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  1. You should be good to go now.
  2. Comments issue should be fixed.. minus a couple glitches here and there. We're still working on it, please be patient.
  3. Make sure you set your browser to allow pop-ups from "comments.theotaku.com". Though, most pop-up blockers wouldn't block the pop-up because it is actually clicked by the user. Anyways, regarding the "lag" issue, it's something we're aware of and trying to fix. It is a result of our new server and delay issues between the two Database servers. But hey, I'm sure its better than having a reallllllly slow site :cool:. We're working on it.
  4. This thread is worthless.
  5. Gaming

    Edit: NVM, already posted.
  6. Does looking at yourself in the mirror count? :confused:
  7. [quote name='Chabichou][COLOR=#004a6f']The title speaks for itself. Not that I'm planning to detach my myotaku account, but I would like that option available in the future.[/COLOR][/quote] It is something that will be improved upon in our next major batch of myOtaku updates, but for now.. its a pre-request sort of thing. Of course, no one has really requested it. ;)
  8. Well, when I last checked, it uses Javascript to determine whether or not you are currently in DST. So, if you have Javascript disable, you might be out of luck in having it automatically detect. Regardless, if the time is off, just manually change it to either "DST On" or "DST Off" and that should solve your problem.
  9. It seems to be a random occurence on both this site and theOtaku as well. We'll be looking into it and I'll reply back to this thread when it is resolved.
  10. [quote name='Generic NPC #3']Maybe it would be possible to allow the member to delete their own thread within a certain amount of time... say five or ten minutes or less. That way they can't just randomly delete a thread with 40 replies to it. I don't know if that is possible or not.[/quote] It is not currently possible, nor was I able to find a current modification that does what was suggested. I think it would be a good idea to let the thread starter delete their topic within [I]x[\I] minutes of creation. If it is something James would want, I would be willing to invest time in to making it.
  11. We already know about this and have requested the ads to be removed from rotation. Just give it time, and if you get an ad with sound.. generally refreshing the page will produce one without an ad.
  12. [quote name='zelgar']I was just wondering what was up with the E-cards. Recently I havenot been able to see the text written to me, all I get is the pic. Is there a reason to this?[/quote] The problem has been addressed and fixed. Some cards were lost in the process of doing this, however. Any cards sent from now on won't suffer these issues.
  13. Just wanted to drop in here and let everyone know of a major bug fix today. Those who had "Ghost PMs" in which you had an unread private message, but was no where to be found... or you had a read private message that could not be found... I have fixed this issue. You'll be able to see these hidden PMs now, and the Author of them will be denoted as "Guest". This problem existed because when a user deletes their account, their private messages remain in the database. I should have a fix for that soon enough as well, but I wanted to get the "Ghost PM" thing fixed so that I could stop manually fixing it. Enjoy. Let me know if you see any problems arise as a result of this.
  14. Assuming you are talking about theOtaku commen'ts form, we have changed it so that you must have at least 50 characters or more in your comment. This is stated directly next to the comment box "50 Character Minimum". This is an attempt to stop one word comments or otherwise spammy comments as well.
  15. [QUOTE=Baron Samedi][size=1]I've been logged out and cannot log back in. When I try to retrieve password it says that my username is jblessing, and gives me a password that doesn't work on my name or Justin's. Bit annoying =\ As a side note, I got logged off of [url="http://www.dead-seraphim.net/forum"]Alan's forums[/url] too, but logged back on there.[/size][/QUOTE] The 'jblessing' portion has been fixed. Try to get a new password again (remember you have to click the link in the e-mail, or copy/paste, and THEN you'll get an e-mail w/ the new pass). Let me know if it doesn't work.