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  1. I read a good manga recently called Peepo Choo.  It's basically about this kid from the USA who's really obsessed with Japan and he thinks it's some kind of happy magical place.  Then there's this guy who lives in Japan and he's part of the Yakuza.  He's really obsessed with violent American movies and he thinks America is just how it is the the movies.   These story lines intersect for some great entertainment.  It's violent as hell and there's a lot of nudity.  Not a manga for children but it's pretty damn cool.
  2. Pic: [img]http://i.imgur.com/liWoF.jpg[/img] Title: Redline Year: 2009 Studio: Madhouse Watched Dubbed or Subbed: Dubbed Synopsis: The movie starts out with a qualifying race for Redline. Redline is a racing event involving creatures from many different planets. As it turns out, this Redline will be held on "Roboworld" where the government swears to kill anyone who enters their atmosphere. Thoughts: The visuals in this movie are amazing. I wouldn't expect much less from Madhouse, who are known for making some good anime. You may want to watch the dubbed version if for nothing else but the fact you're free to gawk at the visuals the entire time (unless you know Japanese...then i guess this would be a moot point). The voice acting wasn't too annoying and it almost reminded me of some of the older Saturday morning cartoon shows. The music in this movie is also very good. It's techno-ish music that just seems to fit the mood. I could have maybe done with less vocals, but overall it was very good. A lot of the movie is made to look as if it's being broadcast on television. There's an overview of many of the different racers on the news. I thought this was a very refreshing take on this kind of movie. Grade: This was one of the better anime movies I've seen recently. I would have to give it approximately an 8.5 out of 10. Trailer: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t26m_Q6ENo[/media]
  3. I have two tattoos on my back that I drew myself. I just wanted a couple little symbols that made me feel a certain way. So I got them. Don't know if I really need anymore, but if I decided I did and had no fear of what future employers would think, I'd probably get an anime girl of some sort on my forearm.
  4. XeEmO

    Gaming E3 2010

    I'm looking forward to some more info on the Nintendo 3DS. Looks like they're onto something. I've heard it's supposed to be as powerful as the XBOX 360. What I would really like to see is that the whole Duke Nukem Forever fiasco was one big conspiracy and that it's actually coming out soon. Somehow I doubt that will happen though. I'm also hoping for some cool games that have yet to be announced. Maybe some more 8-bit games in the works? Super Mario Bros. 4 8 bit? Perhaps an entirely new 8 bit game from Capcom? If not I'll just have to settle for a copy of Battle Kid when I get the chance to order it. I hear they're working out some bugs, so that's nice to hear.
  5. I've had quite a few good teachers through out the years. For now though I think I'll just focus on one. My first year of college I took physics from an awesome no BS teacher. My mind was blown countless times learning about the theory of relativity, and how things work on a quantum level. There were many good documentaries watched. There were also many lessons taught outside as the teacher smoked cigarette after cigarette. I'm not sure how many people will get cancer as a result of this class, but I have to say it will probably be worth it. This teacher hated technology, but only good came of this. I've had all these teachers that rely on the Internet to assign homework, and for students to submit homework. In all of these cases I felt heavily inconvenienced. That year I had quite a few good teachers, but this one was the most memorable.
  6. I've had a few teachers in my past that I couldn't stand for various reasons. I'm sure other people have had bad teachers as well, so feel free to post about your experiences. I'm going to focus on one I had last year. I ended up dropping out of his class. I almost don't know where to start with this one. He never had any real reading material. Instead he relied on power point presentations that he would flash through while he briefly said something. Then he would expect you to answer a bunch of these random questions on tests that you first of all wouldn't know to study for, and second of all were usually badly worded in such a way that there was more than one answer that would be correct weather or not it was the answer he was looking for. The thing that made me extremely angry, and drop the class, is one of the tests. We were doing what's called an "unattended installation" of Windows XP. This is where you simply install Windows XP and the information is read from a disk. For this test he told us to download Windows XP from this service Microsoft provides to schools. So I got my copy of Windows XP service pack 3 to use on the test like he said we would be using. I tested this thing, and it worked perfectly. I got to class, and instead of using the version that he originally stated we would be using we were using a copy of service pack 2 on the schools server. Long story short, the product key stored in the file that told the installation what to do was for service pack 3. This wasn't compatible with service pack 2 on the schools server. Turns out that simple mistake that wouldn't have even appeared in the real world cost me 50 points on the test and he gave me an F. Also, to clear something up, I was there were multiple ways of doing the test. I think I was the only person in the class to do it this way. This was also the only way to get a 100. The other way was supposed to be easier so the total amount of points were less. GAAH...I hated that guy. I still hate that guy. Anyone else have similar stories?
