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  1. [COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Lucida Console]Rico Tranzrig stood at the double sliding doors of the train's cab. He shouldered a slim leather bag along his back, nearly six feet long. The others kept their distance behind him. The train halted to a stop in an underground station. Through the window, he saw several kids eagerly waiting to get inside. Once the doors opened, he rushed out with the wind. The kids jumped back, some falling over as he continued up the staircase, now slowing his steps. "Ten cents for my wife's ransom," one of the panhandlers said as Rico took the last step up onto the cool city streets, overcast as always. Rico coasted right past him, but he recognized those words. This same particular individual used exactly the same excuse to beg quite a while ago. Back then, Rico still had nearly jet-black hair and was a bit louder than the silent dark figure that he was now. Instead of walking alone, he always had Lace walking happily alongside him, his beloved. They toured around the whole city together, finding all the sweet, secret spots in which they could go mad with passion. Or they could use it to hide when they could no longer fight back. He could remember all the abandoned complexes they would escape to and make love. All the roads they drove around carried a different conversation, hands held interlaced. But that was all done with. Battles fought, lessons learned, countless pleasures had. Yet, has he continued to walk and look around, he muttered, laughing, "Nothing's changed." He stopped for a light. Stowed safely away in that long bag was a Gift for an old friend, one promised long ago. The Gift had seen nearly as many battles as him and claimed much more lives. During Rico's long hiatus, he cast aside his past life and set off on a new direction focused on cleansing people, objects that have seen battle way too often. That included the blade that he restored and sheathed behind him, now more tempered and sharper than ever before. He spent countless hours staring at it, taking his time with each millimeter of the blade so as not to tarnish something only a deity could have originally crafted. He resumed his unending walk towards the house of an old friend. Laura was the one who gave the massive blade to him, to tell him to clean it and restore it to its former innocence. Rico agreed to do the project because Charlie and him believed that times were changing, that that would be in a much safer place now and the weapons that they mastered how to use were now relics that belonged in a museum. That's all Rico did during his retirement, honing his skills on lesser swords only to use that experience to restore the most dangerous sword used by the most dangerous man. That man, much like Rico, had been long gone from battle. The crowds began to form up around him, and he disappeared into the city for the final time. The blade pierced the center of his chest. Rico Tranzrig fell to the floor of his shop, blood quickly spreading from his body.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  2. [COLOR=darkblue]Especially like a box of See's, so little for so much, bringing you closer to death, and none of them are 100% chocolate, always having something inside them to make the experience not 100% pure.[/COLOR]
  3. [COLOR=darkblue]I don't think my REAL last name is that bad for someone to inherit. Personal preference on them though. I hope whoever I marry doesn't have that many credit cards if they do choose to take it on.[/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR=darkblue]The heart can feel, but cannot remember. That is the job of the mind. Until things aren't so complicated, I'd say keep yourself distracted as much as you can from your feelings of wanting a relationship with this girl. I think if you're comfortable enough to tell a girl how you feel without thinking over and over again how the outcome will be, it should work out, in whichever why it does.[/COLOR]
  5. [color=darkblue]Let?s see, I think I became aware of how beautiful girls are around freshman year.She came up to us, asked for money, then disappeared.We asked for the money back after a few months, she said ?no.?Filipino, tall, glasses, wanted, hair in a ?fro. Next up is a girl I?ve known for a while, she?s still cool, but I didn?t realize she was fine until my friend said that she was the finest freshman in James Logan. Now she has short hair, no braces, and hope to see her again. I hit junior year, medical health academy, to find quite a few beautiful girls who flew into my life: She is tall, short hair, glasses, could wolf down food without shedding a tear.She is pretty, fun to talk to; it was really nice loving her for a couple of years. Another girl used to be shy, but still sweet, a lot like that ?swirly? purple ice cream that she loves to eat. She?s quite outgoing now, high self-esteem, constantly letting me into R-rated movies before I turned 17. This cute girl doesn?t really fit in with the others in this list.She carries a kids voice, innocent, but violent, plus she?s a legal midget.She spends a lot of her time going to rock concerts, having fun getting tossed around in mosh pits. Did I mention she?s 21? Another I?ve met just online, but what?s worse, we go to the same school. She wears business-type clothing and wants to be a nurse.She feels the same way I do about certain people. Real friendly, but she?ll roundhouse your ass if you ever mess with her. Last of this short list, and definitely not least is a girl I?ve known for about four years. She?s quickly become a true friend and peer to me. Too bad I haven?t seen her for a long time?but I managed to warm up to her online. In real life, real pretty, big dorky smile, transition glasses, did I mention ?fine?" [/color]
