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  1. I think he could be considered a "conditional" weepy uke, because in certain pairings he does fit the criteria for being a weepy uke (Muraki and Tatsumi make him look very ukeish, while Hisoka and Watari do not, IMHO) So discuss. Do you think Tsuzuki is a weepy uke across the board, just with certain people, or do you think he's a strong character with flaws but not to the level of "weepy crying miserable uke?" I've even added a poll, because I want to see what you think (but I'd like to see actual discussion, not just hit and run posting or poll votes), and I apologize for any errors, but my glasses are missing, and all of this small type looks blurry to me. :D
  2. [quote name='Unborn Lord Xion']That image is an extremely poor reproduction of Wolfwood, and quite obviously him. It is a crappy ad as well, as doukeshi03 said. The image can't be authorized, because it looks so much like bad fan art. They probably did a google search for anime and took that without figuring out what it was.[/quote] Yeah, that's what I think happened as well. :rotflmao: The ad people who did that one must have had one too many, LOL:alcohol: :beer: I think Bush needs to fire his ad agency before they land him in court. Sure, the eyes were altered from the original, but that in no way meets the fifty percent standard of alteration one must make to use a copyrighted image without permission in anything except nonprofit fanart for personal display (i.e. posting on a nonprofit site, sharing with friends, etc.) nor does it meet the similar and often co-existant standard for using such an image in such a manner, of it being notably unlike the original. In short, this [i]is[/i] actually as legally actionable as it is humorous.:p
  3. mms://media4.streamtoyou.com/gwb/YakuzaWeb_256k.wmv And can be found at [url="http://www.georgewbush.com/Default.aspx"][color=#800080]http://www.georgewbush.com/Default.aspx[/color][/url] if that link doesn't work. Although the eyes are altered, that is SO obviously a screenshot of Wolfwood, right down to the gun and the cross cufflinks. @.@ I've even attached one of the original pics from which it was most likely taken. Call in the lawyers! ~.^ :laugh:
  4. I seriously wonder if CN will ever pick up the rights to Gravitation and air it on Adult Swim? I honestly do not think they would have the fortitude to do that, unless by the magic of idiotic editing ala the turning of "Tokyo Mew Mew" into "Hollywood Mew Mew," Shuichi is transformed into a woman, LOL, in which case I would be more than a little annoyed. . . Nevertheless, if they would somehow air it with only the edits needed to put it on American TV (i.e. language or nudity edits) and leave the plot, characters, and the Yuki/Shuichi relationship intact, it would be [i]very[/i] interesting to see a shounen ai anime actually make it to TV in the states. Not that they would actually have the courage to do something like that-they probably, as any money-motivated network, do not want the possible consequences it would bring, like boycotts, protests, and the general rage from the populace that doesn't seem to understand what a channel selector is for and wouldn't take the time to realize that it isn't some sneak attempt to "push the gay agenda to kids." LOL, it probably will never happen. . .but we can dream, ne? After all, they [i]did[/i] air GW unedited, even with the opening theme and all the implications. ~.^
  5. [quote name='Thaylien']Hmm... I define Mary Sue as a self-insert that makes the characters too good.[/quote] Hmm. I personally define a Mary Sue as an original character, usually a self-insert but sometimes not one, who does any of the following things: 1: Falls in love with a canon bishounen no matter how out of character such a relationship would be. The Trigun fandom is plagued with these idiotic pieces of spam. I think if I see another fic with the summary of "Legato meets a mysterious girl that falls in love with him and heals the wounds of his heart," I will :sick: LOL, once I saw a Sue that, to me, was the best example of OOC for which one could ask-it was in the Gravitation section of ff.net. Yes, some fangirl had actually paired *HERSELF* off with Shuichi. :laugh: I was like "Excuse me, do you happen to know that gay guys aren't interested in women? Not even [i]perfect, sweet[/i] *rolleyes* Sues like yours?" 2: Somehow trumps all of the canon characters in intellect, power, skill, and anything else that she/he possibly can. For example, a female sixth Gundam pilot from L2 who can beat both Heero and Duo in a fight in ten seconds, who is more persuasive in speaking than Trieze, who looks like a feminine Quatre, and who manages to get the characters out of every situation, blah, blah. 3: Totally hijacks the spotlight of the story from the canon characters. The point in writing fanfiction is to write the canon characters well. . .not to make them all constantly take backstage to your original character. :)
