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  1. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]As some of you might have heard, American prisoner-of-war Paul Johnson was beheaded by Al-Queada in Iraq on Friday. Then, on Monday, a South Korean prisoner was also beheaded, after publicly pleading for his life, because SK would not pull back troops from Iraq. Needless to say, these acts were extremely barbaric. But what the media is talking about lately is: should these events get the media coverage that they are? What is being shown is: Johnson blindfolded with a gun to his head; masked men making demands; the South Korean Man begging for his life
  2. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Actually, that's my "good friends only" name, so you should all feel very special. :) [/COLOR]
  3. [color=darkblue]Of course love is real. In fact, I'd go so far as to say love is a tangible force to be reckoned with. I've certainly never felt or experienced anything like it. One day, when I'm a physicist, I'm going to find out if it can be measured and studied, if it is a quantum force, like light. I'm almost positive it can. Something like [i]chi.[/i] Either way, it seems to be some type of force, rather than just a feeling. How else can you explain why so many people have done so many crazy things in the name of it? I think that people experienced this [i]thing,[/i] and
  4. [color=darkblue]Now that I am getting divorced, I recently moved back home. The real ***** of this is that my parents, in some ways, are treating me like I am a teenager again, such as they don't want me to drink alcohol, ever. So I feel your pain.[/color]
  5. [color=darkblue]When I was in high school I was Head of the Outcasts and sort of flaunted it. Yeah, it got to me sometimes, but mostly I didn't care. Of course, I ended up having to have a lot of therapy... [/color]
  6. [color=darkblue]I know that when I fall in love, knowing the name, thinking the name, speaking the name, etc., of the person gives me the ultimate rush and makes me feel powerful. But this isn't what you mean, I think. I know that in circles of the Craft, a person's name can be used to perform spells. But whether those spells work depends on if you do them right. >.~[/color]
  7. [color=darkblue]This is exactly why I never go on AIM anymore. This and messages from tons of people saying "Hi, will you be my friend?" and I think to myself, "Now who the hell gave them my AIM name?"[/color]
  8. [color=darkblue]I remember the first time I saw anime, it was Dragonball Z. I was walking through the linging room, and my brothers were watching it. I just stopped in my tracks, literally. I was like, "Whoa... that guy is punching really [i]fast."[/i] The art and the action just sucked me in. I'd never seen anything like anime before, or since. I like the aspect of anime that it is typically seen as a child's medium, but with adult action and storylines. I think it has even brought modern cartoons to a more adult level -- matured them, you could say. Anime has brought entertainmen
  9. [color=darkblue]Alright, just hold on, now. I don't get this anit-Relena/Heero thing. Heero was a trained killer. You are all just mad because Relena ****** him all up, in a way. And why? Because his love for her was so powerful. Relena was not weak. I will never forget the scene where [spoiler]she stood at the foot of his gundam, staring straight up at him, knowing he could kill her at any moment. But she was totally fearless. He slammed the gundam's hand down hard, but instead of crushing her, it landed right beside her, and she didn't even flinch. This was after they
  10. [color=darkblue]It depends. I usually enjoy the subs much better. They are more graphic, for one thing. The dubs tend to be more edited. I like seeing a ****** or a "****" or spurting blood or nudity every now and then. It's the animal in me (sorry Asuki). Plus, I find that with the dubs, they sometimes change things. But, then again, it can get annoying reading the words at the bottom of the screen. I can't focus as much on the action if I'm reading the whole time. If I'm really familiar with the story, it's a moot point, though. The voices: Vegeta, I have to say,
  11. [color=darkblue]Body image and self-image are two completely different things. If anyone gives her any more diet or excercise tips, I will personally beat them. Girl, you could never eat again. You could do crunches until you pass out. You could run a marathon until you are 80 years old. But that doesn't mean you would like yourself. There's something deeper behind all this. Your body image problem and the eating disorders are just symptoms of a larger self-esteem issue. Until you figure out what that is, you will never be content with yourself. And forget about that
  12. [color=darkblue]I understand completely. Having been raised in a rigorously Christian environment while having beliefs that were somewhat, shall we say, anti-establishment, and being an incredibly vocal person, I was extremely ostracized. Of course, I was a glutton for punishment and relished this sort of thing, even though I complained about it all the time, as well as used it to my advantage. Right, folks? Just ask anyone here. They've all heard about it. I'll give you two pieces of advice: 1) Do what I did and relish your difference. In fact, revel in it. Or,
  13. [color=darkblue]Hence the wink. Saying it's not perfect is an understatement, though. But I'm the last person to say I have a clue about the subject. *scratches head in utter confusion* The subject of sex really depends on the parties involved. Parenting is much the same. It's not like a driving permit, where you can do it as long as you pass a test. It takes maturity, practice, and just plain winging it as you go along. It's something you really have to get used to to get right. I'd have to agree, though, that 15 and 35 is a bit of a stretch. Oh, well, as long as the
  14. [color=darkblue]I do wonder one thing, though. Who decided that eighteen should be the age of consent? It's not as if a maturity switch is thrown in the brain on one's eighteenth birthday. *wink*[/color]
  15. [color=darkblue]I just remembered another one, which I'm sure you will all make fun of me for. Yesterday morning, I was really bored and flipping channels and I saw... Saved By the Bell. Who could ever forget the greatest couple to ever exist, Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski? My brother and I were talking about a year ago, and he admitted to me that he still watches that show nearly every day on his lunch break. This was before teenagers were portrayed as real people, folks. Go ahead and laugh, that show was a classic.[/color]
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