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  1. RPG

    Rinoa ran up to Cloud and kicked the Buster Sword away from Siefers neck,"don't kill him it's this little thing they do every once and a while." Siefer:"No i was gonna kill him this time."SMACK!!!! Rinoa's opened hand conected with the side of Siefers face,it left a red hand print on his face. Rinoa:" No you weren't and you know it!" walking back to Squall to help him. Cloud still stareing at Siefer with a kind of hatered even though he dosnt really know this person. Cloud:"Why is it you want to kill my friend Sqall?" Still Stareing at Siefer. Siefer:"Why,why mwahahahahahaha you must be jokeing,why would I want to kill Squall,we always were rivals I gave him his scar,he gave me mine,he got the girl(glancing at Rinoa)and I didn't get anything,he won almost every bout we have ever had,so I can't figure out why I would want to kill him." Rinoa:"You were rivals big deal,no one I know wants to kill the rival they just want to be better than that person(starting to pick Squall up)anyway we should get Squall and Siefer to the infermery,Cloud can you help me with Squall?" Cloud:"I guess..." he walked over and picked Squall up and fallowed Rinoa to the infermery and Siefer just fallowed at a distance not wanting to be beat again.
  2. RPG

    The portal opened Cloud came out still running took one look around and said"Damn where are we?" as Goofy fell flat on his face. Goofy:"Gwarsh I don't know."looking around for some clue as to their where abouts. Cloud:"hmm..." looking around as well Unknown:"Hey you guys lost?"Both Cloud and Goffy turned around and saw Leon and some people they had never seen before. Goofy:" hey it ain't that feller Leon, Hey LEEON!" Rinoa:"Leon? whose Leon?"looking around at everyone in her party. Squall:"I am, I changed my name back Goofy its Squall now,Cloud hows it going still as quiet as ever I see." Selphie:"well you really opened up didn't you Squall?" Squall:"..."looking at Selphie with a sturn glance. Cloud:"Hello Squall can you tell me where we are?" Squall:"your in belamb were i live, so why are you here and how'd you get there anyway?" Cloud:"...long story" Rinoa:"Squall aren't you going to introduce your friends?" Squall:"The one with the sword is Cloud and the funny looking one is Goofy,this is Rinoa and thats Selphie,anyway since your here the worlds have been joined again haven't they?" Cloud:"seems like" Squall:"well lets head back to the garden so we can talk in a more pirvit place" The group starts going twards the exit of town Cloud and Squall both silent on the to the garden but the girls wouldnt shut up and Goofy who was lost just nodded and laughed at random times. They made it all the way to the garden when out of nowhere Squall falls down and a tall blonde guy with a scar like Squalls only going the other way on his face stood up and said "thats for the last training duel" Rinoa:"Squall!" Cloud got ready for the fight that was no doubt about to happen,once he was ready to fight the blonde man said "i hope your better at fighting than him" glanceing at Squall. Rinoa:"Siefer your not right at all you no that if you didnt sneek up on him Squall would have knocked you out." Siefer:"That's ENOUGH!" now wanting to fight.
  3. RPG

    Goofy:"um...what happened when I was out of it?" Cloud:"No wonder you were the only one to chase after me...ok here's what happened Sephiroth came knocked you out, you know that much right?" Goofy:" yup i guess so" Cloud:"...well after that I got into the fight and well lets say if it had gone on longer than it did then either we'd both be knocked out or dead... so yeah i think if Kiara hadn't gotten envolved when she did i wouldn't be here now,but Sephiroth told Kiara that Ansem was still alive and still the heartless master, and i think thats when you came to." Goofy:" Is that all I missed?(Cloud nodded)wow i thought i missed alot more" Cloud:"well i did forget to tell you that i... i mean Sephiroth treatened my girlfriend Aeris i think you met her once... anyway i want to get to either him first and stop him or to her first to protect her, so if thats a good enough explaination for you i think we should go." Cloud didn't bother to wait for the responce and started running twards a town. Goofy:"Cloud slow down a little!" Cloud stopped all of a sudden and Goofy smacked into his back again. Then Cloud said :"look it's a portal,let's go!" taking off again very quickly twards the portal Goofy followed as fast as he could and they both ran strait into the poral,hopeing they would end up in traverse town.
  4. Gaming

