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  1. Hope everyone is having fun and going somewhere. I am...I'm going to bed and a new country called Rememberence's room...
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Queen Asuka [/i] [B][color=hotpink][size=1]Well, I plan to take on the last name of the man I marry. It's something that little girls always dream about and I'm sure that when you were a kid, you were so obsessed with some pop culture icon that you pretending you were married and called yourself by the last name, didn't you?[/b][/color][/size] [B][color=green]um...sorry no i didn't. i never had an idol or a fav. star and i'd always loved my last name and would never change it for the world! no matter what anyone says...well maybe my mum she said if i act too proud and too stubborn(which i am not!)i won't get a husband! but all well...i don't really mind...that's actually a lie...[/b][/color]
  3. [SIZE=1][FONT=arial][COLOR=green]Will you keep your surname when you get married if you are a girl? Boys will you let your wife keep their surname instead of yours? i would no matter what anyone says, i'm keeping mine, and if he tries to discourage me he won't be at the wedding instaed he'll be at the hospital praying for his life! anyways i'm not having my name being Anna Nguyen Simpson or Anna Simpson...[/size][/color][/font]
  4. I haven't even started dating yet and i'm 15... If she really likes you she would believe and trust you and anyway you are too young you got your whole life to think about love...i suggest you break up there is no point staying with a girl who doesn't even talk to you.
  5. is she uneasy or just plan nervous? if she's uneasy don't let her go because trusting her instincts. this guy just goes to her and gives her a phone number...wierd...she has to be pretty and this guy wants a taste of her. but let her trust her instincts if it turns out a disaster she learns a lesson. but i suggest no way going with him...
  6. i would go for the police too but if he was really cute and hunky and has a perfect smile...invite him in...cuppa coffee...and...none of your business!
  7. I hate my brother too but then i don't what i would do without him. i love him at the same time i can't live with him and he's 10. I haven't got to your stage of Wanting to destroy my brother so i don't know what it is like but i think it's your star signs and your chinese sign that makes you don't get on. and that is a proven fact.
  8. I don't want to control my life because then everything will become too easy and it will become so boring. i want to dream and experience life...
  9. You are watching some anime or documentry that has something to do with Past life and suddenlt there's a knock on the door... *knock* *open door* "Are you__________?" "yeh" "I used to be you past life lover," What would you do? would you call the police? or bring them in? How would you react? :worried:
  10. AHHHHHHHH! That's so sweet! I really love them! I couldn't write better! If i showed them to the teacher in charge of Writer's club he would say the same thing! that is so cool!:LOL:
  11. Thanks for your advice. i really needed it! all i have to do is try and not attract those kind of people! Thanks again.
  12. Have you ever lost a friend over a crush? I have i lost my bestest friend over a guy. My friend fancied this guy that i liked too and i spoke to him all the time. When my friend started flirting with him i was like hurt but i was thinking if he likes her then fine. however she became so nasty to me and i didn't know what was happening and she started to spread nasty rumours and telling my secrets. when i knew that actually He said he liked me not her. she thought i stole him away from her and now our friendship is like bittersweet. i never went out with the guy though that would even make it more complicated. My other friends sided with her. it was like no way!now i know what friendship really means to them and i only have a few close friends. Has it ever happened to you?
  13. It's hard i know but get over it!(not sounding harsh) it does hurt alot but forget about it. it's not worth putting you head in the clouds and then digging it in the ground again. The boy is not worth it. I used to fancy a guy alot and for sure i knew he didn't like me because he only hung out with blonde and pretty girls. it took me alone to figure and get over him. He was hot too. *sigh*
  14. Hiya! Send in your views. What do you like better? +Reading anime i.e. comics, graphic novels, books +Watching anime i.e. animations, tv series, movies Thanx!
  15. I don't know if i already sent one but here's the next one which is so much better than the first one i wrote. Name:Immortalia Seriea Age: 20 Appearence:Long Black Hair, Sad Grey eyes. Gender:Female Personaility: Quiet, Reasonable, Honest, Complicated, anti-soicial Weapon:Bow and Arrow Bio: When she was young she was so more energectic than she is now and wanted to become a pilot for the Milatary searching for Bandits throughout the galaxy. But after the war on her planet, Meredith, she was the only survivor. She saw blood of many different people and felt the suffering of many men. The war started for no reason and their was no point or was there?Afterwards she started to wander around space killing and destroying so many lives for reason no one knows. Her face became much colder her eyes frosted but the thing is why didn't the creatures want to kill her people but didn't to kill her. She kills any one, she doesn't care and not anymore. The creatures are still after her but somehow she always manages to win. And she's only a quater of their big fat muscles. And that goes without saying to all the men she meets. (is this okay?) By the way if you say your friends are losers too you won't have any friends!
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