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    I like to eat egrolls and sit at my pc. Unfortunately, at my Mom's house, I do not have cable! boo hoo. I just got back from my dads everyone! He has a cable modem and I miss it sooooo much!!
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    ...I should get a job. I feel like such a bum.
  1. I read a book called "Odd Girl Out" by Rachel Simmons, and it explains how girls bully each other psycologically, but I'm not here to attack the book. I'm here to ask, is it not just girls who pick on girls? Boys pick on girls too, and vice versa. But, I also heard that people who get bullied often end up with psycological problems. I can't complain, some people have it worse, but at my school, just like today, people try to make each other mad, then pick on them some more until they decide to hurt them, then the bully tells on them and the victim gets in trouble. Like today, we were loading s
  2. If I were to die today or tomorrow, I would regret not making amends with my friends about a dog that she blamed on me for killing (it was lost and I couldn't help her find it, but later she found it under her recliner and she still hasn't said sorry yet). Also, I would regret not ever being able to really grow up and put all the mean people at school to shame with my smarts. My most cherished memory (the one that would flash before my eyes as I die) would be the one where I was with a boy that I liked and all of my friends and my sister in the summer when we were all having a water ballo
  3. My friend called me at my other friend's house. My friend on the phone said that she had lost one of her dogs and she wanted us to come and find it. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave my friend's house because to go anywhere would mean crossing a highway and my stiff mom won't let me. So, we wished her good luck and went on playing outside. A while later, she called back and started yelling at me because she had found her dog as roadkill. She blamed it on us because we couldn't leave the house. Now she's mad at me and my friend because of me. I don't know what to do.I think I just lost one of my
  4. My greatest achievements hm? Well... 1.)Beating out sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in an essay contest. (I was in fifth grade) 2.) Reading the essay out lound in front of the whole school. ( I have a severe phobia of public speaking) 3.)Being in student counsil. For a freshman I like to think that making friends with upperclassmen is a great achievement 4.) Beating Final Fantasy 8 Those are all the greatest moments I can think of right now and I do not want to sound conceided so I am going to stop.
  5. I would have been glad if they showed the other episodes. I am never going to be able to get enough money to buy the dvd's... Oh yeah, and it is .hack//Legen of Twilight's Bracelet
  6. Why does Sora kill BT all the time? Why not? I cant find a single reason why Sora should let BT wander around ruining everybody and trading sides all the time. I like Sora BECAUSE of the fact that he kills her all the time. Sora seems to be one of the only people in the game that can see right through her. hehe... I laughed the first time she died.
  7. [b]-56/10[/b] OHHHH NOOOO!!! I knew Sora was gonna get it!! :angry2: :crying: That just RUINED my whole week. I am confused though...Did Sora get sucked into Skeith or did he turn into Skeith? OH Yeah!! That part with the fake people was confusing too, but I liked how the two met in real life. Does anyone know if CN is gonna play the fabled extra episodes of .hack//SIGN?
  8. From the time I started pre-school I had gone to a Catholic school. I liked it a lot because there was not that many people there and my whole class was really close. During the summer between fourth and fifth grade my parents got divorced so I had to move and go to a public school. I really miss the private school because you can get more attention from the teachers and you get to form a closer bond with the other people in your grade because there are not so many of them.
  9. I hope to god for Bears sake that him and BT dont really have anything. She is such a...not very nice little person and Bear is really cool. If anything, BT likes to make him think he is special because he is strong. Maybe she just wants to use him. I dont think that right now BT and Bear have anything, only because BT wouldnt use him and trick him so much if she loved him. But she is a butthead, so ya never know...
  10. [b] 10/10 [/b] I loved that episode! It was really awesome! I was sooo glad that Subaru didnt leave Tsukasa. When the other guardian was attacking the group I was yelling "GET BT! GET BT!" but he didnt. The episode was still god though. I was scared out of my pajamas when Sora was getting attacked! Even my sister (who isnt really into the series) liked the episode!
  11. I will onece again have to state my opinion on this matter. Tsukasa could only ever beat Crim if he really really WANTED TO!! And dont anyone go badmouthing Crim because he is REALLY COOL! I this matter had been settled already. Well, even if Tsukasa was level 99, if he did not want to beat Crim, Crim could beat Tsukasa into the ground.
  12. It seems to me that BT only goes with Sora because he has basically the same outlook of the situation. BT only cares about finding the Key of the Twilight and says she does not care about Tsukasa. Sora also seems to be after the Key of the Twilight, but also seems to be using others more than BT even. The only time either one of them is friends with anyone is when they want something.
  13. [b]9.9/10[/b] I liked the episode a lot (even if BT was in it and I missed the first few minutes because I was watching the bloopers from Shanghai Knights.) Crim is really cool, and I was scared for a minute when my two favorite characters (Sora and Mimiru) started fighting. I wonder if Aura really is the Key of the Twilight...Hey, maybe only dark Aura is. Or maybe I am just thinking too hard. I didnt like how BT came back. She is being really stupid. I wish she would just jump off a cliff or something. Anyways, I liked how the characters really formed today. Crim, Subaru and Tsukas
  14. I cannot get to theotaku.com homepage or see any the banner at the top of the message boards page. Is anyone having this problem, or is my computer just being stupid?
  15. My first name=Greek= Victory to the people Middle name=Latin= Rebirth Last name=Teutonic= A bird I love my name. It means such cool stuff.
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