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  1. [quote name='ZachIsAPanda']Well, currently I play Guild Wars. Looking forward to GW2. But for others, I'm probably going to try Warhammer, though it looks like a WOW rip off. And if it IS a WOW rip off, I'll be very dissapointed. I hate grind fests that center around killing 10 monsters for a quest and doing so many level ups.[/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][FONT="Verdana"][COLOR="Purple"]Wow, if you think 10 monsters is a grindfest, or WoW in general as a grindfest, then you obviously haven't really touched asian MMO's, namely MapleStory, and from I heard of Final Fantasy XII, and Ragnarok Onlin
  2. [SIZE="1"][FONT="Verdana"][COLOR="Purple"]Oh, God. On SSBM, me and my friends sometimes piss off our other friends (well, the other one or two players) by randomly pausing the game and laughing at the poses and positions our fighters happened to be in. I can't believe we were rofl'ing over it all, zooming, etc. for I think like half an hour total. I really hope they have a much better screenshot'ing mode. I hated Melee's a lot.
  3. Erika

    Gaming Pok

    [quote name='mman']Agh, I haven't gotten either yet, and I need something to play on my malnurished DS! Not that there aren't any good games, just that I don't have any money... Also, my gamer friends at school keep on showing me their rare events Pokemon, which just gets me pumped up more...[/quote] [size=1][color=navy]Yeah really. I was so glad one of my college classmates traded me an Egg with a Cranidos!! I can't wait for it to be hatched, it's almost there! xO RHAWR. Okay. I just finished the second Gym Leader. lol So far the game's been freaking easy. It'd better get more chal
  4. Erika

    Gaming Pok

    [quote name='Gavin][SIZE=1']Heh, if give one a nickname I tend to feel somehow obligated to give the rest of them clever nicknames.[/SIZE][/quote] [size=1][color=navy][i]Clever? As in naming them with nicknames related to how they look/what they are? xDD I like finding names that don't necessarily correlate but still fit well. My attack Deoxys is named Miasma and I've always named my Blastoise Boomer since the Blue Version, and my Nidoking, Raven. xD[/i][/color][/size]
  5. Erika

    Gaming Pok

    [center][color=#990033][size=1]*sigh* Damn, wow. This is my first post in a year or so. Well, anyways, back to business. I personally am more psyched about these games than when I started talking about it so long ago. I don't get my college refund money until like, two Mondays from now, and I'll DEFINITELY run to the game store to grab Pearl Version. WiFi, Day & Night elements (you know, a tad bit more realism is nice for once 9_9), etc. I'm just too damn excited to say much other than I'm totally going to go for the Grass-type starter. I just wish they had a bit more monster/
  6. [color=#990066][size=1]AWESOME. O: I can't WAIT. ^u^ I'm so glad they jacked up the roster. I REALLY DO hope they add some new Pokemon, *especially* because of the new series. And some actual awesome ones, and not the ones constantly advertised ¬_¬ Blaziken would just be hardcore. O: Damn I can see it now. Fighting like Falco only leaving burns behind like Ness's PK Fire. *droool*[/size][/color]
  7. [quote name='Hunter DX][COLOR=DarkGreen]Heres the truth. Their really are no exact clones of chacters in SSB they are chacters with similar movesets but totally diffrent stats. For instance Pichu is much faster than pikachu and has a stronger B^ move. Jigglypuff is certainly not a bad chacter its just people never took the time to use her since shes well.....jigglypuff. She and kirby are the only ones with superior extended jumps.Making her not complelty useless. Also Marth and Roy are nothing alike Roy is alot more power oriented than Marth. Despite this being said I wouldnt mind Pichu or D
  8. [color=#990066][size=1]I just wish they'd get rid of that damn Jigglypuff!! SERIOUSLY. It's a boring fighter, and that KO attack it does is stupid and hard to pull off anyways, and I'd rather play as Pikachu or better yet, Mewtwo. They shouldn't even have Pichu. It's a complete waste of a fighter. They could've had Blastoise or something (who could fight like Bowser, and Hydro Pump can be like a charged attack like Samus's gun). *sigh* ...I really hope they have better Pokemon this time. And I'm really tired of seeing the same old faces. As for the levels, I don't mind anyt
  9. [color=#990066][size=1]Y'know what? It can happen between Cloud and Tifa. I believe in lifelong trials and friendship. To me that's a foundation to a real relationship. I've seen that the truth isn't always obvious. Love is something that always has to develop over time and trying situations. Think about what Tifa went through WITH Cloud. I've had people do that to me, even just friends. I'd be the Tifa in their lives but they still overlooked me and walked away. Plus Tifa is rather selfless. Whereas Aerith was all like, "Oh save me Cloud! Quit being stupid!" at least that's wha
  10. [color=#990066][size=1]JESSE AND JAMES. >xO Okay, seriously. GSC features and FR/LG graphics. All mixed together. Like, now. That would be hardcore. And I wish the 3D Pokemon games were developed by Level-5 or some other similar developer. The cheap plastic toy and hyper-deformed look just doesn't cut it. I want to eat my cat. It's an extreme insult to the series and the fun factor. And FFVII's character grapics looked less deformed compared to this mess.[/size][/color]
  11. Erika