  6. [COLOR=darkblue]I play with my GBA more than my GCN...both have some games that are extremely addicting, but I can take the GBA anywhere. So I preference the GBA over GCN. The GCN also has it's strengths....if you're in a fix for some eye candy, that system definitely does its job. Also, this console seems to be built exceptionally well for adventure and sports/party 4-player games.[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=darkblue]The older I get, the less religion and society has a direct impact on whether or not I chose to have sex. I'm very curious to actually experience it although I'd save it for someone I really care about. Close friend, great; a partner, even better. Plus, I'd likely know if they have any diseases that way. I'd stray hard away from "using" and instead give them perhaps the closest experience a person can have with someone else. I don't want to hurt afterwards because it didn't mean anything other than the sole purpose of pleasure, which is possibly why religion discourages premarital sex, sometimes even other things associated with sex. Being responsible is very important. I'm partly against the birth control pill or drugs in general because it has the potential of making a woman sterile. It happened to my auntie. I think a condom and spermacide is enough.[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR=darkblue]I don't really like the idea of sex changes, but it's the individual's choice. There are men who exhibit certain behaivoral traits that people would identify with a feminist quality and the same goes for women who exhibit male behavioral traits. IMO, they should really embrace that quality without any cosmetic procedure because it is unique. In a way, a person who changes sexes denies themselves because they follow what society is telling them. "If you act this way, you must look like this..." Which is crazy.[/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=darkblue]Hmm...An X-Box starter set...still deciding what kind of other games I'd wanna buy. Apple 15-inch PowerBook with iPod package. I'd say a new car, but that'd be asking for too much even though last 2 weeks of December would be the perfect time to get one. But who knows...it could happen. Lastly, spend more time with a friend of mine during vacation.[/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=darkblue]She?s hungry, passionate; wants to eat. There?s something good cooking underneath, Sitting, on top of the kitchen counter makes her so hot She reaches for the mixing stick lodged inside. Flicks her tongue against it, ?Ooo, that hits the spot.? She revels in her love for it, wanting more She closes and locks the kitchen door. She wants it all to herself. She reaches for her bowl. ?Oh what the heck?? She throws the bowl and engulfs the entire stick Smacking her lips to get every last drip. Swallowing the creamy white soup She sighs with satisfaction, Smooth, creamy, salty; a bit sour; Boy, does she love eating that clam chowder. [/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR=darkblue]To me...a bit worse...if I get into a fight, I could go to jail instead of getting scolded. But it also means that I have a right to privacy at home and I can stay out long after midnight.[/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=darkblue]"Theachers?" j/p When my American History instructor talked about his days in Vietnam, he held a special lecture where he dropped his teacher ID card and told his story his way, with all the "oh Fs and Ss." My previous English professor says bad words occasionally to put everyone at ease. Although he did lose some students who don't like to hear that kinda stuff. By High School/College, most kids should be general enough to take language like that. Unless it's abusive...[/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR=darkblue]Back then, when my parent's found out I wasn't using the internet for good reasons, they just canceled our service. I think parental filtering programs are a waste of money. They don't care anymore though since we're more aware of what and what not to do.[/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR=darkblue]I haven't played recently, mainly because the local arena got closed for safety rennovations. The battlefield was a 2-level warehouse with plenty of obstacles but no room to run. I just rent out equipment for the day and it's pretty expensive for me. It's a ton of fun though, real good workout of reflexes, marksmanship, and body. The only rules are no hand-to-hand combat and guns must be kept under 350FPS, from what I remember. My friends and I play in a counter-strike like fashion and keep going until the judge "sees" us getting hit. So it can get brutal sometimes but I have a really good time.[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=darkblue]I have an 86...used to have 2-player Tetris, lots of fun. The link cable I have connects through the serial port and I can download stuff that way from the PC. Another way of putting games on the calc is by writing it, copying line for line, which is really time consuming. I think there's a link cable now that connects to the PC through USB, which should make things a bit easier in terms of configuration.[/COLOR]
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