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    I am obsesed with Princess Peach and mario games. ^^
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    White Mage
  1. hi goth! ^^ its me, if you remember. =D well for my storie, well, after I admitted I was gay, I started really wanting to tell people, and no one I really knew had anything against it, so no worries, but my best friend was homophobic. >.< but I finally told him and he got all suportive, and most of my friend "love" the fact I'm gay. lor. so thats shibby. so yeah, things ate working out. :D -Peach
  2. well, I am gay, : ) and I like it just fine. No one bothers me about it, and my best friend who was homophobic is now just fine. :D so every thing pretty much worked out. but I have not told my parents yet... -Peach
  3. I like the element Light, or holy, not like religious, just holy. :) I just fit into it, people find me nice, and compherting, and stuff like that. ^^ and I also fit into fire. I love hot colours and I have a never giving up attitude. so yeah, thats me. :)
  4. Gaming

    Well, I'll have to say not many characters annoy me. :) I like reseti, and blathes, tingle is just scary. o.O and navi never got to me. though for the person I am going to say does not annoy me to much. its just some stuff she does. >.> Daisy. from the mario bros. In mario kart DD, she passes you and screams " HI I'M DAISY" I mean how annoying can you get? O_O and just the way she acts. >.> -Peach
  5. Gaming

    lol, yes, Mario DDR, I think it will be great, annother game I am looking forward to is Peach's game "super princess Peach" she finally gets her own game! ^^ woo. but yeah, any thoughts on the game? -Peach
  6. [COLOR=DarkOrange]Me, well pretty much, I am addicted to Peach. =D I just love that character and um, yeah. I just am. ^^ Other than that, I don't think I am addicted to much, other than playing mario video games... me and my mario. :P -Peach[/COLOR]
  7. Gaming

    Hey guys. ^^ Its me again. I came back for a bit, though I doubt any of you remeber me. :( but any way. I don't know if any of you have heard about the new title mario DDR coming out some time, but so far only mario and luigi are confirmed to be in it. though there have been screen shots that look like a Hammer bro. are playable! woo! but if Peach is in it, which I think would be silly if she was not, what do you think she will wear? I mean, would she wear the skirt? or the dress? or maybe something new for dancing? I want to hear your thoghts! :) -Peach
  8. Gaming

    [COLOR=DarkOrange]I have completely beat this game. I got all the treasures (201) beat challange mode all pink flowers and so on. It is really good and way out does the first game. You really have to get it! -Peach[/COLOR]
  9. Gaming

    I love this game! I use Peach and I always kick but! ^_^ Peach is sooooo cool in this game! She can float, block her self with toad, pluck veggawsome! :D I always tick my friend off who always uses Roy! I just float above him and start kicking him! Yeah, so can you tell i like peach!
  10. [QUOTE=jblessing]Why would you need to count them? Is that number really important? I don't see cluttering up the backroom anymore just to show a count of how many online friends you have. Thats my opinion..[/QUOTE] Well there is this thing I do. I look at my Guest book signings and see how many friends I have. I then compare the two and see if there was a person who signed my GB that didnt what to be my friend, or if I forgot to check out someone's site. That kinda thing. I just thought it would be helpful to know how many friends you have.
  11. [COLOR=DarkOrange]It should tell you, in your back room, how many friends you have so that you dont have to count them! Why not? can this be done? -Peach[/COLOR]
  12. [QUOTE=Dan L] -My debut as "Dan Lucking" on OB version 2, where I insulted everyone, thimoc said I was cool, thus I took it all back and hung around for a while. I always kind of had a soft spot for thimoc after that, despite his status as a notorious spammer.. "[/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkOrange]I also had a soft spot for thimoc too way back when! I swear Thimoc is the most popular member here, other than Adam of coarse! But I remeber when Thimoc won the "most original name" contest! that was when there was a big craze and people were posting contests and quizes like crazy. Kinda like now, everyone is playing and making all thoes games in the "otaku lounge". But I still say that Thimoc is and always will be really popular, too bad he is a complete spammer! [/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR=DarkOrange]Ahh, is that you thimoc!? Well I don't remeber where I went! but i didnt die! lol. What was said about me when i left? I want to know!!!!! And i also remember that you, thimoc was the first one to reach the almighty "no life" stage! lol i was about 5th![/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR=DarkOrange]Dragon Warrior. you said that you have been here since V1 well what was your first user name? And does any one remember Killer Pikachu? He was from the original days. there was a great war between me and him lol. But seriously it was weird! There were sides taken and all i can remeber was on one side there was Plume and Pokadazz, vrs. Killer Pikachu and G/S expert. Does any one remeber that? any way, too bad i missed all the "precious Moments" here. I shouldnt have left for so long! But i do remeber thimoc and will2x and renee and ravenmoon. ah the good times! [/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=DarkOrange]Well let me start with how I found OB. About 5 years ago I was looking for cheats for my gamboy game, pokemon red, and I stumbled upon Pokecheats.com and that was the otaku main site many years ago. So I found some cheats and saw they had a forum, joined, and posted for about a year. Then the whole board changed and the main site changed a bit and it was a bit too much for me so I left! Then I came back about a couple of months ago and rejoined! This is one of the best boards out there! It has many cool features not a lot of other board have! And the people here, or at least most of them, are very nice and helpful! What can you say about that!? This board is just something that becomes a part of your life, forever, even if you leave for a couple years. It?s always here to fall back on! -Peach [B]EDIT:[/B] In case you wanted to know what my previous name here was those many years ago, it was Plume![/COLOR]