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    I like women want women and need em.
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    full time College Student, Part Time party goer, and full time romantic companion seeker
  1. James P. Galvatron

    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    The haven't been watching alot of different animes, but I have been reading lately HIstories Greatest Disciple Kenichi, Kurenai, Naruto, and One Piece.
  2. James P. Galvatron

    Gaming Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Storm is an awesome character I seriously doubt we will see Megaman or any other the other Capcom characters who have been in almost every VS series game. I think they were attempting to introduce Capcom characters who have yet to be used in the VS series, and I think they made a good decision with the ones they have chosen. They are trying to avoid having a bunch of characters who rely on the same moves and animations.
  3. James P. Galvatron

    Music What genre of music do you listen to?

    I listen to Punk, House, Drum N Bass, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Heavy Metal, Post Hardcore, Hardcore, Indie Rock, some Pop music, Classic Rock, Grunge, Acid Rock, Stoner Rock, Sludge Metal, some Classical Music, and some R&B
  4. James P. Galvatron

    Manga Bleach Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    I didn't really care much for this ark in the series none of the people associated with Ginjou really connected with me. I did find the guy with the jackpot knuckle to be a funny character. I want to see Ichigo's father be brought back into the manga I want more history revealed about his time in Soul Society.
  5. James P. Galvatron

    Gaming Anticipating Games 2010 Edition

    can't wait for Fable 3 to come out as well as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 whose character list keeps getting better and better. I cannot wait to play with a team of Bionic Commando, Spider-Man, and Viewtiful Joe.
  6. James P. Galvatron

    Music Your Favorite band

    If I had to name my fav. two bands it would be The Mars Volta mainly for Deloused and Frances the Mute and the second band I love is Mastadon. Sadly I've only seen Mastodon live along with Deathklok and High on Fire which was amazing. If I did name a 3rd favorite band it would be Pink Floyd.
  7. James P. Galvatron

    Manga One Piece Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    I found the newest chapter hilarious can't wait to see what happens next week. One of the few Shonen Jump manga's I still read, and I'm glad I finally got to see a little bit of action showing off their training.
  8. James P. Galvatron

    Manga Bleach Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    Honestly I think this would be a good way to end the series I dont see anything else as interesting happening after this story arc.
  9. James P. Galvatron

    Request Requesting a Sig Banner of Outlaw Star & Cowboy Beebop mix

    thanks Delta that is something like what I was talking about, but I dont know if anything can ever compare to that original banner. It was like each character was blocked off with the japanese writing and english writing of Worlds Greatest I can't even describe it looking back lol. Also how do I even place a banner onto my sig on this new otaku I've just started getting back on it recently starting my posting back up.
  10. James P. Galvatron

    Music What's your theme song?

    If anything my theme song would have to be So Fresh and So Clean by Outkast cause I mean comeon its an amazing song and just has a real slick instrumental. If not that then CHerub Rock by Smashing PUmpkins
  11. James P. Galvatron

    Request Requesting a Sig Banner of Outlaw Star & Cowboy Beebop mix

    [quote name='Amity' date='08 September 2010 - 09:43 PM' timestamp='1284000184' post='700346'] [size="2"][font="Verdana"]Any specific size?[/font][/size] [/quote] No specific size actually just regulation Banner length here I would be so happy if someone could accomplish this feat I haven't had a banner on Otaku for quite some time.
  12. James P. Galvatron

    Gaming Scott Pilgrim vs The World

    the game is fun I have several friends that have it which is why I haven't bought it for 360 only reason I would buy it for myself would because they allowed online gameplay and interaction.
  13. I was wondering if someone could make me a banner like one I had previously on the old Otakuboards the original featured Yusuke Uremeshi, Tenchi of Tench Muyo, Himura Kenshin and said across the characters The Worlds Greatest. I was wondering if someone could make me a profile signature like that except it showing Spike Speigel, Gene Starwind, and possibly Jim Hawkins or Jet. If not mainly just featuring Spike and Gene with the title The Worlds Greatest listed on it. If someone could make me this sig it would be amazing seriously all my old ones have been removed by their original creators from photobucket.
  14. James P. Galvatron

    Gaming Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I can't wait for the game if my labtop can run it then I will be willing to pay as long as its not more than WOW.
  15. James P. Galvatron

    Gaming Pokemon Black & Pokemon White

    bitter about what lol just saying I've played other people and Blaziken gets trumped by Infernape cause he's so evil especially with Focus Sash, but if you survive his first 2 attacks he's good as dead cause he has amazing attack and no defense. The pig is godly though and you know it just look at him, and now that I see how fabulous the grass type is I may trade for him.