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  1. [QUOTE=Kenshin DX]My God the end of this series was a disgrace it brought back bad memories of Getbackers. Id spoil it with markup but there's nothing to spoil. The final battle never happens. No characters reach their potentials and it completely strayed from the manga. What a horrible way to end a series. The OVAs don't even help.A series that started with so much promise had to crumble into crap.[/QUOTE] At least the Get Backers was awesome while it lasted. The ending was not good I agree. Tenjo Tenge is a big let down. I watched it the whole afternoon and had high hopes when I
  2. I only recently started watching this series which has about.. what? 300 episodes already and still counting lol. I've seen One Piece years ago but was immediately turned off because of the way the anime is drawn. I was a sucker for anime with well drawn graphics before so One Piece was not even in my list. It eventually found its way back to me and when I started watching it I couldn't stop laughing my *** off. Needless to say, it's the best anime I've seen to date.
  3. Well, I don't know how many percent of any culture I am, but I am a Filipino and from what I know, Filipinos are a mix of a lot of things like Chinese and Spanish. [quote name='Epsilon][COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1] Retribution is right, it's Tagalog. Broken Tagalog with heavy English and Spanish is referred to Taglish[/COLOR'][/SIZE][/quote] The Filipino langauge/Tagalog actually contains Spanish words spoken and spelled differently as the years passed. It's safe to to say Taglish is a mix of Tagalog and English mostly used for casual writing and speaking. :)
  4. Solo! *glomps* Sorry for reading this sooo late. I laughed at the n00b song. It's the best part! And the green and pink creature hopping away is cute. You're really good at this. Thank you!
  5. This is really good JJ. I like the Rome Arc very much. You killed Alan though, so... *shoots you in the head* Kidding. *gives you Phoenix Down* XD I really like that last chapter of the Rome Arc. I mostly get bored of reading action stuff but yours is not boring at all. Good good good job. :)
  6. You can move the map ^_^; Added myself! Cool idea.
  7. These things on shirts would be nicey. I love them a lot. Better make money out of it!
  8. I remember the times when there was no word such as "anime". I'd call Sailormoon a Japanese cartoon. Over the years, people started calling it anime. Currently, anime is Japanese animation. The term originally started from the Japanese, after all. I think the term will always be associated with the Japanese but things evolve and anime will evolve too. Soon, anime will plainly be a style used by Americans or Korenas or Italians or the French. I guess soon, it will be right to say that anime is a style that originated from the Japanese.
  9. [quote name='Retribution][size=1']Where is the time alotted for homeworking? It's extremely surprising that none of you gave a time slot for it. Strange ... it's a huge chunk out of my life.[/size][/quote] Huge chunk of your life? o.O When I was studying I never did homework. I cram and do everything at school. I don't even study at homefor a test. I only study for final exams and I do art projects at home because I love art and like my work to be beautiful. I don't know. It might have been a pretty lazy and carefree lifestyle but I was an average student back then and that was eno
  10. [quote name='KajiMadoushi][size=1][color=darkred]....So all those kitty bonzai...its all false?[/size'][/color][/quote] =/ Have you been reading the thread?
  11. Eat. Shower. Sleep. Play. Go to work. Love Alan. Get a life.
  12. I'll make this quick and... honest. lol [B]Alan [/B]- Wish will come true. I'll be meeting him in a few days. [B]JJ [/B]- Oreo Man! He'd be cool to be with and we'd eat oreos all the time. ALL the time. [B]Tony [/B]- I'd probably just whore his music. :p [B]Baron [/B]- To look at his hair up close.
  13. Being a huge lover of cats, I was fooled by this for 15 seconds. I was about to rant and stuff but glad I read Stuart's post. Damn hoaxes. :animeangr
  14. Hevn here, 21, dating DeadSeraphim, 16. I never thought I'd enter a relationship like it, I thought it's not right, but love strucks you in the weirdest ways. Mom had a problem with it once, and I know other people would too, especially considering how traditional our culture is. It doesn't matter, though. Love conquers all. Thinking about Retri's post, though, I believe that anything below 14 is too young to have a relationship with older people. I agree with Panda that they should probably wait until the age difference doesn't look too awkward. Besides, anything below that age is p
  15. Hevn


    I don't know if this was suggested before but I saw this nice feature in a forum I go to which is good when people want to quote more than one post. There's a button on each post named "Quote" and the user just have to click it. What happens is the button is highlighted. You can do this to several posts on the page and when you hit the "Add Reply" button, all posts with the highlighted "Quote" button will be quoted. I think it's nifty. I don't know how easy or difficult it is for people to quote several posts, especially those who often gets into debates.
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