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  1. [size=3]If this has already happened, but I just missed out, I'm going to cry. [/size] [size=3]So, the past week, I've been plowing through three seasons of The Tester and thinking about OB and missing all the good times. Ever since moving back to San Francisco after college, I've also been frequenting Korean restaurants, where they serve a beer called 'OB.' Then it hit me that it's been over 10 years since I joined OB![/size] [size=3]I was wondering if there has been an OB reunion. I know a lot of members were here way before 10 years ago, so I'm wonderi
  2. Hi! I live in California too. It's sooo wonderful and easy to be vegetarian in CA ... so many great vegan/vegetarian restaurants, diverse ethnic cuisines that make eating veggies way more interesting than just raw or grilling ... cheers! I was vegan for about five years and vegetarian for seven ... but then I went to college and as a result of limited dining commons options, I ended up with protein deficiency. I'm an omnivore now, but totally end up eating vegan/veggie all the time just because hummus wraps, falafel wraps, seitan shawarmas, all sorts of Asian vegetable dishes,
  3. [size=3]I managed to get to about Level 30 as a Sith Inquisitor/Assassin. Total blast being Empire. Although I admit I feel some remorse after doing Sithy things. I just have to be an overachiever when it comes to being evil too I guess. My companion loved me for it, at least. My BF by contrast played an Imperial Agent with a more complicated position - like 50/50 light v dark points. May possibly try Jedi eventually ... the whole BioWare setup is pretty fun! [/size] [size="3"]Super excited to get back into playing in a few months because I finally reached the level where I actually fig
  4. [size=3]I was really hooked on [b]SWTOR[/b] until graduation rolled around (it turned out to be a great way to save my liver and grades - surprisingly - in my last months of college haha) ... I've banned myself from playing any more until after I take the LSAT, but I'm super excited to play again. Really wish I could start a guild with some folks but too many friends are burned out from years of WoW or don't want to pay $60 for the game and then $15/mo after. ;_; If anyone is looking for a SWTOR buddy around October, hit me UP! Played with boyfriend and friend for a f
  5. Juu


    [size=3][b]Name[/b]: Gogi [b]Gender[/b]: Male [b]Breed/Species[/b]: Mini Schnauzer/Dog [b]Age[/b]: 10 weeks [b]Likes[/b]: Chewing, squeaky fluffy toys, cuddling, having a bark 500x bigger than his bite, chewing, pooping in his crate out of protest, sleeping in our bed, blueberries, pumpkin, cucumbers, my socks and underwear, chewing, chewing, and more chewing. [b]Dislikes[/b]: Cold wind, having air blown in his face, sleeping in his crate, blonde curly haired women, tall men with backpacks, when I eat and don't share. [b]Picture:[/b][/size] [img]http://img155.imageshack.
  6. Boo

    Happy birthday to Juu, Happy birthday to Juu. Ha, see what I did there?

  7. [quote name='James' timestamp='1313150325' post='708874'] [font=palatino linotype]Wow, that's a beautiful post, Juu. :) You seem so grown-up now! It makes me feel old, haha.[/font] [/quote] [size=1]Funny you should say that, because coming back and looking at some profiles of people, I thought, "Wha? She/he's only 3 years, 8 years older than me?" You know the younger you are, the tiniest age gaps feel enormous. I looked up to people who were 3-8 years older than me on the boards like sages haha. Now it feels like it's leveled out and w
  8. Wonder what all the old OBers from 2002-05ish are up to these days ...

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    2. Juu


      It's wonderful to see all these familiar faces! I can't believe it's been nearly 10 years! OB is like family. I want to catch up. Some people have babies now! So many great stories to be shared ...

    3. SaiyanPrincessX


      Welcome back, I wondered where you went.

    4. Valen


      Exactly what JC said. Haha, how've ya been Juu-juu?

  9. [size="1"]WOW!!! I'm so happy somebody started this thread! I miss the OtakuBoards community! I wonder if I'll ever be so tight with a community online again ... Hope everybody's well! Hope we can get in touch and catch up ... maybe even a reunion. =) Me lately: [img]http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/9549/melately.jpg[/img] I'm currently studying sociology and history at University of California Santa Barbara, in my senior year. Since leaving the boards, I've been really politically active (radical Leftist causes ... especially
  10. Gavin

    Happy birthday Juu.

  11. [size=1]Dark chocolate covered espresso beans are heavenly, but they also make me crazy. The last time I picked 'em up at a starbucks, I was filled with an urge to scrub my boyfriend's (& roommates) kitchen (...quite scary, I'll tell you), wash his floor with paper towels, pace room to room, do yoga/striptease stretches, dance, and thoroughly terrified him by harassing him all night. After two months of not touching chocolate, I had a JD-filled chocolate and I spent 11 hours cleaning my room last night. Not just cleaning, though. I rearranged the whole thing so my bookshelves moved diago
  12. [size=1]Sex is the best means of communication, hands down. Talking face to face is nice too. More animated reactions and obviously more multi-dimensional. It's the most honest, but at the same time the most difficult. There's nothing to hide behind, and far less ambiguity. When it comes to debates and discussions, I find it easier to write first, then speak. That way I can organise my thoughts and support them so they're clearer, without interruption. I find it more effective to write when I have to defend something important or make a dire point. Notes are fantastic. Althoug
  13. [quote name='Sirius'][IMG]http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/6734/barss3.gif[/IMG][/QUOTE] [size=1]Oh no! All of my top three major choices!!! No waaaaay ... (Political Science, International Relations, Psychology) Argh. I was planning to date outside my major anyway. Neuroscience rocks. It's not dull at all - to me, at least. It's like the neutral ground between chemistry and psychology. But come on now, it's Wellesley.[/size]
  14. [quote name='Matt']My life is about as interesting as a bag of half roasted peanuts.[/QUOTE] [size=1]Fantastic. I'm jealous. I love your banner, Lick. I miss England a lot. Not the water, but definately the people. Hope you enjoy your stay on the boards ... it's not nearly as active as I remember it, but it's still full of pleasant people nevertheless. [/size]
  15. [size=1]Please. IQ is sooo 20th century. [/size]
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