favorite anime opening is the current opening them to InuYasha which is "One Day, One Dream" by Tackey and Tsubasa. The whole song is yet to come out, but once you hear that song, I guarantee that you'll fall in love with it, and then way the opening sequence is, you'll love it, I guarantee it. Unfortunatly, unless you find a way to get the current episodes(like I have), you wont be able to see this for another year or 2. Another song I still listen to constantly is "Shuffle" which is the second(well, third)opening theme to Yu-GI-Oh!. That to this day is one of the greatest anime pieces ot ever be put together. If you havent seen Yu-Gi-Oh! in Japanese, then you're missin some greatness personified. And the music is a great example of that. I havent found one bad theme from Yu-Gi-Oh! yet, but this one and "Warriors"(the current opening theme), is 2 of the greatest Japanese songs I've ever heard. You definetly need to get your hands on those 2 songs right there. Those are my 2 favorites right there, but here are some of the other tracks I really love. "Come" (current closing theme to InuYasha) "Owarinai Yume(Endless Dream)" (3rd Opening theme to InuYasha) "Fukai Mori" (2nd closing theme to InuYasha) "Dearest" (3rd closing theme to InuYasha) "Voice" (2nd Opening to Yu-Gi-Oh!) "Wild Drive" (third opening to Yu-Gi-Oh!) "Kiseki no Umi" (opening theme to Record Lodoss War) "Invoke" (Opening theme to Gundam Seed) "You Can Fight, TRANSFORMERS!" (opening them to the Japanese version of Transformers G-1) "Love Forever" (Opening theme to Beast Wars Neo) "Safari Eyes" (Opening theme to The Original Dirty Pair) "Just On My Love" (Opening to Orphen) "Cage" by Dir En Grey (Opening theme to nothin right now. Hopefully it will be soon though. ^_^) Thats just a list of some of my favorites right now. There are plenty of others that I like, but I have to finish packin before I go on my trip tomorrow. So uuh, yeah. Love some anime themes. :D
  14. Funimation's version of the Cell saga is split into a few parts into its own sagas... Android Saga Imperfect Cell Saga Perfect Cell Saga Cell Games Saga I think there may've been one more, but I cant remember. But yeah, there ya go. If someone can mention the one I forgot, then go ahead and post it. If not, I'll just close this. Got a little over 24 hours, or if PM knows it then he'll post it and close the thread himself. I'm out. Peace! Edit: Nothin? Alright. Operation Lockdown. (I'm too tired to look for my image. lol)
  15. They began havin uncut VHS and DVD with the Captain Ginyu Saga which is right after the Namek saga(it was the first saga dubbed by the current Funimation staff. It was also the first saga ot come out on DVD and to come out with cut and uncut versions). The Ginyu saga is only 2 tapes/DVDs so you should definetly be able to get ahold of those easily.
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