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    Love the color black, love the universe, hate myself, but hate everyone else more
  1. Dont know why your making such a big deal about it. This is war right now, you dont expect everyone giving flowers to each other, do you? Anyways, we're all sinners, even Americans. America isnt number one, no one is. If your gonna be all disgusted with it and everything, dont bother listening to it on the news or nothin'. I guess, also, dont trust anyone either. Even in the United States, you dont wanna trust anyone anymore. As for all the stuff on the internet of the be-headings, I think it's ok, if thats how their gonna make themselves look like fools, let them do it. All it will show is th
  2. My favorite would have to be Japanese. I dont exactly know how to talk it, but when I listen to it, I know what the vibe is. I like to listen to it when I just need to relax. Very soothing.
  3. All reality is, is a game. It depends on how you play it. You can follow different paths to find out who you are or you could follow someones elses steps and live their life. You have different choices on what you wanna do, you have the choice of good or evil. Everyone has there own game to play, and it depends on how you play it to know if you succeed or not. Everyone is themself to succeed, no one can tell them who they are.
  4. I know what is like for sure. In other places I have lived, I lost so many freinds. I do go to church and things, but even that scares me, no idea why, and people say its cause I'm Satanic. Just cause I like dark things and stuff like that, I keep my room dark because I feel more comfortable in the dark. Its just how I am, but others think that its because I'm doing dark crafts and stuff. Even my parents, I feel, think i'm crazy. My mom is always yelling at me, I try to talk to my dad, but he says that if I try I could like other things, and I have tried, but I get scared. I tell them that it'
  5. holy crap man, just be lucky you have boys to ask, I come from a small town where theres only like 60 people and all the kids are little kids and theres my only classmate is a retarded boy, your the lucky one. as for me, I'll have to wait about a million years till I get out.
  6. Why are we afraid to die? Some say they do and some say they dont. But they ones that dont, inside are they really afraid. Lets say that right now, someone is standing over you with a blade and is going to kill you, why do you feel afraid? Everything that is born has to die, it's nature. Even I am afraid to die, but why? Can anyone answer that?
  7. all I have to say is that I dont care one way or another. He was a president (which I hate most of all) I hate presidents and things and I wish they would all die, so I guess since he died, I'm happy. :devil:
  8. So the Presidential Elections are coming up and it's either Bush or Kerry as our newbe president. I know I cant vote yet, but if I could I would choose Bush. From the beginning, all Kerry has done is to try to get Bush off the plack, but Bush has told many things that he would do. Plus, Bush has to finish this war, if Kerry gets elected and brings all our troops back, than all the tropps that died would have died for nothing. So I would vote for Bush, who would you vote for?[COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Blue]xxx[/COLOR][/COLOR]
  9. We all have different feelings about this war, and all the responses on this thread proves it. In a way, we're all right and we're all wrong. My pop's always said that theres to sides to everything. But my feelings for all the beheading and abuses are so confusing. I know that we're being told lies some where or another, but I have trouble figuring out where. I know it's gotta be the congress or presedent, sumthin' like that. Sometimes I wonder if that guy was really beheaded cause of what we did to them, or just cause there blood-thirsy. But by brother said that theres always been blood-thirs
  10. It's called love, I'm guessing you already guessed that, but in any relationship, theres problems. Think of it this way, if you broke up, you would stiill love him deep inside and he'll still love you, whenever two people are dating and than break up, they still can be friends. Like my big bro (total hotty for hot girls) he had relationships and broke up with them, and when he finnaly got engaged, he thought of one of these girls and needed to talk to her, so he called her up and they spent time with each other, and all it made him realize was how much he needed the girl he was engaged to. Now
  11. As I've said to other people like you, go see a doctor :laugh:
  12. Ok, so with everything going on right now, like with war, taxes, bills,conspiracies, lies, and all the other stuff, how do we know we're not being brainwashed. We trust the Politicians, but are we trusting them too much. If you study history, it's all the same. The high and rich people at the top think of us just as skum and than they decide to keep cheating us and making us beleive it's all for the good, but it's all lies. And now we have TV. When we listen to the news, we believe that there being honest with us, right? But they get all there information the same place we do. From the minds o
  13. Well, whats the point on dating if your not gonna take chances? Maybe she want to get back with you maybe she doesnt, but if she breaks your heart, move on, dont cry like a whimp,and get another lover. Plus, get someone your own age. :smirk:
  14. Your missing the whole point. If your not gonna listen closely and open your mind to understand why it was like that, than dont bother saying anything about it. Acutally you dont even have to open your mind to understand it, just the people with sense can. Plus, think of what they did and are doing to us.
  15. Heck, just forget about her, if you guys cant even keep in touch with long distance, than whats the point. Either that or give her a chat room that you'll be in and let her go there. If it doesnt work out, life goes on, try not to get left behind.
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