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  1. Megami No Yami

    Writing A couple poems. Don't hurt me if there're bad.

    They're pretty good, and like she said, Id have to agree with that that ure forcing them to rhyme, but in other words, I like them, Ilike ur choice of subject
  2. Megami No Yami

    Writing Original Poetry

    oh, hehe thanks Ive written more..Ive just gotta put it up =P *goes to post some more of her poetry* =P
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    Art ^-^

    O_O sorrie..I didnt knoe..*kicks slef* how do I delete them?
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    Writing Archangel's Post

    Pretty good poem, I really liked it. =D
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    Art ^-^

  6. Megami No Yami

    Art ...!

  7. Megami No Yami

    Writing Original Poetry

    [COLOR=royalblue]Hey, this is some of my orginal poetry..read..comment..ehh..just tell me whatcha think alright? hehe thanks =P [/COLOR] [COLOR=indigo] Soul Of Purity and Light She comes to me in my dreams, With bold blue eyes And beautiful, long blonde hair A lovely smile And warm touch With wings so delicate, Lips so tender, And a kiss of healing love She replinishes my soul with a single touch She keeps me safe and warm within the comfort of her arms Sheltering me from the cold, and treacherous nights Taking away the dark, And bringing forth the light But yet, her time with me is up, Because nothing this good, could last forever So alas my angel departs, But her memories lie in me still To wait for her to return, Yet another day -Megami No Yami [/COLOR] [COLOR=skyblue]Whatcha think about that one? I got the Idea from a Yu-Gi-Oh card called "Soul Of Purity and Light" =P hehe[/COLOR] Hm..this one's really sad..I hope you still enjoy =P hehe [COLOR=firebrick]The Value Of Love He kissed me on the cheek, And whispered goodbye in my ear, Then walked out the door I stood there, paralyzed I couldn't move What had just happened? What had I done wrong? A tear ran down my face, Then I started to cry I cried for hours, Wondering if I could ever bring myself to stop But I couldn't I had just realized it then, While I was crying over him, That he meant so much to me He wasn't just that old guy I could find anywhere, The kind of guy that you would see in everday life No, he was different, Much different I remembered all the times we spent together, Smiling, and laughing, and having a good time, All warm hugs he's given me All the sweet kisses we shared, And I wondered how I could have let this happen I felt so bad, So ashamed of myself for letting this happen I closed my eyes and wished that I could be back in the comfort of his arms again, Where he'd hold me forever And then, for the first time, I'd tell him how much he means to me. [/COLOR] -Megami No Yami Oh! Another one! hehe..Enjoy! [COLOR=darkblue]Deaths' Call I stood there, in the water, Looking out at the sunset The moment was perfect Then a crisp breeze whisped past my cheek, And through my long purple hair I felt a sudden chill through my body My eyes twitched, Then darkness fell I looked around, Treadin through the water, But all my eyes could vision was darkness I then heard screams, and cries in the distance I recongnized them as my friends, I ran to find them, But the only thing that I found was Death -Megami No Yami [/COLOR] This ones about an Angel..Hope ya like! =D [COLOUR=deeppink]Angelic Splendor Her wings spread, As she took flight, Fleeing from the battlefield Her long silky hair flowed with her, As she flew gracefully over the battlefield, Shedding tears of love, For all whom had died, And for whom all were injured Suddenly, There was a peircing sound that shot threw the sky The Angels' wing limped, And she fell from the sky I glimpsed the Angelic being as she was falling, And ran to grab her As I was about to catch her, But she slowly faded away I looked up, And a feather floated down gracefully onto my hands, And would stay in my soul forever. [/COLOR] Here's another one..kinda sad..but I still like it =P Enjoy! [COLOR=skyblue]I stood there, Him infront of me, Looking at me blankly I looked into his eyes, Dark as night He didn't move, smile nor speak I touched his hand, Ice cold I tried talking to him, Saying his name repeatedly He never responded, Only gave me a confused look, As if he didn't know who I was anymore I looked into his eyes again, I saw chaos, trouble, and hurt I put my hands on his shoulder, And layed my head on his chest I gripped his shirt, And started to cry Still, the boy stayed motionless I hugged him one last time, Whispered goodbye in his ear, Then left, Heartbroken [/COLOR] -Yami No Megami [color=gray] Since you're new here, I won't harp too much. But double posting is not allowed. I suggest you read the rules.-Mitch[/color]