    Gaming Wii

    [color=#990066][size=1]*makes her first post in probably a year* Wii. Hmm. One syllable is all it needs. XBOX 360 is six; Playstation 3 is like, four...and even PS3 can be anal. Most of all, what the most important thing is, is the games. It's been said time after time after time for many years. I'm getting sick of seeing nothing but "realistic" 3D graphics, and crappy graphics that are the opposite. Take Legend of Mana and Dragon Quest VIII for example. That stuff is amazing. That's what I wanna see more of; and more RPGs on a Nintendo console, like back in the day wh
  12. Erika

    Gaming Dark Cloud 2

    [size=1][font=Verdana][color=indigo]This game is hardcore. One of the best "new" RPG games to ever grace the PS2. I bought this b**** in 2003 and I'm still nowhere near sick of it, [i]and yes I have been playing it since[/i]...it's just that I can always find something good about the game no matter what. Although Monica's wardrobe is severly lacking, Max's makes up for it. I really wish Max could wear miner's goggles instead of that stupid Explorer's Helmet. Goggles would've been a fantastic item to buy in the Gundora Workshop. The graphics, music, and artwork REALLY, REALLY play a
  13. [quote name='Roflocopter']An evangelion avatar and banner with asuka and unit 2 in it. Movie version of unit 2 please. :animeswea[/quote] [size=1][font=Verdana][color=indigo]Movie version? I haven't seen the movies so I don't know what the difference is between the two. Try providing a good image at least until I can manage to find one.[/color][/font][/size]
  14. [size=1][font=Verdana][color=royalblue]If you want an actual LONG RPG...and trust me on this...play Dragon Warrior VII. I haven't played it in a long time, but I know for a fact that I'm not off Disc 1, and it's clocked at 100-hours or something. And yes, I have a bad habit of leaving my game on for God knows how long, but it doesn't happen often at all, so the 100-something hours (or 90-something) is mostly the actual game part. But I love RPGs that are literally long. I too often hear "this game can be clocked at about 60-70 hours!" Wait, are you including the sidequests? If so, sh
  15. Erika

    Gaming Pok

    [size=1][font=Verdana][color=royalblue]Alright, I found some more new Pokemon: [url]http://serebii.net/diamondpearl/pokemon.shtml[/url] Rukario, oh my gosh lol. [i]It's a Steel-Fighting!!![/i] *dies* YES! I've always wanted a unique physical Fighting-type. And Sneasel's evolution looks kinda cool kinda retarded lol. But good chances that I'll train one anyway. The pre-evolutions can go to hell lol. I mean, it's like one of them has a wooden diaper. O_o; [b]And oh my God, it's got an anus. o_o[/b][/color][/font][/size]
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