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  1. I'm not against drinking but it depends on what drugs you're talking about. Drinking is pretty harmless when controlled, but when it gets out of hand it can ruin you're life as you say. I've grown up in a community that has very little alcohol related incidents, so I know how to drink responsibly and most everyone here does too. It's almsot about self control, if you don't have it don't drink. As for drugs, there's drugs that are considered medicines like aspirin. Everyone shouldn't be against those, then theres the street drugs that I'm sure you're referring to. Marijuana I'm not against,
  2. [SIZE=1][B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Heh picture threads are always fun[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [U] [URL=http://a313.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/22/l_db87693529577790a3fecaafa490a130.png]I was actually very very tired in this pic, also my eyes those are contacts.[/URL] [URL=http://a228.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/38/l_46c3909797af9776d1c7e1350844041b.png]Maybe a few months old, but still look the same except the fact my hair is longer and I died my hair back to my natural color(black)[/URL] [URL=http://a700.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/43/l_4a23b6fe7f1
  3. Wow I come back today, and I couldn't believe that after 3 years someone dug this back up! Made me kinda happy! Haha Oh well now that it's been three years I'll guess I'll update with some info on how I do it now! As scissorhands said its basically key to start with the night before. Barely eat and etc. Well I do that now, and my newest trick to add is if you have any white face paint(such as for Halloween and stuff) or just facial makeup that is lighter then your natural skin color. Very mildly put that on, gives you a nice pail look, mix that with a bit darker makeup(once again ver
  4. Wow it's been a while since I've been here. Lots have changed so I guess, if you want be honored that I'm posting in here since it will be my only for a while. I personally don't have anything against tatoos. If people want a tatoo they can get it, yes some can be ugly but to them it's beautiful. I want a few tatoos when I'm the age(i'm 17 now, woot 1 more year!) but I don't want to cover my body in them or anything. I'm not sure what I want at the moment but I know when I figure it out it will mean a lot. Every tatoo has a story and a memory involved in it. I know I'm gonna be st
  5. 50 cent

    Gaming Halo 3

    [QUOTE=Dhampir]One thing that I'd like to add, is that there is an interview with Bungie and some clues as to whats going to happen in this months Official Xbox Magizene. I liked the article a lot, dunno if ya'll would though. As for my veiws about it? I think that it was already mentioned, but the main thing that I diddn't like about the Halos, was that there wasn't much stratigy. Basicly, all you do is run around, kill and try not to be killed. I mean, they were good games, but they needed more depth.[/QUOTE] Well the mulitplayer is what made the games. They have a deeper story li
  6. 50 cent

    Gaming Halo 3

    Yeah what were looking for in gameplay is something like Half-Life 2. Yes you do have your moments of run and gun but they are very short and not so many of them. In Half-Life 2 you actually have to think about what your gonna do in a certain situation or you can either end up dead, or really damn close to being dead and have to rethink for a bit, or you just can think then make your way through it but still be hurt in the process. Also small puzzles would be nice! Like Half-Life 2 they had there gravity gun which played an important role to help solve some puzzels to get to your next location
  7. 50 cent

    Gaming Halo 3

    [QUOTE=Jeebs] As for Halo 3, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of gameplay shown, but it still looks awesome.[/QUOTE] It was an announcement trailer. Halo 2's announcement trailer didn't show any gameplay just like Halo 3, except Halo 3 wasn't pre-rendered.
  8. 50 cent

    Gaming Halo 3

    [quote name='Zakarias.exe']I saw the E3 trailer for Halo 3 about a week ago, and it looked quite impressive. But it looks to me like Bungie is going to overmarket Halo...sure, Halo and Halo 2 are great games - even so, after playing Halo 2, it seemed like they'd changed too much in the game. The physics were different, dual-weilding was introduced...altogether it was just too much. What's next? A ******* cannon on Master Cheif's forehead? Spartan babes? Chocobos?[/quote] As charles said the tweaks were not major just minor things. As for the cannon, spartan babes, and chocobos that was ju
  9. [QUOTE=Avenged666fold]Wow I just started playing this game a few days ago. It sucks. It's uber repetitve(you wath a cutscene then press the x button a million times) I'm very very very very very dissapointed. I would give it a 3 out of 10. I mean how does the gameplay get WORSE than the first game and the GAMEBOY game. That is pathetic and Enix should be very ashamed. Ahhh I feel the warmth of your hatred. It warms me like a nice soft blanket. Thank you.[/QUOTE] Or you could pay attention to the story more and not worry completely on the gameplay. We all know it gets repetitive but r
  10. 50 cent

    Gaming Wii

    [quote name='SeraphimRei']I can't believe they changed the name from Revolution to Wii, what were they thinking by changing the name. I honestly don't care that they did, but the new name isn't as good in my opinion. I think the might have changed the name just to get the attention away from the PS3, and onto their system(Wii). :animestun[/quote] There was no name change. Revolution was nothing but a code name. Also it's great that they chose that name because it is different than the average name, and it fits it well because the console is not an ordinary console.
  11. 50 cent

    Gaming Wii

    [QUOTE=Charles]Yeah, 50 cent, you know--the thing about video games is that they're a nerdy sub-culture in the first place. It's true that they're more mainstream now than they were when I was growing up, but generally they're not seen as "hip" or "trendy." [/QUOTE] [SIZE=1]If you were informing me that then, Yes I'm fully aware of that. Yes a lot of people do play video games, but one thing I do have to disagree with one thing. Many people who say had an xbox and Halo 2 didn't feel really as cool(that's if your atleast an average to hardcore gamer). I've asked a few friends about it t
  12. 50 cent

    Gaming Wii

    [QUOTE=Charles]First of all, stop being stupid. "Wii" is a sort of self-defeating purpose because it's not all-inclusive. It sounds silly and embarrassing. Then again, the "GameCube" didn't sound cool either, and neither does the "Xbox" or the "Playstation." So, I don't really care. They could call it the Nintendo Dogcrap and I'd still buy it. It's all about the games for me, man.[/QUOTE] Wow I feel the exact same way as you do with everything you did say. One thing though that I really loved that you said, and actually your the first that I have seen say it other than me, is th
  13. [quote name='Swedish Chef']actually I used Action Replay Max cheat so I can use Mickey vs. Sephiroth.[/quote] So that's your battle plan eh? Well then I guess I'll keep trying and if I keep failing I rely on action replay.
  14. [QUOTE=D. Resurrected]you are correct god job.ok here another one. :animesmil I float on the water back to front am the same come to think of it so is my name? two posible anwsers for this one[/QUOTE] Huh? I didn't understand anything in that at all, so you either had a few typos and if so care to re-write?
  15. I haven't read any other post except the first one so if there's a little discussion going on then sorry. Anyway I wouldn't beat the crap out of them because there really not actually making fun of the show just the game, and I must say I have played some of the games that got really low scores and they do suck, and I agree with everything they said simple as that.
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