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  1. I'm learning Japanese,so I know for a fact that they say the last name first,cuz,well its a sign of respect,and thats what buissness men do oversees. GotenLuvr1
  2. Sailor Moon was my first.There was just something magical about it,even though I enjoy shonen more than shoujo(no,I'm not a boy,I'm a girl,total tomboy) GotenLuvr1
  3. I love the manga!I have the first copy too!Its very different from the anime though.Do you think Yugi likes Anzu? GotenLuvr1
  4. Has anyone noticed that at the end of DBZ,in the tournament,that Goten is supposed to face buu,and is later seen being beat up in the ring by Pan?Well wasnt Buu the runner-up?Shouldnt have Goten been disqualified?:confused: GotenLuvr1
  5. Hello,I was just wondering if anyone has seen all of the "DragonBall" episodes.It was taken off cartoonetwork. GotenLuvr1
  6. Yami Yugi is not evil,neither is the show.It may seem demonic at times,but who cares demons are cool.Which means I'm cool.peace out!! GotenLuvr1 p.s. I love fire,:flaming: and demons:demon: ^_^
  7. I know those were examples,I'm just sayin that there would be some kind of evidence at the end...plus,if you dont use your imagination,nothing happened because they skipped that part,but still,you thought up a cool question,I commend you. GotenLuvr1
  8. Hi,this is GotenLuvr1,I was just wanting to ask if anyone had taken the dragonball guyand/or girl quiz at thotaku.com.They were very good quizzes,I loved my results,for guy I got Vegeta(I'm totally proud,arrogant and hot-tempered).For the girl I got Pan,which was no surprise I'm a total tomboy,and I look very similar to her...anyway,let me know what your results are,peace out!! GotenLuvr1:devil: :demon: :mad: :flaming:
  9. Listen up,Bra(Bulla)is half-saiyan.It may not look like she has powers,but she has super strength.Shes one of the strongest girls in the world.Oh yeah,Pan never goes super saiyan because she was never fully enraged,for example,Goku was enraged because Frieza killed Krillin.Vegeta was furious because he still could not surpass Gokus powers.If Pan was at one point fully enraged,she would have gone super saiyan(maybe a different kind)bein a girl had nothin 2 do with it. GotenLuvr1
  10. I really hope Goten did NOT marry his girlfriend,*tear* I'm deeply in love with him(sniff).Anyway,Trunks does not marry Pan,Bra does not marry Uub,and I dont think Goten marries Paris.There would be some way to tell if anything happened. GotenLuvr1
  11. :devil: :flaming: :mad: :demon: :love2: Hello,I'm an animanga freak.I want to ask all the Goten fans why they like Goten.Goten is my favorite character,and always will be cuz I luv everything about him,except for the fact in gt he is a total ladies man.Besides that,there is nothing unloveable about him.answer me Goten luvrz! e-mail:GotenLuvr1@comcast.net GotenLuvr1
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