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  1. [SIZE=1]Attention one and all! Do you think your hero/heroine is the best looking in the whole guild? Do you think that you have the best undergarments in the whole guild? Well it's time to find out the truth: [B]THE QUANTUM KABUKI TROUPE BEAUTY PAGEANT '06!!![/B] After a long night of talking about banana's, lollipos, candy shopes, cherries, and eggplants the group kind of mellowed down for a second. After Adam(persecomblues) stopped rambling on how the Korean's get different staff messages than the Americans do, I came up with a brilliant idea. How about a beauty pageant? Sorry if I'm spelling it wrong. Heh. Anyways we decided that would be a fun cool event on Guild Wars for the guild. So let's get to the point and post the rules! [B]1[/B]. You must be punctual! As this is going to be a two day event we want everyone to be able to get everything done as planned. That way we can all have fun. [B]2[/B]. If you choose to participate in this event please send me a PM or post that you will be joining in this thread. We need everyone's answer by Friday, January 6th Midnight. We know it's quite soon to get all the applications in, but we want everything to be choreographed like entrances, dances, ecetera. [B]3[/B]. There will not be any specific clothing, but we ask that you have more than one set of clothing. [B]4[/B]. Both males and female's are accepted. So don't feel restricted, go ahead and join in on the fun! [B]5[/B]. Please be polite, that's all we ask. And there you go! Please take note that the pageant will start on Saturday, January 7th. So hurry up and alert me that you will like to strut your virtual stuff![/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE=1]I am particularly upset right now. I was having a nice AIM chat with a friend and doing some internet surfing, a hobby of mine. Of course I wanted to check out a few Xanga sites because I like reading about other people's days and what not. But what I was about to find was just going to make me mad. I went to this one site that seemed normal enough, until I hit the next page. He had two picures of these women naked, otherwise known as porn. I don't know if he had more but I exited that page and was outraged. Now the woman body is half the time a sex symbol. It makes me mad because these young woman have so much beauty, but they express is in the most inappropriate way. I just don't understand why woman choose to do this, when they have the capability of being something better. What's your opinion on pornography? I would really like to know.[/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE=1]Heh. Well, first off Teletubbies are like, weird. And yes, one of the cast members is very feminine even though he is a male. But half the facts you have are true, I did a little research of my own and found that a character does in fact get crushed by a gigantic E. I don't know if that symbolizes ecstasy but it does have a major similarity. [quote name='Generic NPC # 3']Is this suddenly 1998?[/quote] Spam. xD[/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE=1]Sakura watched as each of the other slaves walked into their rooms, or cells. Her hands were shaking, she didn't know what was going to happen, let alone where she was still. The door to ther cell was partially open, she pushed it slightly and slipped in through the crack. The containment area was very cool, a burst of cold air rushed against her face as she entered. Unlike the other people, Sakura didn't have any clothes. So she sat on the small bed that was in the corner of the room. She started to stare at the wall, thinking about a lot of things. Then, she suddenly remembered that her mother was dead. Hopefully her father was okay, but she couldn't think about that right now. Footsteps echoed down the hallway, Sakura shot up and looked out her door. The people were starting to leave, they all looked so different. Like they were just, brainless. Sakura wedged her way out the door and followed the line of people. She hadn't seen the rest of the facility, she was unconcious during the time her captors brought her through the devilish place. Sakura's jaw dropped when she saw what the front room looked like. It had an assortment of colorful rugs, there were large glass doors and a receptionist at the front to greet people. Couches were scattered around the gigantic room where groups of people were talking and laughing. She was being held captive in a office building. The others quickly rushed out of the building, as if craving fresh air. Umeko took in a big breath, "Ahh! What a beautiful morning!" Sakura shot her a look her eyes widened. Was she not frightened as well? Looking around she caught that the rest of the group were looking at her. "Didn't you bring a weapon?" asked Kazuma. "I... I don't have one." Ayame gave a laugh, "It figures. The noobie just had to not have a weapon." She shook her head and began walking down the sidewalk. The others soon following behind her. "Who the hell is she," wondered Sakura. She looked around and jogged behind the group. She patted a guys shoulder who was in front of her. He turned around his eyes looked as if they peirced her soul. "What?" Seita asked quite annoyed. "I was just wondering... if.." Ayame haulted as did the others. She seemed to be the unoffcial leader of some sort. "Let's stop and get her a god damned weapon. She needs to be prepared, if she dies **** will be pissed, and then he takes it out on us." They took a corner and into a dark alley. There was a small kiosk that had an assortment of swords, sais, guns, anythign you can imagine. "Ah! Ayame! Umeko! Seita! Kazumo! Ruika-" "Cut the shit and give us two Chinese Fans. Already sharpened." The man nodded and bent over looking for two Chinese Bladed. Ayame stopped her foot. "Hurry up!" This made the man jump and he almost knocked over the kiosk. He gave the two fans to Ayame, who slammed them into Sakura's chest. "Ow." "Suck it up." They continued walking, in a big group. It was the most weirdest thing that Sakura had ever seen. Half of them looked like they were depresses, while the others looked as if though they had taken some happy pills. The airport was very large. Sakura had been to it a couple of times. | On the Plane | Most of the group was seated in the back of the plane, they sat there and plainly looked at the seat in front of them. Sakura took out her fans and smiled at the ornate drawings on them.[/SIZE] "I'll call you Charm."
