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    I love Resident Evil, and Rebecca Chambers, who is my favorite Resident Evil character!!!
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    I'm a Field Medic for the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team
  1. Name: Kalon Age: Looks about 19, but true age is unknown Appearence:[URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/Anime_Angles_M37.jpg]Click here[/URL] For regular appearence, remove the wings, and he wheres a blue muscle shirt, with black leather pants, black combat boots, and a black leather jacket unbuttoned all the way. True Appearence: Exactly the same as the pic but with bat wings. Weapons: The same sword in the pic, it's name is Chaos and was created using the fires of hell which will engulf the sword when the user becomes angry. Race: Demon Class: Knight Abilities: True
  2. [QUOTE=Inuyasha Fandom]Jill all the way baby! Weapon: Baretta M-1989 okay, i've played part of 1,all of 2, and all of three. so, i might be missing peices of the info.[/QUOTE] Actually, I got this information from the novels.
  3. Oh, what I meant to say for the avi was to use the same picture that you used for the banner, but you did it anyway so there was really no need for me to tell you. Thanks very much, I love them! :animesmil
  4. Could someone make me a Resident Evil banner and avi? The banner should be using this picture [URL=http://pageperso.aol.fr/sagaresidentevil/images/rebecca.jpg](click here)[/URL] The background on the banner should be black, or some other dark yet evil color. And on the banner it should say in red, "I'll shoot ya know"-Rebecca Chambers, with the quotes in it and everything. And for the avi, use this picture this picture, and if you can't you can just do whatever you want as long as it has Rebecca Chambers in it.
  5. Raccoon City has been destroyed. All that remains where the once prosperous city used to be is an endless wasteland. Umbrella, the company who had caused the horrible incident at Raccoon, and the ones who ended it. Umbrella sent a missle immediately to destroy Raccoon City, along with all the evidence that it was Umbrella's doing. The S.T.A.R.S., also known as the Special Tactics and Rescue Service. The only survivors of the S.T.A.R.S., Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Barry Burton, and Chris Redfield, are some of the only witnesses of Umbrella's evil doings. After they escaped the doomed cit
  6. I'm almost always chewing my fingernails until they bleed. And then when I have no fingernaisl left to chew, I chew the cuticles*ouch*. Also, when I'm nervous I wrigle my hands around constantly, and I find myself being made fun of for it. And yes, like most people do, I procrastinate and end up getting myself into trouble. Also, I too correct poeple in both their speech and writing. Like last year, i had a social studies teacher who had a spelling disorder, man she hated so much by the end of the year. ;)
  7. Yeah, it does seem that the gameboy wouldn't be able to handle this you know. And like you said, it probably won't be as smooth as the PS2. When I first saw the cg picture in the screenshot for CoM, I thought that they were pictures from KH2. This makes me want to get the CoM even more. But sadly, i don't have a GBA. In fact, I don't even have a regular Gameboy. But I'm going to get one as soon as possible, because I want to get the game before my friend does. He always gets things before I do, and he spoils the fun out of them by telling me what happens.
  8. Okay, I'd say that a few people already know of this games close release. I know I do, I've been looking at screenshots for it for months. But in almost all of the screenshot packs that I've looked through, theres always one shot that looks like a cg scene from the playstation 2. Is this actually displayed while playing the game? If so, is it an actually scene that contains motion like from the ps2, or is it just a picture that you look at?(I hpe people know what i'm talking about)
  9. Name: Yaku Honoo Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearence: [URL=http://www.fybishounen.net/cels/fullsize/fancel01.jpg]Click here![/URL] Personality: Yaku is extremely reckless. He jumps into any battle he sees, even if he knows he can't win. Can be pretty sarcastic when he gets mad, but he is usually a nice guy when he's calm. Bio: Lived under ground since he was three. Hiroshi discovered him when he tried to pilfer some food from a market stand. Yaku's parents where hung for giving birth to a taboo child, but before he could be killed, he escaped into the village under the sewers. He has li
  10. [QUOTE=Epitome][size=1][color=SeaGreen]Like Baron said, even if I knew there would be no consequences and no one would know who did it, I still would be able to for a couple of reasons. 1. I know for a fact that I wouldnt take hatred to a level of killing. Even if it was someone that I despised since I was 5. Its just not right to kill someone for something they did or didnt do in the past. 2. I wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing that I killed someone just for "vengeance(sp?)" if you will. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with them in a non-hostile and san
  11. Okay, when you are about to create a new thread or post something, what does it mean by advanced mode? Right above the top of the posting area, it has two buttons that say guided mode, and advanced mode. It's usually on guided mode whenever I post, but what does it mean by advanced mode? What would happen if I selected it? :confused:
  12. [QUOTE=DeathBug]You know what's funny? My psychological profile indicates that Id' answer 'yes'. But I won't, and this is a rather horrifying question to ask.[/QUOTE] Yes, I know it's a bad question to ask. But the fact is that this is a random question. I was just sitting at my computer and I suddenly had this thought. It seems weird, but when your bored you think of the craziest things. And unlike my post, I really wouldn't shoot them at all. I'm too much of a wimp to even hit someone...But don't get me wrong, if I had the proper motivation I would beat them to a pulp. Anyway, I ju
  13. I have had thoughts of buying phase 1 of Fianl Fantasy: Unlimited, but with all the bad ratings I've seen about it, I'm starting to change my mind. Now just to let you all know, I am a serious Final Fantasy fan. So, any of you out there who have even caught a glimpse at these anime, please tell me, is it worth it? :confused:
  14. If you had a shotgun in your hands, and everyone you hated were standing in front of you, would you shoot them? To me, it would depend. If I were to shoot them, I'd have to be extremely pissed that day... But then again, I myself can't just hate someone. I have to completely and utterly despise them, and I don't know why. So, with that said, I would more than likely blow their brains out. :blowup:
  15. For all you great banner and avatar makers, what would you say is the best program for making banners, avatars and maybe other things? And also, is Adobe Photoshop a good one to use? :confused:
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