  6. I don't know if this has been done before or if it is better suited for a different section, but are there any other fanfiction writers here? :) If so, I'd really like it if we could share a little about ourselves. I'll start-and please don't consider this spam because I'm not using this post to promote *anything* just to state what I write and what I like in fanfiction, and I'd like other people to do the same so I could get to know them and they could get to know me. :) As for me: Usernames: So far, AnonymousTrigunOtaku and DancingTheEndlessWaltz at fanfiction.net and AnonymousTrigunOtaku at fosff.net. I will be registering a mediaminer account soon. Fandoms: Guess ~.^. I write Trigun, Gundam Wing, and crossovers of other animes into those two predominantly (i.e. my current project is a Trigun fic, but there's a lot of Big O crossovers into it i.e. Rem's father is Roger Smith). I read Trigun, Gundam Wing, .hack//sign, Gravitation, Big O, Final Fantasy series games, and more. ^^ Favorite pairings: WolfwoodxMilly, MillyxVash, RemxVash, LinaxVash, Knives/Legato, Legato/Midvalley, Legato/Wolfwood, Midvalley/Wolfwood for Trigun. 1x2x1 and 4x5 for Gundam Wing. (Female)Tsukasa/Subaru or (Male)Tsukasa/Sora for .hack//sign. RogerxDorothy and DastunxAngel for Big O. Shuichi/Yuki for Gravitation. :) Number one fanfiction pet peeve: Mary Sues. Number two fanfiction pet peeve: Male yuri writers who have no idea what they're talking about and can only write PWP. Number three fanfiction pet peeve: Writers who look like they failed third grade. What I'd like to see more of in fanfiction: Alternate pairings in Trigun fics. Seriously, I see so few fics pairing Vash with anyone except Meryl, Wolfwood, or some half-baked Mary Sue. So? Is there anyone else here that's a fanfiction obsessive?
  7. [quote=Cahoots34]Heero and Relena from Gundam Wing. She's infatuated, he's chronically uncommunicative, and both of them seem to need the security and stability of an intimate relationship itself more than they actually need each other. Whether or not the feelings are more than one-sided was never _really_ addressed in the show, and even if Relena has enough unrequieted adoration to share, I could certainly see her suffering from lack of response from Heero. Heero himself is far harder to analyze, but something about the rather unhappy state of his childhood and his general lack of self-worth seem to suggest a need for more than a marriage of convenience with an attentive trophy wife. (This is where Duo has the definate advantage over Relena-- he understands what Heero needs because his own needs are the same. Whether either one of them is going to do anything mutually beneficial about that remains to be seen. ) As for Relena, I think it's high time for her to try stalking a new suicidal sociopath. Trowa, perhaps? (Maybe Quatre will share....?) [/quote] I SO agree with that. HeeroxRelena is just. . .*shudders.* No offense to the anti-yaoi people, but Heero and Duo are IMHO made for each other. Heero and Relena couldn't last without one killing the other eventually. :P [quote name='JazzLady22']I also never like the implied Vash/Meryl pairing in Trigun. They never have real conversations, mostly just awkward silences. And whenever Vash is going through one of his depressed phases, she never knows what to say, and leaves all the comforting up to Millie or Wolfwood. I think Vash is better matched with Rem (no, she isn't his real mother), and Meryl is better matched with someone who doesn't require conversation as much as abuse. Hmmmm, maybe Legato?[/quote] Indeed, although I think Legato's definitely gay (hey, cross-series pairing: Legato/Heero?), however, if his desire to be abused overcame his interest in the same gender, Meryl *might* be a good pairing with him. I *definitely* agree with you about not liking VashxMeryl though. I honestly think the best pairing is AU (i.e. Rem [spoiler] survives[/spoiler]) RemxVash (of course I am too biased though, since I'm writing it.) However, sticking with canon universe, I say the best pairing would be VashxMilly. I mean, Milly is seriously more like Rem than Meryl ever was, at least outside of episode 25, and Wolfwood [spoiler]died[/spoiler], so Milly would be alone. . .possibly carrying Wolfwood's child. . .and if nothing else, Vash would at least feel responsibility and pity for her and most likely stay with her. Also, Milly, while she did hit Vash once, seems to be generally more interested in protecting him and Meryl both. Oddly enough, with Trigun ending the way it did, I think the most plausible relationships, in keeping with anime canon, would be as follows: An odd love triangle where Milly and Vash are in some sort of a relationship, and where Meryl is wanting Vash, Milly, or both but is unable to express her feelings. If Knives wasn't completely gay and is alive, the other possibility would be that Meryl and Knives and Vash and Milly pair off.
