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  1. Haha there is no way im gonna leave the stock body kit and the stock spoiler on it. I found an MR2 in my area. Its 2001 and passed only 19K. I was wondering if i should get that or the Celica. But the Celica is looking pretty nice about now lol no bad reviews
  2. I got my eye on the new 04 Toyota Celica. But I was wonderin if u guys had any suggestions for other new cars that are fast and reliable and look pretty nice that are at or under 20,000. Explain a lil bout it if i am not familiar wit it.
  3. Ryo


    This movie was funny sa hell, even funnier than Zoolander. If you haven't seen it go see it rite now because its that funny. My favorite quotes are: [spoiler]"Michelle how many times did i tell you to knock before you come in"...the scene was funny as hell. And I also like "****** Chuck Norris". "Blazor, Tazor, Lazor and Michelle". And "Thats a very interesting picture. "Oh your mean grabbing the bull by his horns, thats a saying. But it really happened tho". lol movie is pure genius.[/spoiler]
  4. * You finally won't be talking to yourself anymore, lol* I agree with you, the Nanna thing was sad. It was so funny to see Summer sucking up to Seth, again...lol. And in the nest episode I bet when Caleb asks Julie "Will you marry me?", Luke will stand up and say "No" or something like that, you know he has to screw something up again. I hope Marissa slaps him again.
  5. I have both NBA Live 2004 and Madden 2004. I am just wondering how does all the online play ordeal work. I really want to play with people that actually know how to play these games. All of the people in my neighborhood can not compare to my massive gaming skills....*cough*. But really people here can't play these games as well as I can. So how does this work, do you play it on your T.V, or what? And how much is it monthly?
  6. I agree with Charles, Madden 2004 is really annoying with all the interceptions. I mean I try to throw one deep pass to my WR on 3rd and 10 and out of nowhere there comes this player who jumps in your face and frickin' intercepts the ball....just thinking about it pisses me off. I mean the game is awesome and the graphics are stunning but its way too easy for the opposing team to intercept the ball.
  7. I just got Madden 2004 and the game is awesome. But one bad thing about it is that your opponent intercepts the ball too easily. Does anyone know how to deal with this?
  8. [COLOR=red][FONT=courier new][SIZE=1][I]Yea, it would of been nothing without Asuka and Shinji. Shinji adds the emotions and Asuka adds the cussing in german...lol. [Spoiler]But I don't get the ending I know they created the new world and everything but what happens now? And is Rei there with them? And did Shinji kill Asuka?[/Spoiler][/I][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=darkblue][FONT=courier new] [SIZE=1][I]Did anybody see this? This has got to be one of the weirdest anime's I have ever seen. I am not going to say the best parts of it because I do not feel like doing those spoiler things right now. It was weird but it also has to be one of the best anime's I have ever seen. Only one word to describe it: Wowza!( And Im not talking about Rei!!!)[/I][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
  10. I heard that SSX 3 was like the best snowboarding game out there. Does anybody know anything about the .hack/ game or Xenosaga games? I've heard about them but never played them.
  11. My friend recently got Tony Hawks Underground and he says its awesome. And for Madden 2004, yeah, Im getting that game. I've had my mind set on that game as soon as it came out. Jak 2, I've never looked into that game or the first one. But it sounds cool. Ill probably rent it and see how it is. True Crime, I am not really sure about that game. Freedom Fighters, I've heard about it and Ill research it and see how it is. I've already got Devil May Cry and I loved it. Do you guys know any good RPG's that are out there? Oh, And I've been meaning to change my banner to Bam, his n
  12. [SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue][FONT=courier new][I]I am still debating on which three PS2 games I should buy. And I want to get one from each category including Sports, Action/Adventure, and other. Can you guys help me out here? And telling me a bit about them would really help me out because I might be unfamiliar with some of them.[/I][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  13. Ryowa went "home" straight after school, only to find his foster parents making him a cake, and wishing him a happy seventeeth birthday. Ryowa sighed, he thought of his parents and when they used to take him to his favorite arcade "Gamezone" and gave him enough coins so he could play his favorite game "Battle of the Gods" all day long. Ryowa went upstairs and turned of his stereo so he could listen to Slipknot. He fell asleep listening to it and had the weirdest dream of his life. In his dream, there was a field. He saw this beatiful girl sitting there picking flowers. B
  14. [FONT=courier new][SIZE=1][COLOR=red][I]Name: Ryowa Daivs Mentor: Hades, God of the Underworld (we all know who that is) Appearance: Ryowa usually wears a a black T-Shirt with black baggy pants. And he wears a black overcoat. He has brown (usually spiked up), short hair, and hazel eyes. He is about 6'3 and has an average muscular body. Background: Ryowa has been a loner ever since his parents died when he was 9. He hates the world. He blames everybody for their death. He has been in and out out of orphanges until a family adopted him. His (new) family tries everything,
  15. The movie was awesome. It was the best of the three. The part I like throughout the battle scenes at the end is that Legolas and Gimli kept counting how many orcs they killed...lol. And I can't believe no one has said anything about this but [spoiler]the army of the dead was awesome...they kicked some major ***. They just swooped through there and every orc was dead... And the other funny part is when Sam hit Gollum (or Smeagol if you wish) in the head with that pan. But I agree that Frodo getting half of his finger bitten off by Gollum/Smeagol was disturbing. Another thing is that when
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