  5. [SIZE=1]"A classical masterpeice." - The Tokyo Post "The cast was utmost brilliant!" - The Critic Cherry Blossom Productions brings you... Sakura Full of Charm. --------------- The Cast- [B]Sakura[/B] as Ayame Chimeiteki [B]Starwind[/B] as Kazuma Uta [B]Box Hoy[/B] as Toshi Sekimoto [B]Anne[/B] as Namuita Umeko [B]Gemini_Phoenix[/B] as Seita Endo [B]SlowChemical[/B] as Ruika Kuchiki [B]Stark[/B] as Kouji Morinozuka [B]Citrus[/B] as Sakura Wakaba ------------ Movie Begin ----------- [CENTER]Chapter 1: My Baby Just Shot Me Down Characters Included: All Location: ****'s Headquarters | Airport | Beijing, China[/CENTER] ----------- **** sat down at the table where 8 individuals sat quietly awaiting his arrival. Sakura was very anxious, she hadn't seen these people before. She was trying to sort everything out in her head, it only resulted in a severe headache. "Now, my assistants, I have a new mission for you all." There was a few sounds of shifts and shuffles. Sakura raised her hand slowly. **** looked at her and smiled. "Yes?" "What kind of mission is this?" Everyone looked up at the girl, Ayame shook her head. **** chuckled and answered her questiong. "You'll find out soon enough. So, my assistants, here are your tickets. You'll be going to Beijing. There is a certain "baby" I want you all to take care of. I am sending all of you because she might have some company around her at the time. And go ahead and take guns, I don't want any heads cut off this time." Sakura's eyes widened at his last sentence. Obviously confused Sakura got up pushing her chair back. "I'm sorry but I am not doing this." "You better sit back down, girl." ****'s words were harsh. Sakura sat back down at his words, she didn't want to be hurt. "So go ahead. Your flight is in an hour." With that said the group got up and filed out the door. Sakura turned around and looked at ****'s back for a second, and then left with the others. ---------- Ok guys. I finally got this up. I want you all to just have a post of your character getting ready then meeting up at the airport. We will process from there.[/SIZE]
  6. [size=1]Ahem. I made my brief appearance. I am so excited to see my name in lights. *breaks out into a song* "I'm gonna live forever!" Ok... But DW you just outdid yourself again. That day when you sent me the link to the graphic I knew this was going to be awesome. I just love how random the stuff can be, but some how it just all makes sense. I can't wait for the second installment! You have a talent DW, you really do. BTW, The talking bear is my pet. :D[/size]
  7. [SIZE=1]Lord Rannos, I am not gonna beat you down but I do have a few things to say. (Those of you who know me well know that this is gonna be a post with hard core tongue lashing. :D) [QUOTE]Why does Otakuboards have limitations against swearing?[/QUOTE] Heh. It's basically the same concept of why your parents would ground you if you swore. Swearing has been a way of letting out anger for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Swear words are just inapropriate. And the OB is very strong on rules as stated in the General Rules. I don't think James, Desbreko, or Dagger want people to run around typing *******. Let it out on your own time, not ours. [QUOTE]Plus, looking at the 28 threads in the adventure inn (On Dec. 27, tracking the last 2 weeks), only about 5 are not rated M.[/QUOTE] This is where the rules come in. Just because some threads aren't M in the Adventure Arena and Inn doesn't mean we have to make the whole message board "kid proof". Oh, yea. What makes you think that if the OB does make an age limit, that the individuals under the age limit will make up a birthday and sign up anyways, hmm?[/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE=1]Hmm, the Santy Clause seemed to not over do herself- I mean himself like always. Instead her got me the following... [list] [*]A new Dell Laptop (Inspiron 1200) [*]Guild Wars [*]Lemony Snicket's " The Penultimate Peril " [*]An Aquarium. (I shall be getting the fishes shortly) [*]Mario Party 7 (GameCube) [*]A Gift Card to 77th Street (Singapore Teen Clothing Line) [*]Family Feud Game (DVD Interactive Game) [/list] That's it. I didn't ask for much this year, but the aquarium was quite unexpected. I have no idea where he go the idea I wanted fish... But anyways, I am glad to here you all had a great Christmas. ^^ Citrus.[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Sakura Wakaba [B]Age[/B]: 18 [B]Gender[/B]: Female [B]Personality[/B]: Sakura is quite childish. She was never really known to take things seriously, her mother used to discipline her for this. But ever since she was kidnapped she has been very quiet and to herself. Constantly thinking if she is going to live or not. Not much is known about Sakura, she is one of the "newbies", or one of the freshly kidnapped slaves. She hasn't talked much to the other slaves, she likes to keep to herself. She thinks giving people to much information can lead her to death. [B]Biography/Character Snippet[/B]: Will be revealed in the RP.