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    Deppressing news...........

    I'll miss you all
  2. Hey everyone, it's me again. I have a sad message to deliever: I'm leaving Otaku-for good. I just don't have time anymore and though it's been fun, I think it's best if I sign off permanantly. My work's keeping me busy and it's getting harder and harder to find a bit of time to log on. Rather then just dissapear I've decided to say goodbye to all my Otaku buddies and wish you all happy and long lives. This cat's gotta scat, adios mi amigos. Forever An Otaku Girl, Neko_Cat:bawl: :love: :(
  3. Besides all that, I've been in several car accidents where I was in the car, but the most I've gotten is some bruises, thank goodness.
  4. I was horseback riding one day, then all of a sudden my horse started rearing up and trying to throw me off. This probably wouldn't have been so bad except there was a small ditch behind us and a large road behind that, and cars don't exactly pay attention when they're coming round at 100 miles per hour. I knew that if we somehow ended up on that road, that was it. A horse is a huge target for some crazy person in a new car, and there were enough of them around there. The horse continued to rear and backed into the ditch, then continued to back out onto the other side-right into oncoming traffic! I got a really weird feeling and the next thing I knew I took control of the reins, gave the horse a kick and she jumped back over the ditch just in time. I can tell you I was so scared I didn't know whether to start yelling or start crying. One other thing that happened was when me and my friend where crossing a street and the light changed while we were in the middle. The people in the cars started zooming past as if we weren't even there, despite the fact that we couldv'e touched the hoods as we were walking past. My friend was standing there but I just grabbed her hand and took off running, we both made it across without getting hurt, but it shook us up a bit. Then another time we were standing too close to the curb and had a "Final Destination" experience with a bus- it was about an inch from our noses. And then there was the time I was crossing the street by myself, the light said walk and I was walking across, then these people in their car turned a corner-I guess they didn't see me- and ended up two feet from me, stopping just in time not to hit me. I dunno, either I'm extremely unlucky or extremly lucky, you decide.:excited: :cross: :D
  5. Neko_Cat

    Anime DBZ-some stuff

    Yeah, they really messed up, the original quote was way better
  6. Neko_Cat

    Anime DBZ-some stuff

    Okiday, got a few things to say (just brilliant, ain't I?). First of all-what happened to Majin Vegeta's quote? You know, the one where he goes "It's all your fault Kakkarott, I had a family and I loved it" or something like that? I'm talking about the toonami version of course-is it right in the uncut dubb or did they mess it up? Or am I looking at the wrong episode (I think it was replaced in episode "Ball of Buu" on toonami)? Okay, 'nother thing-I am VERY confused about the order of events in the Buu saga. Here's what I've got so far: Vegeta blows himself up, Goku dies some time (time limit ran out), he's sent back to earth somehow, somewhere in between here Goten and Trunks are learning how to become Gotenks up in Kami's place (or rather Dende's), Gohan becomes Mystic Gohan, something happens, Goku goes SSJ3, something else happens, Gotenks and Gohan are absorbed by Buu, Chichi gets squashed, Vegeta comes back, Goku and Vegeta become Vegetto............then I completely lose it. Could someone clear things up for me a bit? As it is I've had to search for this info and as you can see I still have no idea what is supposed to happen. Although, I do know that somewhere towards the end everyone has a party, Buu becomes Uboo or some type of human like creature, Goku's off protecting som Pterodactil eggs and Vegeta gives Uboo a sandwhich and Goku, Goten and Trunks are fighting in a bathtub (?) and they make it explode and everyone's naked. The end..........till GT. Oh no..................:naughty: :naughty: :D :D ;)
  7. Neko_Cat

    Anime Oddness.....

    Yeah, I don't think those funi-jerks like Trunks too-much, and they seem to have a problem with jokes and lines in general...........how many jokes have they killed with stupidity and dubbing?
  8. Neko_Cat

    Anime Cardcaptor Sakura anyone

    I really like Yue's eyes.......comon, how often do you see glowing purple eyes (light purple-violet really, but I like to exaggerate):D :D :devil: :D :D
  9. Neko_Cat

    Anime fave anime

    Fav anime: I know some will laugh, but I love DBZ, even though I have a tendency to watch every type of anime I can find, it remains my fav, despite the Funi-influence. Fav Movie: Oh no. I have to choose? Darn.............uh...........Ninja Scroll? Ghost in the Shell? Samurai X? Mermaid's Scar? Princess Mononoke? Kite? etc. etc. etc................darn, I'm gonna have to go with the Trunks Special 'cause I can't get enough..........gomen nasi:D
  10. Seen 'em? I liked Magic users club-it was hilarious.........gotta love the giant bell =P . "Jeffy!!! My Teddy!!". The dancing Jeffy bear was both odd and disturbing *shivers*. Anyone seen MD Geist? I liked it, but there wasn't really a plot line, just man-eating machines. Lovely images huh?:devil: Ceres, who's seen that? I only got to read a preview of it but it sounds interesting, any info on it? Is it worth seeing? Oh, and Kodomo No Omocha, what's a good webbie to brush up on it? Wish I could get it over here *sigh*..............Weeeeelllll, I've been trying to check out some different and harder to find anime as time goes on, so if anyone knows one they think is really great that hasn't been butchered by funimation, lemme know and post. Adios mi amigos!:D :cross:
  11. Neko_Cat

    Anime VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOODLUST...Have you seen it???

    *gasp* WE FINALLY HAVE A GENERAL ANIME BOARD!!!! Yeeeesssssssssss!!!! I haven't been on in a while and didn't realize it........anywho, I saw the old Vampire Hunter D, I liked it, but it was kinda the classical boy saves girl from evil dude thing.
  12. Neko_Cat

    ny somewhat older members please read...

    V 1.0 - Neko_Cat V 2.0 - Neko_Cat V 3.0 - Neko_Cat See a pattern? *hehehehe* I have always and will always be the 'riginal Neko_Cat............:D :tasty: :wigout: :laugh:
  13. Neko_Cat

    Anime Radditz Question

    Nah, Raditz bit the big one and he's not coming back............except for maybe that one movie where all the baddies escape from hell *lol* can you imagine how much hair he'd have at SSJ 3? The possiblities....:devil: :laugh: :D
  14. Neko_Cat

    Anime Oddness.....

    Hmmmmmm.......good point. That was one of my many theorys............
  15. Neko_Cat

    Anime Oddness.....

    Hello again, I know it seems like every post I make is a comeback post, but no internet will do that too you *groan*. Besides, I'm following in the steps of the great Weird Al Yankovic, so I guess it's okay (he said every cd he made is a comeback). Anyway, just to remind you all I still exist, I post now and then when I get a chance. Here's what I really wanted to talk about: A) Who's seen the subtitled version of the fight between Goten and Trunks? B) Who's seen the dubbed (edited or uncut, doesn't matter they're practically the same:D )? C) Here's my real question: Does it seem like the english dubbers made it like Trunks is mad at Goten or something, or is it just me? When I compared the subtitled to the dubbed, it seemed like they were trying to turn Trunks into a jerk. In the subtitled he didn't say things like "Sorry Goten, sorry it didn't hit you that is." What's the deal? It said something like "darn, I missed him". And what happened to Goten's mispronounciation of "Kamehameha"? He's supposed to say "Kame Kame", and that's why Trunks laughs at him. Why change it? WHY!?! Ay carumba, these Funimation Crazies are taking alot out of me...........:D