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    I'm not a bucket. Thats all you need to know. Unless yer a celery stalker.
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  1. Desert Shadow

    protesting desert shadows decision to leave...

    AHA! I madja think jes' cuz I left that I'd never back fer y'all.   Buckets. are. fer'ever.
  2. Desert Shadow

    I remember back OB when.....

    The oldest posts I could find on the site from "General Discussion" start here: http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/forum/2-general-discussion/page-18?prune_day=100&sort_by=A-Z&sort_key=start_date&topicfilter=all   Talk about memory lane. That's 2001! I was posting back then... goodness me oh my
  3. Desert Shadow

    I remember back OB when.....

    [quote name='Nerdsy' timestamp='1349438118' post='712373'] [color=deeppink]I won't believe it's you until you prove you can still post in bold.[/color] [/quote] [b]Oh my gosh. You really do remember. Haha, that's awesome. Do you remember the buckets? SNAP SON. Buckets are back.[/b] [attachment=15305:Original - Silly Bucket.jpg]
  4. Desert Shadow

    I remember back OB when.....

    Here's account verification - this is... yes, I'm bringing it back.... This is actually TOPAZ's drawing that we all did a coloring contest on. BRINGING IT BACK!!! :D [attachment=15304:TOPAZ - Desert ShadowCONTEST.gif]
  5. Desert Shadow

    I remember back OB when.....

    Wow, I am so happy I stumbled across this post. This takes me way back. Do any of you remember me? I used to be a regular on this forum, probably over ten years ago now :) I remember TOPAZ and her drawing competitions. Wow it's been awhile, what a joy to be brought back to my early teenage years and remember so much fun we had together. I haven't posted since then, this is my first time in forever... So good to see you all!! HI. -DesertShadow
  6. Desert Shadow

    Writing DesertShadow: An Otaku Poem i wrote ages ago

    [b] Yeh, off 'n on yo ;) i wouldn't be a [i] shadow[/i] if i wasn't, though eh?[/b]
  7. Desert Shadow

    Writing DesertShadow: An Otaku Poem i wrote ages ago

    [b]lol, you guys are wonderful! Very nice of you to say those things. Hey, check out my website, [url]www.desertshadow.2ya.com[/url] ...... it has alot of poetry. Go to the PROSE section (do you like Edgar Allen Poe?) if so, check out Phantasmic ..... give me some feedback, lol... i wrote phantasmic with my eyes closed in my notebook, then i worked on the graphics for awhile. Freaky, creepy. SECRET EASTER EGG: Try clicking "CONTACT" over and over, eventually there will be a suprise! :) ((seriously, it's a neat lil javascript trick)) Tell me if you can get to the secret suprise site :)[/b]
  8. [b]There is a world called TheOtaku.com, I?m telling you, this place is da bomb, Go in through the URL gate, Don?t hesitate, don?t wait, You?ll see a busy guy running back and forth, His name is Adam, he?s nice, of course, Here on the left you?ll notice Dragon Ball, Don?t stop there, let?s head down the hall, Digimon, Pokemon there on the right, Can?t you see? This is quite a site! Complimenting this here part, Is none other than Tico?s art, Great stuff isn?t it? But don?t think I?m about to quit, Ginny?s artwork is jes? as good, Now look behind this door of wood, The best part, me thinks, Emoticons of smiles, frowns, and winks, In here is where I reside, Come give us a holler, don?t hide, Welcome to the Otaku Boards, A strange land of buckets and swords, I think you will like it a lot, But fer protection, wear this cooking pot, Because it might get scary, Situations may become hairy, But no worries, mate, All in all this place is great, General Discussion is where I post, I think I like it the most, If you want to be liked don?t break a rule, But do you want to know what else is cool? Back through the door we come, This section is loads of fun, Masses of pictures cover the walls, More people here than in most malls, People travel here to show their stuff, Be careful, the competition?s rough, Join in, become part of the group, We have some fun people in this troop, The decision is yours, The answer?s obvious, of course, You don?t want to miss out on this chance, ?Cuz if you join, I?ll do the Otaku Dance, But if you don?t, I?ll pout, So are you in? or *gasp*[/b]
  9. Desert Shadow

    Desert Shadow

    [b] Yo yo yo all you lovely fluffy fella's.... Remember me? I'm back, again. [/b]
  10. This is a poem about the everday life of your average american, doing his job, going to work, thinking about life, love, and loneliness. --------- Faceless Millions (C)opyright Desert Shadow Productions 2002 --------- Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. The sunrise, Get up? wake up? As dawn sighs, Wash up? make up? The trees flow, Dress up? eat up? But it?s time now, go! Step up? gear up? Step, Step, Step, Step. Turn the Key, Pedal down? As you leave, Window down? Radio on, Volume down? Pass green lawns, Drive down? Into town, Traffic now? Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk. Buzz?n?Noise, No peace left? You have no choice, No calm left? Everyday, No time left? You have no say, No fun left? Office drive, No love left? Lose your life, Take a left? Blink, Blink, Blink, Blink. Parking lot, Nothing?s right? Find your spot, Turn a right? Neutral gear, Standing right?. Subliminal fear, Protect your right? Release the brake, Cultural right? For society?s sake, Ideal right? Molded make, Wish just right? NOTHING?S RIGHT Slam, Slam, Slam, Slam. Life is a constant beat, drum. Life is a constant ca-dence. Life is a constant Rhyth-m. Life is a constant Move-ment. Life is a constant step, sway. Life is a constant flow, wave? Echo back- Beat, drum, Ca-dence, Rhyth-m, Move-ment, Step, sway, Flow, wave, Life is?
  11. Desert Shadow

    Heh heh

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by BabyGirl [/i] [B] [color=deeppink]I'm not blaming it on anyone, I'm just asking him, no matter [i]who[/i] asks him to, to not do the same thing in the future.:)[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] [b]Good stuff! i'm glad to see your still taking your modding seriously BabyGirl ^_^ Yes, Dessert visited me recently, and i do say, he's incredible! Far greater by far.[/b]
  12. Desert Shadow

    Heh heh

    [b]Please don't blame him, i was the one who told him to post it, BabyGirl[/b]
  13. [b]Hey thanks, bud ^_^ Tha's neat. Yeh, i messed up a bit on the face though :P Oh well. I thought it was purty intresting. I'm thinking about framing it.... the only other pic i have framed is an old monkey one from years ago.. what do you guys think? Should i frame it?[/b]
  14. [b]Ack, didn't work, try the attatched file:[/b]
  15. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by () [/i] [B]The bucket man is back!Put up some of your new fanart,I loved that...Or did you stop drawing and start rhyming? [/B][/QUOTE] [b]Sweet stuff guys, thanks! Ah, sure, i'll post my latest doodle up for ya. It's called "Wreathed in Flame". Here 'tis: [url]http://www25.brinkster.com/desertshadow/WreathedinFlame.jpg[/url] Whatcha think?[/b]