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  1. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by RicoTranzrig [/i] [B]It makes me think Japan is a little selfish when it comes to releasing special game packaging...[/B][/QUOTE] Don't blame Japan, blame the U.S.
  2. um...ok Gary Oak...whatever you say...:rolleyes:
  3. Thanks guys for your help :)
  4. [b]vaporeon[/b] reflect ice beam surf haze [b]jolteon[/b] thunderbolt thunderwave double kick reflect [b]flareon[/b] flamethrower sunny day iron tail return [b]espeon[/b] psychic morning sun bite focus energy [b]umbreon[/b] confuse ray bite moonlight return [b]eevee[/b] return bite double team rest Yeah..I know Eevee's not the best pokemon to use, but I wanted an [i]all[/i] eevee team....and don't suggest a different pokemon....
  5. i'll join aim name: grelude e-mail [email]grelude@aol.com[/email] otaku name: grelude
  6. Haze doesn't get rid of thunder wave, and I don't need bite, that's what shadow ball is for....
  7. [b]dragonite[/b] thunderwave haze ice beam wing attack [b]houndoom[/b] flamethrower sunny day solarbeam crunch [b]politoed[/b] amnesia hypnosis ice beam earthquake [b]tyranitar[/b] crunch rock slide earthquake fireblast I'm still training my last two pokemon. I'm not sure what to put on them... [b]electabuzz[/b] barrier thunderbolt ice punch ??? [b]espeon[/b] psychic morning sun shadow ball ???
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sia [/i] [B]yes,zap cannon. trust me,those work perfectly when you know what you are doing and know your opponent.with its power at 100and w/magnet its power is 225 [/B][/QUOTE] So, you're telling me to use zap cannon, a move which hits [I]half[/I] the time with a power of 100, even though thunderbolt has a power of 95 and hits everytime.....
  9. I might be a beginner...but zap cannon? With it's accuracy of 50...? And 2 of the same type attacks on the same pokemon? Thanks to Altron Gundam for your help.
  10. I have no problem with you guys giving me a 2 or a 3, since I'm fairly new to pokemon, but could you guys tell me why? I posted my team so I could get help on it....
  11. [B]Starmie[/B] Surf Thunderwave Thunderbolt Recover [B]Entei[/B] Flamethrower Sunnyday Solarbeam Return [B]Dragonite[/B] Thunderwave Haze Fireblast Substitute [B]Tyranitar[/B] Crunch Rock Slide Earthquake Fireblast [B]Mewtwo[/B] Psychic Recover Return Substitute [B]Zapdos[/B] Thunderwave Thunderbolt Drill peck Substitute
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