  7. I have weird dreams all too often. I'll just post my dream from last night. I was in wal-mart and I stole something which is weird, because I don't shoplift, and the alarm thing was going off as I left. I don't even think I was stealing anything specific, it was just something. This old guy was screaming at me to come back in when the alarm went off. I went outside and put it in my friends car, which happened to be some youtube celebrity I don't actually know in real life. I went in after dropping the thing off and walked around the store with this weird old guy and some girl that worked there. They were going to check and see if I stole anything. Eventually the old guy left and I was just kind of hanging out with this girl. The dream ended when I was just in some back room talking to this girl. Woke up. Didn't really even want to wake up. Not sure what that meant. I also had this dream last night I was in school in some sort of video game creation class. All I know is I hated the teacher. I think I made some joke quietly in the middle of this video of Toy Story 3 he was playing and then he decided he had to start the lecture over. Then I got mad at him or something and made reference to this teacher I had semi-recently who I also hated. The teacher I was referring to was real, but I couldn't remember why I hated him when I was in the dream so I was frustrated. I'll get more to that teacher in a thread I'm about to make. I was thinking about making the thread when i woke up, but instead I went back to sleep. Now I feel I have incentive to make it.
  8. http://crapsoft.hostzi.com - My current website. I have some code and a couple games I've made. http://myspace.com/nexus3067 - music that I've made.
  9. I have some basic open source video editing software that I could splice some clips together with. I couldn't probably add any cool text on the screen and move it around in real time or anything. Don't know exactly what you need help with, or if you still need help. Wouldn't mind hearing some more about that game though
  10. Depends on what I'm feeling I guess. I'm pretty fond of Dr. Pepper. I also like Vanilla Coke, and regular Coke. Every once in a while I'll go with root beer. I drink a lot of tea and water as well. Trying to lay off the caffeine at the moment so I've been having Coke instead of tea. Tea and coffee are good. So is caffeine. Surge is my favorite. I need a time machine so I can get some.
  11. [quote name='Gavin' date='01 June 2010 - 09:22 PM' timestamp='1275441748' post='694176'] [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]So which of new OB's two skins are you grooving to (and why) ? Liking Wet Paint myself, the reds and greys of Basic are just looking a little too harsh for me over the softer tones of orange and blue.[/size][/font] [/quote] Wet Paint looks cooler to me. I wonder if these are slightly modified default skins or completely original. Either way it looks nice. Glad to see Invision Board is still alive and kicking.
  12. [quote name='DeathKnight' date='01 June 2010 - 07:47 PM' timestamp='1275436062' post='694155'] [color=crimson]I'm rockin' the hammer and sickle on my laptop.[/color] [/quote] nice! is that cpu monitor built into windows 7?
  13. Not sure when this was done last, but regardless I'm interested in seeing what everyone's computer desktop looks like. Feel free to show your actual desk as well. To make things interesting why not also talk a bit about your setup. I'll start: This is my Desktop which is currently running the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. My wallpaper is something from www.theotaku.com . I chose Linux as my operating system because Windows is less secure for a variety of reasons. I dual boot with Windows and Linux on both my desktop computer and my netbook. [attachment=14691:Screenshot.png]
  14. I think I've actually cut back my drinking habits from those I had a few years ago. For at least the past year or so I've enjoyed guzzling down a 40 oz about once a week, with a beer or two thrown in during the week. Every once in a while though, they're be a social even that I probably drink a bit too much at. I only gage the amount I drank as too much if I wake up sick in the morning. Also strip clubs make me feel like drinking. I have to stay away from them. They make me spend a lot of money and end up doing crazy things. Like the time I volunteered to be a judge for an amateur contest. Then I gave a smokin' hot girl a 1 as a joke and screamed crazily into the microphone. Then I ended up on a burn cruse with this person after the place closed. Err...yeah. Also Nintendo games. They make me want to drink.
  15. NES, SNES, n64, wii, gameboy, gameboy advance, nintendo ds, ps1, broken genesis, xbox 360. I've had other consoles that have come and gone. My favorites at the moment are Xbox 360 and WII. The 360 has proven to have some great RPGs and some other stuff like the space shooter Ikaruga, not to mention old school games. Gradius Rebirth on the wii has been amazing, and with a little hacking the wii has so many more possibilities it's awesome. *COUGH* xeem pong wii *cough* Looking forward to the day I upgrade my DS. I'll either get a DSI-XL (who wants a smaller screen?) or whatever the new 3D one is when that comes out.
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