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  1. dark-clown


    where i play Pb the is 1 seting and that is on a HUGE hill with trees and natural stuff like that, you paly CTF/every man for them self/teem death mach and protect, it's sooo fun, i play 1 a month, it's £15 for 300balls the mask gun overalls are included but you can pay to rent better guns (semmi/auto/single/sniper) price depends on the gun and it's power (sniper costs ALOT something like £50) it's SOOO much fun i love it, lol "try it you'll love it"
  2. dark-clown

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts

    never played it, but is it worth renting or buying? i'm a BIG FF fan and it sounds good, what the battles like (i mean how are they done? are there time based turn based or just run up and hit him with the key thing?)
  3. dark-clown

    Anime If i was Captain Ginyu...

    and the fact that CG isn't really that smart is he? i mean come on he turned him self in to a frog (well got tricked but ya know what i mean) frieza can't sense ki! and i think he would be in the other world now so it don't matter, but he should of swiched with frieza then told ever1 what he did so they thort he was good then wished to invincible (sp?) then just stole a ship made by CC and trained then kicked every1's buts (well thats what i would of done)
  4. dark-clown

    Anime God Cards

    what are god cards???(being from uk where the cards haven't even being sold yet) can i have a link to a site with ALL the cards? thanks for any help you give me
  5. dark-clown

    Anime Total Pascivism

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by 9Eagle7Dragon [/i] [B]There will allways be weapons, there will allways be battles, there will allways be war. I remember a quote from the Scorpion King: "No kingdom lasts forever. Yours will find the same fate..." Or something to that extent. How disapointing to know that human nature can't be altered, except with cloneing and bio genetics and why the heck not create a new race of people in the far future to live on some distant planet away from the war on Earth? With advanced genetics maybe we CAN altar that... Could that work? Sounds like something from the book "The Giver." [/B][/QUOTE] -if we made a new race of people then the "people" we send wont be real people, just things that look like people that don't have the basic needs for liveing (eg, some thing attacks them and they do what?? say "plz don't kill me" or "can we talk about it?") it's like i said you need some1 to protect them and on a different planet there might be something stronger than the protecter, ye it would work but for how long? i mean how many cartoons have some1 that trys to save a peacefull planet and then theres lots of death and so on, good point anyway
  6. dark-clown

    Anime best dragon ball/z/gt Quotes

    oh ye i forgot about the movies any from them would be good , al:excited: anyway keep em comming :D -thanks to everyone who has added to this post
  7. dark-clown

    Anime Total Pascivism

    :excited::blush: thanks very much lol i'm only 16 aswell, it's just what i thort about it what do you think of Pacifism :genius:
  8. dark-clown

    Anime Gundam SEED

    thanks but i was thinking of a link to a page with all the new gundams and some info on them,
  9. dark-clown

    Anime Total Pascivism

    Pacifism couldn't work in our world, as there is to much hate in the world for there to be JUST peace, (take sep 11th, i mean come on how many ppl wanna kill the person who did it?) in the gundam world some1 would of just stud on him or something, when it comes down to Pacifism the MUST be some1 to protect it and to protect something there ends up being vilance or wars, so Pacifism only slows downs mans need to cause pain to some1 else to make tham feel good/better about how they are,or to prove a point or just because they want to,
  10. dark-clown

    Anime Gundam SEED

    i have never herd of "gundam seed" (being from UK all i get is gundam wing) plz can you pm me some pics or post them on this topic and ill open them from here, thanks
  11. dark-clown

    Manga Manga Ideas

    i sit back with mu music on and put the pen to paper and c what happens
  12. dark-clown

    Anime why is anime so small in UK?

    why is anime so small in uk? i love anime, the only thing that would be compared to an anime channle is "CNX" which had DBZ (repeated)gundam wing, outlaw srair, cowboy be-bop(sp?) and there not on for most of the day, there is "si-fi" that has movies on at midnight followed by blue gender and a cupple more cartoons from japan, but thats about it, you americans are SOOOO!!!! lucky i would do anything to see a good anime chanle with films on it in daytime not midnight on a school day (i'm only 16)
  13. dark-clown

    Anime dbz songs

    this 1 is a bit weard but goku and vegeta = all in the family by korn, i thor it would be good for when the have a tiff over something (like vegeta not wanting to do "a silly dance")
  14. dark-clown

    Anime best dragon ball/z/gt Quotes

    what everone's frav Quote/s from the dragon ball/z/gt shows? mine is..... vegeto(sp?) "wow you could of killed me with that...or at least given me a small cut or bruse.." super buu"......."
  15. dark-clown

    Anime girls

    i have never seen any of the Dragon ball or Dragon ball GT only DBZ :'( but i would have to say #18 is the best looking from dbz. ps where can i see pics of the DB and DB GT ppl??)