[/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1]Hello! I have just created my Guild Wars character! She is a Roleplaying character, I chose that one because I wasn't sure as to choose PvP rigth off the bat or not. But her name is [B]Chulia Mikasa[/B] She is a Mesmer/Elementalist. So please do send a Guild Member Request! I will be back with some screenshots! Edit... Here are some screenies that I took while hanging out with persecomblues. He has some awesome clothes for his mesmer. [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y239/IceQueen12/gw002.jpg[/IMG] I took this while persecomblues was eating. I was bored, :p [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y239/IceQueen12/gw007.jpg[/IMG] It was simply a Kodak Moment. Persecom and I look out over the waves and realize our true meanings in Tyria. (XD) [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y239/IceQueen12/gw004.jpg[/IMG] It's that *****, Alesia. She got us both killed, I hate her. If I was able to I would kill her. :mad: [/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Princess Celeste [B]Role[/B]: The Princess of Fell [B]Appearance[/B]: Unlike many princesses of Fell, Celeste is actually quite the beauty. Long blonde hair runs down to right above her behind. To match, she has icy looking blue eyes. Other princesses around Fell have been jealous of her, sometimes sending trolls to kidnap her. Her height and weight are other features that tend to make the other princesses green with envy. Celeste finds herself standing at about 5?7?? and weighing in at 109 pounds. Her dress, which is a light blue, hugs itself around her slim build. Small snowflakes decorate the sleeves, as well as around the bottom of the dress. Many say that she is snow based with her features and her clothing, but Celeste says that she just loves nature in general. When Celeste is out and about she wears a small vest and some leathery pants. The vest and pants are both a dark brownish color. She made them both herself, a mage of the cloth is she. [B]Being[/B]: To be disclosed?[/SIZE]
  12. [SIZE=1]Well, I first watched this anime in Tokyo, Japan when I last visited my grandmother. It was hilarious! Of course I had to run out and buy the rest of the voloumes and watch them right away. It deals with a group of Japanese girls (Chiyo-chan, Yomi,Tomo,Osaka,Sakaki, and Kagura) that go through a series of... rather hilarious events. Including... "Her boobs are bigger than mine! So she has to bove back three inches before we race!" *chuckles* I wanted to see if anyone else shares a love for this funny anime. So go ahead and we can discuss! :animesmil [/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE=1]Only a few... XD [B]Who Am I?- [/B] I met her already!! :p. We go to school together, but she is awesome! I might go to Ambercrombie with her sometime. [B]Sakura[/B]- This girl is awesome! We might be able to meet due to our closeness (Australia and Singapore) so it'll be cool. [B]Jokopoko[/B]- Pretty funny and cool guy. We have been talking on a daily basis. [B]Retribution[/B]- He's nice and understanding, so I wouldn't mind meeting up. [B]Panda[/B]- We can share our love for panda's. Darn they are so friggin cute... [B]James[/B]- He seem's really cool. [B]Kitty[/B]- She is really funny! I want to meet her so we can be our giddy selves *rips of ears* :P I think that's it if I missed you sorry![/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE=1]Thousands of people die due to foul play. Some of those people are arranged to be eliminated. Who would kill someone they do not even know? Assassins, people hired to kill someone for another individual. Usually for money, or they do it for their boss. A lot of people are falling into this profession, each one of them killing ruthlessly just to survive. But some of them? well they do it for fun? [SIZE=3][CENTER][B]Sakura Full of [FONT=Palatino Linotype]Charm[/FONT][/B][/CENTER][/SIZE] ?SAKURA!! SAKURA!! GET OVER HERE NOW! I AM TIRED OF WAITING ON YOU!? An elderly lady was yelling across the busy street of Tokyo at a young woman about the age of 18. ?Sorry mother?,? the girl moaned as she hurried across the crosswalk. The elderly woman shook her head in disapproval. ?You know Sakura, you really need to grow up. I can?t take care of you all the time! You?re a grown woman. Go find a job, a nice boyfriend to live with, do something with your life.? The girl known as Sakura was looking down at the ground. Everything her mother was saying was in fact true. She didn?t want to admit it but she was a bit childish at times. ?Now come on, I need to get to the store. There?s some food I need to pick up for tonight.? Sakura nodded and followed behind her mother. When they entered the store it was empty. ?Hmm, guess everyone is eating out tonight.? Sakura walked toward the back where they kept the vegetables