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  1. [SIZE=1]Hey guys. Just wanted to voice a small concern that I'm unable to log out of the site. I've clicked "Log Out," then it takes me to the "You have logged out" screen, but when I do anything more it becomes evident that I'm still logged in. Hoping you can help with this problem. [/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE=1]I understand that you mean it is normal for people to burst out into song in musicals in general, and in things like Hairspray and Grease where there is a strong musical undercurrent all the way through (eg. they're both at least partially about dancing contests, in which there would be music) they would be doing it as if it were the most normal, natural thing in the world. What I was saying is that in an action-type musical specifically, if it was done the wrong way then having people singing while fighting could seem a little moronic. If you want this to be a high-quality musical
  3. [SIZE=1]Interestingly, I've had ideas similar to this a couple of times in the past, but never really able to flesh it out much past the initial idea. I think the key with doing an action/horror-type musical is to have a certain sense of irony running through it - take yourself too seriously and it'll just seem stupid. I mean, how can people fighting off zombies (for example) and singing at the same time [I]really [/I]take themselves seriously? Anyway, I think that Jacko's songs do lend themselves quite well to this kind of idea, and using the songs of one artist will make the musical p
  4. [SIZE=1]Apologies, Kenso - I know that as wanted criminals the Macks should be keeping their heads down, but if you'll remember they're also stir crazy, and as such I think I can afford to have them turn a little bit reckless. On a side note yay! I love cookies. Especially ridiculously huge chocolate-chip ones. [/SIZE]
  5. [B][SIZE=1]"I don't wanna walk no further, Mack," [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1]Annie groaned in an incredibly childish fashion, dragging her feet so they kicked up billowing clouds of dust from the ground. [B]"We're not far from Lore, Annie," [/B]her brother replied, a number of paces ahead of her, [B]"Jus' think o' the reward for ol' Winslow an' keep goin'!" [/B]He stopped for a moment to twist a battered old cigarillo into the corner of his sneering mouth, light a match on the underside of his boot, and set it to the end of the cigarillo. A burst of flame crackled then died down, and a puff of sm
  6. [SIZE=1]OMG the sheriff is John Wayne...[/SIZE]
  7. [center][B][SIZE=1]Chapter Four: Charity Begins At Home [/SIZE][/B][center][SIZE=1]Thomas was staying at his apartment until Kane and Adam had managed to assemble the rest of the team. He said he "had things to do." So Kane and Adam were alone as they headed towards the Church of Saint Christopher, close to where Thomas lived. [B]"You sure she's gonna be here?" [/B]asked Adam, looking slightly bewildered at the idea of the next team-mate taking up residence in a church. [B]"I'm totally sure. As a matter of fact, there's someone else here as well," [/B]replied Kane, looking a little
  8. [SIZE=1]A guy you...blew his...ew... You hurt my mind with this installment I must say. I need to go and wash it - preferably with bleach. And it will be interesting to see the Riot back in action - they were always fun. [/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1]Oh dude that was brutal. I love the way you don't make the action seem too flowery, you just get down to the bare bones of it and make it as bloodthirsty as possible. Nice to leave it a little open-ended as well - looks like people are coming directly for Zen this time, rather than him just getting in the way. Looking forward (I think) to seeing what Gavin and Raiha have been up to in the time you've been off flirting with Erica. The music is a nice addition, too. [/SIZE]
  10. [CENTER][B][SIZE=1]Chapter Three: Retirement Plan [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1]Adam and Kane, now dressed in a knee-length black coat, black trousers and white trainers, his jet-black hair tousled from the wind, stood in front of a dismal-looking apartment block on the East Side of the city. It was a neighbourhood that had definitely seen better days - there was graffiti on almost every available wall, buildings were made into squats or drug dens, and the police were scared enough not to come round this area. [B]"Nice place he's got here," [/B]said Kane with a smirk, [B]"What's he up to, you reck
  11. [center][B][SIZE=1]Chapter Two: Fight the Good Fight [/SIZE][/B] [SIZE=1]Cartilage crunched as the man's already-ugly face slammed down onto the concrete of the alley, and blood splattered up in a bizarre kind of fountain. His nose broke and the shock and pain of it knocked him unconscious. The second man swung a baseball bat, but it made no difference as he was hurled through the air and into the metal fire escape hanging down from the building above. He fell the nine feet or so to the ground and lay there, unmoving. A small sack dropped from his hands, and a bundle of money flopped
  12. [SIZE=1]I'm going to try something a little different for this one, as you said you didn't mind multiple characters. [B]Name: [/B]Franklin "Mack" Mackenzie [B]Age: [/B]29 [B]Physical Description: [/B]Mack stands at 6 foot nothing, weighing around 130 lbs, with slim, sinewy muscles. His eyes are powder blue and clear, with a small scar over his left eyebrow. He rarely shaves, so there is usually a few days' worth of stubble growth around his chin. All the hair on his head and face is golden-brown, although his head is usually covered by a wide-brimmed black ten gallon hat. He wears a
  13. [center][SIZE=1][B][SIZE=2][U][SIZE=3]Justice City [SIZE=1]Volume One: ReGenesis[/SIZE] [/SIZE][/U] [SIZE=1]Chapter One: Jailbreak[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B] Kaleb McAdam had the most boring job in the city. Working as a security guard in a prison where the technology hidden in the walls, floors and ceilings did everything that was required of a guard left him feeling inadequate and unneccessary, and he had attempted to fill that hole with all kinds of activities. He would wander the halls and see if he could figure out what each inmate had done to get locked away; he sat and threw a battere
  14. [SIZE=1]lolz cowboiz r awesome /n00b I think making the RP centred around one town sort of detracts from the point of a Western - the themes of loneliness and isolation in the desert and so on. However, I do understand your concerns regarding the characters being too spaced apart - it's something of a conundrum. I think your best bet is to have it based in a single state at the very least. Your concerns about it being too artificial for characters to meet up could be dismissed if there's some kind of shared goal - gold buried out in the desert and a bunch of people racing to find it i
  15. [SIZE=1]Haha, White screwing up the metaphor really hit the comedy spot for me. You really have a knack for writing some snappy, witty dialogue, Mike, and that's something not a lot of amateur writers can do. And I'm beginning to get the feeling that there are many characters in this universe who are nigh-on invincible. Zen, Zeke, White, Retribution and Gavin have all survived things that would end a normal person. But that said I'm not complaining - it's always helpful to have a reasonable-sized cast, and with a limited member base at OB it's difficult when you keep killing off characte
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