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    Im a 6 foot tall, brown hair, Blue eyes, athletic build, punk rock, skatebourding, acter, that dates older women, drives to fast and love day old pizza in the morning.
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    Fighting the System!!!
  1. I just had an AISA (accident that involved stitches after) I put a post up, if you want more details. I hadn?t been skating in two years so today I thought I would go down to the skate park and I?d be good as new. Well let?s say I was a little rusty. I love skating though. :)
  2. Less then 2 hours ago I had a skateboarding misshape. What this means is that I face-planted onto my beaded necklace after flying of the half-pipe. Total freak accident. It left a crater-sized hole in my lower chin (about as big as a penny and as deep as a nickel) and I had to get 8 stitches. It really wasn?t all that bad. There was a lot of blood, but my friends told me they couldn't see any bone and it didn?t hurt that much (ok that?s a lie it hurt like hell, still does for that matter). I just wish I could have gotten a picture. Well on to the point of this thread. Have you or one
  3. You?re only 13. You don?t need a boyfriend. Now, I now your little hormones or whatever are probably making you guy crazy. But that?s normal at your age. I?m not calling you young or anything. It's just that at your age girls tend to go guy crazy, and real crazy mostly for attention. Don?t fall into that stat. Get a hobby. If you are really a Goth I would recommend D&D. But if you really do want a boyfriend really, really bad, with all your little Gothic heart. (I love Goth?s by the way, Sooooo sexy) then my suggestion is to find the right kind of boy. That means another Goth. Don?t go for
  4. :p Age 12. 1998. Escaflowne. Need I say more. :D Escaflowne is in my opinion one of the greatest animes of all time. Ever since that first episode I have been hooked.
  5. I love Cowboy Bebop so I think I’m going to love this one to. I can’t wait to see it. I wish I know Japanese. If this is anything like Cowboy Bebop I'm going to die a happy man, and from what you have said its better. CAN’T WAIT! I must see it. it sounds like an absolute good, cherry fizzwizz. I neeeeeeed it. I’m so overdramatic, but this is something to get overdramatic about. That’s it I’m moving to Japan. Ill talk to you all latter. I don’t speak Japanese, but I don’t care. Anime homeland hear I come. :laugh:
  6. I like to watch breakdancing. But Im white. One time I tryed to breakdance at a school dance, I can still hear them laughing. :confused:
  7. [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3]You know you are easily amused when. 1.you can watch a fly for hours. 2.find doorknobs funny 3.find the clicking of a new pen not just enjoyable but fascinating 4.can play the first level of myth2 over and over just so you can blow up your own units. 5.hackysack there are probably more but I just spotted a fly on a doorknob with a hackysack. ;) [/FONT][/SIZE]
  8. All you can do is love her man. let her know that you will always be there.
  9. [COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]I think that by doing the things that get you elected, Bribes, slander, lies, and anything else that they can do to get a vote, makes politicians unworthy to hold the office of President. Now most of you probably don’t believe that presidential candidates do these things. And some of you may know that they do, lie, cheat, ext, ext, but that it’s just something that has to happen and there isn’t anything you can do about it so you don’t care. Now this is all just my opinion, so don’t hate me for it but I think that our gover
  10. Summer is here, and school is out. So what are your plans for the summer? I’m going to get a job, make as much money as humanly possible before school starts again and then I’m going to my best friends house (in another state) to stay for one or two weeks. :p
  11. There are quit a lot of rabbits in my back yard. They try to get in to my garden. Silly rabbits. Bunnies are the cutest life form on the planet. lol
  12. My Drama Teacher! She just got married and she wont is back next year, but she has been the best teacher I have ever had. She made me see that acting is an art form, and that I can be an artist. I will miss her very much next year. :(
  13. I just got my Eagle Scout last night. :laugh: I haven’t had the big ceremony yet, but its on paper now. 16 years of lots of really hard work have paid off. I still can’t believe that it’s over. What a relief. My mom was a nervure wreck during my final board of review. So how many of you are eagle scouts. If you are what did you do for your project. I put up a flagpole in front of the local hospital. Has being an eagle scout helped you out in your life after high school? Peace man. :D
  14. Christmas morning, me and my brother and sisters all get up and sit around waiting for my dad to get up. After he gets up we have to wait for him to get out the video camera. By this time the suspense is killing use. Then we each take turns opening one gift at a time (all on camera). It takes a while. Then we have to clean everything up before we can play with anything. My dad seed this is how he did it when he was a boy (my granddad used to be in the army) Well that’s one of my traditions. (I don't like it though)
  15. I don’t get embarrassed, but if I did then it would have to be the time I lit my finger on fire right before going onstage for black comedy. I put it out fast but it happened to be my first time onstage and I had a hard time recovering. Must have dropped half of my lines. But I came back for the second act and didn’t make any more mistakes. (Still have the scare on my thumb though.) :laugh:
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