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  1. I finally finished the manga series and have to say i'm little dissaponited :animesigh at what adv manga did to that series. in japan maburaho goes up to 18 vloumes but the us only get 2? well at least the Anime more then makes up for it. after what Kazuki did for yuna you couldn't ask for cooler hero in my opinion.
  2. Well as a manga artist myself i would suggest naming the characters based on how they look to you like a guy who likes to get into fights how about something like spike or rage or something like that, as a for a female fighter try naming her after something that represents her fighting skills. or the other alternative you can name the characters after yourself and people you know. but hey what all come down to is what you wish to do. Hope what i wrote helps and good luck. :animesmil
  3. Well i'll start this go to one of your favorite manga companies and get the guideline on how to submit a manga. but this is really the last thing you have to do i would really start by designing the characters and writting the story for them also try and design as many characters and locations as you possibly can always keeping into account the plot and storyline also remember that everyone creates at there own pace and nothing is ever perfect. if someone is faster and better at drawing then you don't worry about it. you stlye is your own after you thaught throught every step you want to take in which ever order you like. submit the idea to you favorite comapny which ever it may be? while in the time you submitted your ideas keep improving you manga skill depending on what you want to do in that field you know drawing, painting, toneing or whatever it maybe. :D Plus this is the best advice i can give anyone NEVER GIVE UP. :D
  4. Manga in color could never catch on because it would lost that japanese feel to it. manga should always be read in black and white beside making manga in black and white is considerably cheaper. meaning companies can make them faster to be published to the people. :cool:
  5. Me i'm going with Rei Winry's cool to but Neon Genesis evangelion has been around longer and Rei has always seemed like the shy type of person that anyone could talk andto it really doesn't seem that way with winry espcially if she willing to hit you in the head with a wrench. :animestun
  6. Well a few suggestion i can give are Comic Party revoultion- basically if ever wanted to know how to make manga or doujinshi everything you want to know in that series. Another suggestion is Full metal panic Fummofu if you every read the fullmetal panic manga series imagine that's with all the action taken out and nothing but funny put back in it's place. Happy lesson- a series about a boy with 5 mom's so to speak they each bring their own unique funny to this series. that good thing about this series is it's completed and you can get all the episodes now if you want. and my last suggeston is Chobits i've read the manga and own the anime the story in it is a little heavy on the romance stuff but if you the kind of person who can last throguht it there are some really funny elements behind that. and the drama is done in amount Hope you like my suggestions
  7. Happy Lesson was agreat anime to get my hands on with all the unique characters their was always something funny about to happen. to bad it was only a 13 episode series it had alot of potenial but the good news is there a new series to add to happy lesson happy lesson advance but that's not dubbed yet so it probraly won't come to the US for a good while.
  8. As you all probraly know alot of the Anime we watched that's dubbed in the US is done by alot of the same people. ...Not that that's a bad think BTW but if companies use the same people over and over no one new can get in the business. plus if you live somewhere that you can't go to acting auditions what do you do? if your someone here who want to get into the Anime business as a voice actor how would you go about doing it? Me personally i'd rather make them then act in them. But what's you opinion on this subject. :animestun
  9. In my opinion moon phase is definetly an anime worth checking out i only have 2 of the dvd's right now and of course phase 3 coming outin january. the plot is pretty interesting and characters are funny espeically hazuki in my opinion that saying on the box fits her perfectly she is the cutest bloodsucker you'll ever meet alferde is pretty hot herself. but i can wait til the next part of that series comes out.
  10. My favortie type of relatioships is the kind where a boy save a girl and changes them for the better but the boys to afraid or arkward around girls to ever see her/ their true feeling for him. My other favorite as well is also the tenchi muyo type relationships where a bunch of girls love the main hero but he never see thier feeling for him. those types of relatiohipsns are really funny and build alot great episode for a series. :animesmil
  11. My Good ol days were between middle school and High school when i would come home at 2:30 and see monster rancher and then Pokemon of course back in the early ninties they also had alot of great aniem on saturdays Mon colle knights, Flint the time detective,Medabots, and even though it not classified as an anime Super mario brothers 3 and world. of course now with american cartoons really falling on bad times and most channels that had cartoons on weekday afternoon stop showing cartoons now i can always get a great anime fix from Naruto, Zatch bell, Mar, Fullmetal alchimist,...Pokemon, and one of my all time favorites FLCL. Of course like most people i have not forgotten where i came from i still love all the classics like Tiny Toon adventures, Animaniacs ,Teenage mutant Ninja turtles 90'S version,Transformers, Tom and Jerry, looney tunes, Darkwing duck ,chip and dale's rescure rangers, Tale spin, ducktales, and so on and so forth with all the classic cartoon i've seen i could go forever. But anyway it's always great to talk about the good ol days.
  12. Hi everyone i was taking a trip down memory lane playing some of my old consoles you know sega genesis, SNES , and was wondering if video games have lost their way with all the insanity over the PS3 and wii and xbox360 it seems like the companies really don't care about the customers anymore don't get me wrong i know with all the stuff they put on these new consoles it make it harder for the companies to make them but also makes it where you can't afford them. I mean have you ever noticed like everyone was able to get a Genesis, SNES, saturn, dreamcast, or even a playstation back then.when it seemed like with all the old console it was more about having fun with the games but now with Video games consoles does it seems like it about how much Money you can spend then having fun with the games i mean even adding online play shouldn't cost that much. if so fell feel to state your opinions.
  13. Well the PS3 been releashed as usually people are running over each other to get one when of course 20 out 50 people got them where i am and with the stupid price of 600 dollars here's the question i pose to all of you Have anyone of you lost faith in sony pulling this crap on all the playstation fans although i'm pretty sure the the buzz around this thing is over their won't be as many sony fans anymore.
  14. Another insane price for that thing. [URL=http://cgi.ebay.com/60GB-Sony-PlayStation-3-New-in-Hand-Call-me-PS3_W0QQitemZ250051049397QQihZ015QQcategoryZ62054QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem]http://cgi.ebay.com/60GB-Sony-PlayStation-3-New-in-Hand-Call-me-PS3_W0QQitemZ250051049397QQihZ015QQcategoryZ62054QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem[/URL] 10.000 buy it now price. [B][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]WTF[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  15. Well the PS3 came out where i am and people have waithing outside of best buy for 4 days now,i wanted to see a ps3 but according to the workers they sold out in 15 minutes. of course no one mentioned that some places sold them a day early. but you could only get them that way if you were waiting outside for like 3 days so to the me the PS3 is really not worth all this trouble. so me i'm going ot wait a while to get one. :rolleyes:
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