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    IM A STUDENT!!!!....yay for me
  1. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Anime Bumper Stickers

    hmm....sesshomaru from inu-yasha if he chould get a car back then and put a bumper sticker on it it whould say (give me the shiny sword of are father and no one gets hurt...exept inu-yasha)
  2. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime What makes a good anime?

    [COLOR=red]What makes a good anime?What do you haft ot have in a show to make it one of the best?Action,love,drama,blood.Blood is one of the by far best.Tell me what you think makes a good anime or anime character and why and give an example of an anime you think that should be reconized.[/COLOR]
  3. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Rave

    OMG thank you so much that has realy helped alout, I now know alittle about the show.Thankyou so much.
  4. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Rave

    Ok has any one seen or even heard of the anime.I have seen pics of it and i have been to a couple of websites but dont realy have a realy good grasp of it.I was wondering if any one chould tell me alittle abouht this anime and fill me in on some detailes. I dont know about evrey one but one of the things i want to do is know alout aboughts diferent animes even the ones not posably in the u.s.a even? Ok any way can any one help me out here?????? Please????
  5. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Bakura's Cards

    This post is dedicated to bakura.He has curently been on tv duel in battle city.I was wondering if any one chould posibly tell me or name any of the cards in bakuras deck.Besides that this post is dedicated to how cool and just info on bakura.
  6. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Tokyo Babylon

    Its a stupid sequel to X that realy has nothing to do with X most of the characters dont even look the same.Which makes no since at all.
  7. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Knights of the Zodiac

    There going to put it on cartoon network.I dont realy no if its an anime but it looks kinda stupid if you ask me.
  8. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Anime is E-V-I-L.

    If your going to critisise it you should not even be typing in this area.
  9. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Vision of Escaflowne

    The manga of escaflowne is so much different then the anime.When i say different i meen almost totaly different.The actull escaflowne looks totaly different and even some of the characters are totaly different.Its so confusing.I think its realy strange.
  10. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040

    All i know aboght this anime was that it was not very long.I also have heard it is exelent.I persenoly think it looks realy cool and whould realy like to see it but i cant aford to buy the series.
  11. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime What Anime has the best opening theme?

    The best opening theme i think is 'Tank'. Why,because its just one of those songs that makes you want to get up and dance.Another one is the opening song for the cowboy bebop movie,not the one when there at the store the one after when its showing all the stuff it has like lyrics of something like "dna" and that all i remeber....
  12. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Blue Seed!!

    I think theres three sesons mabey only two,im not sure i havnt seen it in for ever and i dont think the second season is out in america. How chould they work on the anime its all ready been done its not one of those anime's that are in progress its all ready compleat.
  13. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Naruto

    I read naruto is shonen jump and i haft to sayI LOVE IT.Its a realy funny and action packed.I like the manga better then the anime.I have seen pics of the anime and i like the drawings of the manga better then the anime.I dont know if its just me but they look different.Naruto looks like he's all happy and care free all the time.And the guy who wants to kill a person cant remeber his name he looks wierd so dous there ninja trainer and the girl because in the anime they just dont catch there over all aditude.The girl is sposed to look like shes the best in the world the other boy is spose to look quite and seriouse and there trainer is sposed to look like he'd be easy to beet and on alcohol or something and he just doesnt.
  14. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime Blue Seed!!

    When you say fool serios do you meen all of the seasons because i belive there are three,so do you meen you have all three seasons or just one or two of the seasons.Please clarify.
  15. Hiei Jagashi

    Anime The JUMBO Anime Quiz Thread

    Answer:She named the computer tomato after her old friend tamota(well in the manga). Qustion:What is spikes fave food?