to get the things her mother needed. But as she ripped out a plastic bag two shots rang out. Sakura whipped around, eyes wide open. Slowly she proceeded up toward the front of the store. She peeked from an aisle and saw her mom on the floor. A crimson liquid spewed onto the glossy white floor. A shriek escaped the back of her mouth, she covered her mouth as tears started to flow down her cheeks. Before Sakura was able to approach her mother, somebody placed a rag over her mouth. She fainted, not knowing that she was going to be a slave for the rest of her life. About two days later? Sakura awoke in a small plain room. She quickly jumped out of the bed screaming. ?Where the hell am I?! Someone help me!? A man around his early 20?s slipped into the room. ?WHO ARE YOU?! WHERE AM I? ANSWER ME!? The man chuckled. ?You?re my new terminator.? [CENTER][B]Plot[/B][/CENTER] Hey everyone this is my new RP! Sakura Full of Charm! It?s an adventurous tale of a girl whose mother was killed, and she finds herself forced to become an assassin for a mysterious man. Along the way she befriends other people who have had the same fate as she. That?s where you all come into play. I tried to keep the intro simple, I didn?t want to go on and on about her being kidnapped. I wanted us to develop the story ourselves. I hope this all goes well. So without further delay here are the sign ups! [CENTER][B]Sign Ups[/B][/CENTER] [B]Name[/B]: (Something Japanese preferably) [B]Age[/B]: 18-29 [B]Gender[/B]: Male of Female [B]Personality[/B]: [B]Biography/Character Snippet[/B]: I want this to portray how your character got into this business. Keep in mind that you were kidnapped and are doing this against your will. I?ll be playing Sakura, but most of the characters will have important roles. So go on and sign up.[/SIZE]
  15. [CENTER][SIZE=1]Thandar Naing Viktor sat atop a light post. She looked out across the landscape of the horrible city she called home. Justice City, the city that bellows the call of evil and villains. That is why she was there. Thandar Naing, also known as Angel, was a protector an enforcer, protecting the innocent people that are harassed for no reason. She was in Chinatown. The number one place for the Chinese Street Gangs to host their little ?get together?s?, this is where most of Angel?s work was done. Then she saw what she was waiting for. A black limo zoomed down the street; Angel spread her wings and jumped from the light post. With one flap of her wings she was after the black limo. The leader of one of the biggest gangs was in there. Her job was to eliminate him. Ah Beng Li. He controlled the ?Yellow Hazard Co.?. Fancy name for a gang, a cover up. After a couple of minutes they had exited China town and was entering the woods. Up ahead was a clearing, it led to a large size hill. And on top of the hill was a mansion. Possibly the haven for the entire gang. The limo pulled to a stop, and about 6 body guards exited the car. Then a oval looking man followed and got out of the car. There he was. Angel settled in a tree branch a safe distance from the car. She pulled out her Boom Arrow, it has an explosive effect when it touches a surface hence the name. Slowly she brought the wire back and let it go. The arrow whizzed through the air not making a sound. It hit a couple of yard away from the car, enough to scare them. BOOM! The sound was sure to be heard all the way in the heart of Justice City. The men looked around yelling at each other to start patrolling and find the source. Angel smiled, this time she had them all in the same area. She flew out from her hiding place and right into the middle of them all. Angel punched one man sending him back a little bit; she kicked him in the stomach pushing him back. The other gangsters surrounded her. ?Just gotta love the adrenaline rush.? With that said Angel ascended up into the air and aimed her arrow downwards. Letting it go the arrow fell to the ground, nothing happened. One of the bigger guys picked it up, and then it exploded a pink and orange array of confetti and small explosives. Angel laughed as the big men flew back in surprise. ?Aren?t so tough and strong after all, hmm?? Then there was the leader of them all, he was hiding in the car. The whole car was shaking, he was obviously scared. Angel opened the car door and chuckled. ?Mr. Li! I have been looking all over for you. I doubt you will do any more business, so I won?t destroy you. But, I am going to leave you a present.? The man?s eyes were large and scared. Angel aimed one of her arrows at a window of the house. It took off faster then a blink of a eye. She took off flying, not waiting to see the outcome. Angel was somewhat into the city when she heard a rumble then followed by a wave of heat. She smiled. ?Another evil man taken care of. Let?s see who is next? ah that?s right. Mr. One Eye.?[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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