  8. More Trigun-the rest of the Gung Ho Guns: Caine the Longshot: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .*beep* Chapel the Evergreen: Life is like an incessant series of problems, all difficult, with brutal choices, and a time limit. The worst thing you can do is to make no choice, waiting for the ideal conclusion to present itself. . .Which is what happens now. *beep* (credits to bishounen.net/trigun/write/quotes.html for the original quote) Zazie the Beast: Leave your message at the buzz. *bzzt* Hoppered the Gauntlet: blab blab blab, yeah, that's really good. You know, you're a big loser. All of you are big losers. You think you can out-talk me? While we're shooting each other? Uh huh, yeah right. Mmmhmm. Let's see who the better gunman is here, no? And by the way, Legato's breath stinks! I think he's getting cavities with all those swee-*beep* Grey the Ninelives: Grr grr. *crunching sound and silence heard, it is assumed that he smashed the phone and answering machine picking it up* Leonof the Puppetmaster: Did you really think the Gung-Ho Guns can only be called one at a time? Obviously you do not know of our telephone network. Wait for the beep. *beep* Raidei the Blade: "Sessha wa ima rurouni kenshin wo miteoru yue denwa ni wa deraren. Goryoushou itadakitai." ("I'm sorry, but I'm watching Ruruoni Kenshin and can't answer the phone right now." Thanks to Metatron for the translation into Japanese.) E.G. Mine: BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP-WHAT IS THIS ANYWAY-I can't leave my MESSAGE!? A BLEEP CENSOR? BLEEP! *beep* Dominique the Cyclops: If I was so inclined, I could have killed you three times before the beep. And any obscene callers-you know who you are-will die now. *beep* Monev the Gale: In negotiations with my steroid supplier. Leave a message and I'll squash you as soon as I can.
  9. MillieFan


    OK, then, I'll admit it. I like Meryl/Milly as a couple :blush: . LOL, girls aren't supposed to like shoujo ai though, unless they're, ahem. . ."like that," and I'm not quite willing to face that accusation just yet. My family would be very upset. LOL, they'd already hate me for liking shounen ai. . . :) I just wish people would write better fanfic about that pairing. Seriously, the only person at ff.net who writes it now is a very spammy writer called Vashra Blood Reeper. . .and I absolutely hate her fics. They're not only yuri lemons, but miserably written ones at that. :sick:
  10. MillieFan


    LOL, my friend likes LegatoxKuroneko as a joke pairing (although *NOT* "getting anywhere," that's just too sick even for Legato). In fact, if you ever want to see it, there's a fic on fanfiction.net entitled "El Gato." [quote]I wish they would have developed Legato's character a little more.. You don't really find out much about him other than his name and that he's Knives's right hand man. I think Nightow should do a short spinoff comic about him(like he did with Wolfwood), to y'know, explain a little more about Legato's past and how Knives picked him up. That would be interesting.[/quote] Me too! I think that would be so interesting. :) What do people think here about Milly/Meryl as a pairing? I mean, I've seen it written a few times, really well (an old fic by "Ang Griffen" called "Elaboration On A Ballad") and so bad it almost made me throw up (almost all the other times). I honestly think it *could* work, however I'm not a really big shoujo ai fan as a woman so. . .
