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  1. To tell the honest truth, I really don't care about the subject of the storyline, as long as it keeps my interest. I can't vote honestly because I've read Stephen King's stories, to War and Peace....I do have a lot of Horror and Fantasy on my shelves, but like I said, I have ?Canterbury Tales? and ?Les Miserables? as well as Plato... Really anything that will make me think a little bit (I am especially fond of poetry). ^_^'
  2. [color=purple][center]Please don't be intimidatd by the length...I didn't really think it was that long once it was read. Please read and review![/color][/center] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good-Bye Briana ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The forest was covered in a thick bluish-white mist, and it was all I could do to see in front of myself. It surrounded me in a swirl, almost howling to me as if I were a part of it. I took a few steps further, not caring what lie beyond in front of me. Whether it be a cliff, I didn\'t care. Whether it be something else, I didn\'t care. It is not my nature to care, and fo
  3. Very intriqing indeed asMangafreak said. I like the way you pertray the moon in it. It does make you take a second glance at something so ordinary, yet captivatingly beautiful. I think I would agree with Manga freak on everything they said! I write too, but I don't think I have somethinglike that! Then again no one bothers reading mine. Anyway.....You should continue writing like this.
  4. [color=purple]I like all of yours. they are so....whats the words....sensitive....They pertray a hard to get meaning that isn't captured at the first glance. Even if they seem to hav no message, you make sure there is one inside. I can sort of feel the illuminated feeling in the writing, and you have much talent. I would like to see more. ^-^ I like crimson reprive....but that is just me. It tells a story that KarmaOfChaos didn't quite get.[/color]
  5. Death......Why must one fear something, that is inevitable, and is just another adventure in life. It is just a new begining of a new life somewhere else, or even not. It's just another lifelong dream that we have, in an eternal sleep. Many think of death as a void, that is why they fear it. But it isn't a void.....But its another utopia, inside the original, but even more beautiful than before. Not many see it that way, they don't see the beauty in the "afterlife" as some say. It is like a butterfly as mckaylyn has said. beautiful, no matter, and fragile yet strong. It all comes down to the
  6. Its hard to explain my character. I have a combination of many. Here's a litle list to SOME. And....I am a girl, though I may have a few guy characters in here. :D #1: Inuyasha. I don't show my true self to others, I hide it with a facade not anyone can really look into because its been up for so long. I don't seem unemotional, I just show the opposing ones that I really feel. But I do have my times. I take a lot from everybody, and it seems to never penetrate. It is hard for me to trust, to gain friendships because no one trusts me. Because i'm different, not like everybody else, it
  7. For a while, I really thought I wasn't afraid of anything. Even when my sister threw a knife at me, only missing my neck by a few centimeters, I wasn't afraid. When I hate three exacto knives thrown at me, and scarring my cheek for a while, it didn't scare me. I didn't even cry in pain. When I was held at almost gunpoint, no fear. I wasn't afraid of anything, untill I beagan thinking about my future. I guess when you think ahead, that really uncovers your fears. Many people say they don't have a fear. They really are fearing fear itself if you stop and think about it. They deny feeling it, And
  8. Forsaken Shadows Of War [Actuall Title] ~~~~~~~~ The story ~~~~~~~ They were walking down the road. quietly, without any sound but loving whispers. The wispers turned to sharp gasps, then to horrific screams of terror and pain. A vile laugh of a high pitch was heard over the dreadful shrieks. An immortal laugh that droned out through the night. In the morning they were found, Or what was left of them. Their bodies were shreded, the insides were trailed along the walk way in a bloody strip. Not even a white skeleton remained. the nearby plants were dripping from the blood that
  9. Put it this way, Love really is hard to explain to people in words, but it is sort of a feeling that needed a name. A force that happens to draw two together. It may be "chemical Results" but I don't believe so. love is when you have to build relationships, it doesn't happen straight away. It is a goal that many people go after that we slowly mold over time. If you want it right then, then it is indeed lust. It has to be built upon, and not very many people want to, because it takes a while to do that. WE have to cautiously slip away the covers that pile upon what we think is love. That is
  10. I tried to refuse writing on my religion because mine is complicated to explain, considering it's so close, yet so far from being atheist. But they said it was on your background, and you HAD to include religion. I know it sounds.....odd...But it was part of our grade, it was worth a LOT of our grade, and if we didn't do OUR religion, it's like we didn't do it at all. My teachers and school I don't really think followed rules very well, because we had many drug dealing, molesting, etc. teachers, and they never got in trouble. Well, they did eventually, but not when I was there. No I don'
  11. Thanks No_Regrets, and Dead-Angel. I was just simply asking a question and thats really it. I didn't mean to make everyone all B*tchy about it all. I just don't really think I should have told anyone my religion, but the teatchers made us write a report on our religions..........Thats when all the [i]fun[/i] started. Name calling.......The list goes on and on. But I still stand proud for I have my beliefs, and no one can destroy them. My theorys are mine. I myself try to see people on their good side, unless of course, well, the really crazy ones who commit genocide........ Even the people wh
  12. Ok. Now I'm arrogant eh? Fine, believe what you want, but I'm not that way at all. If you only knew how much more I listen than talk......About the perception, Hey, it's only what I'm told, and I believe it because I understand different things that are hard to infer. ''I don't really know how to explain it in words'', type of things. And I dont think I ever mentioned that I don't understand this concept, I just asked for opinions. So I'm sorry if I sound arrogant. I just hated the way people were treating me, almost as if I wasn't a human.
  13. I'm not really into politics or religion, but When I start talking about it, There is usually a good reason for it. I have been shunned by most society almost, event the people at my church sense my.......difference. I'm not a full christian believer, and I don't fully believe in the religion, give or take a few quirks. Nobody ever wants to talk to me, because I'm very perceptive, see things in a much higher or different level, and everything has a reason. I'm just tired of people acting this way to me. Every step I take is another mistake to everyone I know. Many of you think that I jus
  14. [SIZE=3][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Who here, has ever lost friends over your religion because they are scared of it? I personally, have had parents say to me I'm not welcome in their house anymore, because I read a witchcraft spellbook, and have a fancy for candles and anything sharp. Because of a little thing like that, I'm not welcome. I personally think this is wrong. Because I have my own beliefs, it doesn't mean I'm different than anybody else. I have had a friend litterally shun me out because I used one of her candles, and made one of my own from it, by scratching things into it. I jus
  15. Well... I'm a drawer myself, but here's my advise: You should keep trying on the picture. just concentrate on the work that lie ahead of you, studying the characters personality in the picture, etc.. You should draw them in your perspective first, then try the actual picture,so that way you can find out how you see it compared to the original. Make the changes you note, that you see in the two different copies. Have someone else check it out too. A second opinion always helps. [not mine. I'm too picky.] It may take a little more time, but I feel it works. Try starting out with a simple area to
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