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  1. Actually, I wouldn't want to see Trigun or Cowboy Bebop with a 2nd season. I thought both endings to each series were awesome. Now, one series I'd want a 2nd season to (or have them re-make) is Hellsing. I'm a huge fan of Hellsing, however, I felt it was too rushed and there wasn't enough character development. Also, after I read the manga, I felt cheated. Oo;;; The manga is much more entertaining and reveals more of the characters. And, the villains in the manga are much more cooler than Incognito. Incognito is such a lame-arse. -_-;
  2. I read that book in 5th and 6th grade and again in high school since it was part of the class. I found it beyond interesting. I loved it. [spoiler]As far as the "rape scene", it it supposed to potray some kind of level of rape, not necessarily sexual rape, but they were "raping" the pig...taking pleasure in causing it such pain and whatnot.[/spoiler] And, I know what ya mean by that chant, maladjusted. I've read Brave New World...it was also awesome. I do recommend reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I hope I got the author right. >
  3. I believe anime will become more mainstream. People at school who didn't use to watch anime are into it. I see more malls with stores that sell anime merchandise (even huge retail store where they sell shirts with like Yu-Gi-Oh or Yu Yu Hakasho images). Most of my smaller cousins in my family (all under 14) love Yu-Gi-Oh, Trigun, Gundam Wing, Kenshin and other animes on Cartoon Network and other stations. I feel the younger generations will embrace anime more openly than the ones before them. I mean, when I was young and I watched anime, people wouldn't know what I was talking about and th
  4. While I?ve seen animes where I?ve loved the good guys, I do have a tendency to prefer the bad guys. Probably because when they are well-written and well thought out, they tend to be the more complicated characters, especially when there?s a reason why they?re evil, but they do not see themselves as evil (Take for example Knives from Trigun. We all know he?s evil, but he doesn?t view himself as evil. Just remember the spider/butterfly analogy. Another example would be Gendo...anyone that?s seen Eva knows his driving force and one can almost feel sorry for him). In the end, all good guys ha
  5. I'll make ya the banner. ^_^ Give me 1-3 days since someitmes my net has problems. -_-;
  6. I find the image quite peaceful. Probably cause the enviroment the dude's in. ^^ You might want to work more on perspective or something cause it looks like the guy is holding the flute oddly. oO; The detail in the trees and surroundings are very well done. I like the lil green person in the lower right. Uber cute fairy like creature. ^_^ The coloring was done awesomely...at least, I think so. ^_^
  7. Oi...it's looking better. ^_^ The background is nice, but try to make it lighter so it's subtle. Also, I forgot to mention...add a border around all your banners. As Baron Samedi said in a topic I had posted: [i]"Banners always need borders. Even with the most backward, anti-productive Paint program, borders can be created. It is a basic 'requirement' and can enhance the look of a banner no end. Simple black ones most often accentuate your basic banner."[/i] I completely agree...well almost. There are a few banners that look awesome without borders. ^_^
  8. I must say that that edited one is lots better. ^_^ Well, when I meant glow as in there was a glow around the image, not necessarily making the image brighter. Your 3rd banner...the images used are pretty good. However, the background clashes with the images. Remember always try using colors that match with the images. The background your'e usign doesn't help to bring out the images. You want a focal image and to do that...your background has to help bring out the image. *nods* Keep up the good work! Practice makes perfect. ^_^ Edit: I agree with naru...the iamges are bi
  9. I like the avatar! And no problem. ^^
  10. LMAO! ^_____^ Goofy banner! ^.^ For some unknown reason, I love the banner. Maybe it's the chicken (it just looks funny!), maybe it's the background (I actually like the arrows and stuffies...I'm sure it would look TOO plain without it), maybe it's the text (I love how the "s" is red and the rest of the text is black. Also, the font itself looks perfect for the image)...or maybe it's all of it. lol
  11. I'm unsure what to think. It's different from the other banners and it's very appealing. It's not outright a complicated banner that's loaded up with fiters and layers which isn't always the best route to go. I like its simplicity. The colors are awesome though. You'd think the red would contrast too much with the yellow font, however, it fits perfectly and stands out quite nicely. ^^ If I were to rate it out of 10, I really wouldn't know what to give it. Since all you did was add text and border...but it still looks awesome because of its simplicity and its colors. ^_^
  12. A nice and simple banner. The image is VERY pretty (I have it myself...I always wanted to use it in some kind of layout. ^^). While, I can't say there's nothing wrong with it...the banner itself is only an image with text. The font may be given an extra effect (maybe a small glow and make it..er..angely like? lol). Yeah...what's what the aqua lil box by the H? OO;
  13. My thoughts for both banners mirror almost exactly like Baron's, however, something about the font background in both banner bugs me. Probably cause they stand out nastily. Does Paint do that automatically or something? Once you moved away from Paint to other programs, try limiting yourself to 2 images only and trying to blend them together. ^^
  14. Dunno about the first banner. It's pretty plain..only an image with text. You might want to edit the image a bit (like erase that folded part in the image). Now, your 2nd banner is a bit better (as in it looks like ya actually tried something). First, the background doesn't clash well with the center image. The center image is light while the background...is.....er.....well...lots of bright colors. I say change the colors in the background to match with the center image (maybe shades of grey?). While, I like the effect you tried with your font (faded and re-appearing several tim
  15. Oi...very pretty! I love the hair. It's nicely detailed. :) I do love the eyes also. Nice detail and looks awesome. ^^ You may want to add flowers...if ya want. I always thought CCS had some of the most beautiful characters. ^^
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