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  1. Xanthia stood watching and waiting senses attuned to her surroundings. Cador slowly dismounted his horse, and kept vigilant. Arikel followed suit. The forest was deathly quiet. Xanthia: WELL? Again she looked back urging the others to run. Cador looked around for a moment and then back a Xanthia. As he did his 6th sense warned him of impeding danger. He looked up to A Bacus leaping from a treetop toward Xanthia Cador: HEADS UP! Xanthia instinctively leaped back as the Bacus slammed the ground with a maul. She stood in a defensive stance and yelled to her comrade
  2. OOC: SWEET! I wish to obtain the skills of, Swordsmanship, Defensive techniques, and?prowl. The three abilities 1. Critical Strike 2. 6th sense 3. energy blast of some sort?
  3. Cador was wandering. His thoughts lost on his mother. Was Orin right? He was an angel. Was there hope? He looked to the morning sky. His friends were pry worrying about him now?.his only friends. Cador: I'll save you mom?somehow Cador shook his head as he began walking back to camp. He saw Xanthia and Orin were awake. Arikel was quietly reading. Xanthia was the first to notice him. Xanthia: Hey, did ya have a nice walk? Cador: Yeah, It was alright?could have been better though. Arikel: Good thing your back, we need to get moving again. Can't waste any day
  4. Cador clenched his fists and looked at Orin. This angel had saved his life and yet he was the cause of his village's destruction. Tears' began to well in his eyes. Cador: Orin my family, my friends?there gone! YOU EXPECT ME TO SIT BACK AND WAIT?!?! That's what my father did when they took my mother. I'll be damned if I'm gonna do that. I left because I heard you Orin. We all chanced everything on your words. Now you want us to hide! That's all we've ever done Orin! Arikels right?one-way or another they will find us. All our lives we have coward from the demons. Tears bega
  5. Inside the tunnels Cador and Arikel moved slowly in the darkness. A few torches lined the walls every few yards. Arikel snatched one down and led the way. As they made progress the sounds of voices steadily became louder and louder. The torches were no longer spaced so far apart. Cador could see that the walls were carved out of solid stone, probably for a sewer. They could see the end of the tunnel now. A brightly light opening, and people everywhere. As they passed through Cador was astonished, the tunnel opened up to a massive cavern. He saw tents and huts set up here and there. C
  6. Cador and Arikel had reached the city. After being questioned by the guards the were allowed to enter. The sun was hanging high, and Demons weren't very prominent, those roaming the streets were on patrol, harassing the humans as they did. Always casting their gaze towards Cador and Arikel as the two walked by. Cador shuddered as they passed the cities square. A large pile of dead bodies and a Demon preaching about the rebellion being futile was not a pretty site. The blood stuck to their boots as they hurried past. Cador: So where are supposed to meet this friend of yours Arikel?
  7. OOC: Okay comrades, I was given the okay for DEATH!!! WOOOOT! -------------------------------------------------- Cador tightened his grip around the sword. For some reason it felt natural in his hands. He raised the blade and waited for the Bacus to make his next move. The Bacus narrowed his eyes at Cador growling and snarling at his defiance. He was slightly aware of Xanthia but his focus was on Cador. Cador smiled Cador: c'mon ugly?come and get me The Bacus snarled again and charged. Cador began parrying to the best of his ability, as he did Xanthia crept behind him
  8. Cador Slowly pulled himself off the ground. Branch in hand. His muscles burning from the slam of the tree. "Ok?step one completed" His attention turned toward the Bacus swinging wildly at Xanthia. Her movements barely dodging the Bacus's claws. He tried his best to focus and gain his balance. As soon as he did he creeped toward the Bacus. Xanthia was on the defensive, the Bacus's sharp claws whisking by her again and again. Pauseing the Bacus stepped back and smiled. Bacus: You're good for a mortal. Xanthia: "I'm just warming up" Xanthia was slightly out of breath. She kn
  9. Cador was surprised at the ease Xanthia got on the horse. He had only ridden tame horses on the farm. Even then he wasn't that good at it. Slowly he approached one grazing, somewhat secluded from the others. "Nice beast of burden" He said as he closed in. "I just need to use you for a little while, okay?" Cador gently placed his hands on the animals back and pulled himself up. Immediately the horse reared back and began to buck. Cador clung tight and slowly the horse calmed down. Xanthia was laughing softly. Cador looked at her after the horse calmed down Cador: HA! Victory
  10. Cador slowly sat up and shook his head. "No...it can't be..." He said to him self quietly. He gently rubbed his arm where the tears had landed. "Dreams can't..." He paused "Hey sam" He looked to where sam was sleeping to find she was gone. Looking for signs of her departure he finds faint track leading into the woods. As Cador began to follow them he glaced back at Tina, still sound asleep. "Well, if your sister leaves you home alone them you should be okay here" He scruffed his feet on the ground to make the direstion he went apparent. Just in case she woke up. Cador cam
  11. OOC: Yes Tursi your sister was there (Carren did tell me) IC: Cador didn't know how he could refuse. It's not like he could go back to town right now they'd be looking for them any way. Maybe in a day or two when they forgot about the little mishap. This girl, no matter how strange seemed to know her what she was doing. He was out of his element out here in the forest. (If you want to call a farm an element.) He looked back in the direction of the town and sighed Cador: ?i'll come, thanks for letting me?it's not like there's a warm welcome waiting for me back there anyway
  12. "GEO-BLAST!!!" A single energy beam flies from Cadors hands striking the enemy.
  13. Cador followed this strange girl mindlessly. His thoughts still on the dreams, they were interrupted when he ran into her as she stopped. Cador: Oh?sorry? Xanthia: that's okay Cador: So?what did you ant to talk to me about?Sam right? Xanthia: What??Oh yeah while you were walking I heard you talking to yourself. And I was just wondering. What it was? Cador: It's nothing really, just a dream?ya know? Dreams can be so strange. What did this girl want? Cador was very suspicious. Dreams, demons, now a street urchin asking him questions. "These past few days ha
  14. Cador sat up gasping for air, looking around franticly. Not sure if what he saw was reality. Calming himself down he decided that trying to get me sleep was useless. "Dreams like this don't just happen everyday." "I must be losing my mind" he thought. In the early hours he got ready for his job. But as he did he couldn't shake the thoughts of the dream, or the recent happenings in the town. The elder missing, the demons searching specifically for HIM. The dream?He dismissed these thoughts the best he could and went about his day. While working he still thought though, going over the dr
  15. Cador: Alpha strike eh? I like it! Cador cluched his fists and began to concertrate. Roots from the earth shot up from the ground and began to coil around his legs, some burrowing into his skin. A dark-gray aura began to surround him. He looked to Karina, unsure if she could contribute much after she had expended so much energy into her whirlpool. Cador: Karina! YOU OKAY? Karina: I can make it! Gimme a sec! Cador: Come on babe! We can't do this without you!
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