  11. LOL, you asked for it. . .since Cowboy Bebop was represented, I'm here with answering messages for Trigun characters. Vash: I'm kinda busy, but if you're that pretty lady I saw earlier-*sounds of explosions, gunfire, and running*-Sorry! I have to go now! Meryl: I'm working right now. If you absolutely *must* interrupt me, leave a message at the beep and I will respond with a bonk on your stupid spiky head as soon as I can. Milly: If you're my big big sister, press 1. If you're my big brother, press two. If you're my little big brother, press 3. If you're my little big sister press 4. If you're Mr. Wolfwood, you know what to. . .ah, never mind! If you're Meryl, I'm really really working, honest! If you have pudding, leave it at the door, not the beep. . . Knives: Spider. You think my time is worth your words? Do not pollute my answering machine with your babble. Wolfwood: Bleep. Hey, it's not supposed to beep now-whaddaya mean a censor? Bleep. Oh, just forget it. Leave your bleep message at the bleep-I MEAN THE "BEEP!" BLEEP! Legato: As I am most likely currently occupied in an act of genocide to serve the Master, I am not able to waste my time to answer this phone. Why do we filthy humans need telephones anyway? Midvalley: Leave your message at the tone, my friend. That is, if you're still alive after hearin' my sweet music. If you got any brains at all, you'll hang up before the tone, [I]capische[/I]?
  12. Petition Title: Fanfiction URL: [url]http://www.petitiononline.com/writers/petition.html[/url] Petition's Goal: I'm not sure if this one is true or not, but it's definitely one a lot of us here would be interested in. According to said petitition, ff.net is going to begin removing anime fics on the basis of a so-called "slash" pairing alone irregardless of intent or content, and irregardless of original author opposition or lack thereof. I'm also putting this petition link on my blog just so everyone can sign who wants to. :love: Don't let them take away our 1x2 and K/L! :bawl: Comments, instructions, etc: Sign the petition. Full-scale boycott of ff.net to be called if they actually enforce this. Grr.
  13. MillieFan


    [quote]I guess, now that I think about it, Vash kind of has an Oedipus complex. But Rem isn't technically Vash's mother (do him and Knives have a mother?) so I think that pairing is adorable.[/quote] Agreed! Absolutely, 100 percent agreed. RemxVash is one of my favorite pairings regardless (the others would be MillyxWolfwood and Knives/Legato), and I don't think Rem is Vash's mother at all, so the incest squicky factor isn't there at all for me. :) I am completely resisting temptation to spam for Lady Shadowcat's and my fanfiction. Not doing that very well though. :naughty:
  14. MillieFan


    Knives/Vash? Yeeew. I *don't* think so. They're brothers and like I said, I think anime Vash is definitely heterosexual, and manga Vash may be more asexual as a Plant. Maybe one-sided by Knives, but as a friend of a very good friend of mine once said, such a pairing would make Vash rethink his opinions of suicide. ;) And LOL, that's the *second* most popular yaoi pairing at fanfiction.net. Go figure. Ugh. :sick: Hmm. Once I finish with co-writing Dark Mirror and its sequel, I might try a Legato/Milly, most likely as a songfic or drabble. :)
  15. MillieFan


    LOL, I wanted to rewrite that one someday I think. I removed that Milly/Legato fic because it just didn't work in my opinion. . .LOL. I like the pairing, sort of. . .I mean, it's heavily intriguing, but I just couldn't make it work. I wish someone else better than me would try it. :)
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