    Umm... lets see hmm... I got it in FFVIII what is BOOST and how do you use it?
  5. Gaming

    its wasnt word for it was mostly word for word geez. i would have not used the guide if i were still playing FFIX i would said what i knew but to many games stories and and animes stories going through my head.Anyway no one fully answered my question everyone forgot Kuja.
  6. Gaming

    sorry i meant how do the outfits change but i was tired last night so anyway Freyas Dragon Knight skills are Lancer-Reduces enemys hp and mp-Partisan Reis's Wind-casts regen on entire party-Mythril Spear Dragon Breath-Reduces hp of all enemies-Dragon's Hair White Draw-restores mp of entire party-Ice Lance Luna-Causes beserk to all targets-Trident Six Dragaons-Draws Hpand Mp from 2 party members to revive the other 2-Heavy Lance Cherry Blossom-causes non-elemental damage to all enemies-Obelisk Dragon Crest-deals physical damage to enemy-Holy Lance
  7. Gaming

    o ok then ummm... In FFIX who are the people that have trances and what do they turn into?
  8. RPG

    Cloud:"So how do we deside which three people are takeing the gummi ship to find Riku?" Sora:"How have a little contest?" in an unsure voice not feeling that his sugestion was all that apropreate for the situation they were in. Goofy:"um...well if everyone else agrees to it I will do it to." still kind of shaky from the Sephiroth encounter. Tidus:"I'll do it I've been wanting to fight since you guys told me about the heartless." in a more energetic way than anyone else. Donald:" i guess but a... can't we do it another way?" Cloud:"I'll do it ,I can't lose Aeris again. I refuse to lose her again.No,No I'M LEAVING NOW!."Then he took off away from the group in before anyone could try and stop him.
  9. RPG

    Cloud:"Who is Ansem,and why is he so scary for you people?" Sora:"Don't you remeber the last time the heartless attacked?" Cloud:"Of course what dose that have to do with ansem?" Donald:"Well think of him the person that controlled all of the heartless and thought that Kingdom Hearts was evil." Goofy still a little on the dizzy side joined in the conversation and said:"well Ansem was thought to be a studier of the heartless and the darkness but head hurts alot,but it turned out he was out to take over the worlds and prove that the kingdom hearts was made of darkness but i thought he died when the Kingdom Hearts opened and turned out to be light." Cloud:" So why is he still alive?" Sora:"i guess we'll have to find out why."
  10. RPG

    OOC: yes the flower girl is Aeris, who else could it be? Standing up weak kneed and dizzy all he could see was that there was Sephiroth with a sword blade around his neck?This couldnt be right Sephiroth never lets his gaurd down.Then Cloud relized the person behind Sephiroth holding the blade was Kiara. Then everthing happened so quickly CLoud couldnt believe what had just happened in a puff of black smoke and stars Sephiroth disappeared and reappeared behind Kiara with his broken Masamune around her neck now the tides have turned on Kiara then Sephiroth put his mouth close to Kiara's ear and whispered some thing although Cloud couldnt hear it he new it was bad because Sephiroth disappeared again. Cloud:"Kiara what did he say to you?"as he ran twards her to help her up. She had kind of a shocked look on her face and wouldnt answer Cloud at all.
  11. Gaming

    accualy you can steal 30+ gambler spirits but since he is one of those bosses you just dont want to mess with I wouldnt do it.So i will answer Ginny's question Auron can either learn entrust or sentinel last depending on the route you take in his sphere grid when you get to that little fork but all i know is i have both i just never use them so i cant tell you what they do.Someone else finish it.
  12. Gaming

    A:You can bribe Ultima Weapon for 1,400,000 to get 99 Pendulums Q:What can you get from Ultima Weapon from FFX when you steal from it?(if we're giveing out points bonus points for Omega too)
  13. RPG

    Cloud:" What the hell do you want?" shooting a menaceing look twards the man named Sephiroth. Taking a breath from the fight to find why his arch enemey is now here and to try. Sephiroth:"nothing...except I would like you to tell me where your girlfriends are..." in a menaceing tone. Cloud:"What have you done to them?" starting to feel his anger twards Sephiroth rise a great deal. Sephiroth:"nothing...yet."redrawing his Masamune while Cloud drew his Buster sword. In a fury cloud rushed forward blade pointed strait outward in hopes of being faster than Sephiroth and in hopes of preventing anything happening to either Tifa or Aeris. Cloud was moving faster than Sora or Sephiroth had ever seen before but still not nearly fast enough to conect with Sephiroth. When he missed he stopped dead in his tracks had Sephiroth disappeared or is he just moving to fast to be seen? Then all of a sudden he reappeared and purposely hit Cloud in the ribs with the reverse side of the Masamune. Sephiroth:"go home BOY!" Spitting the blood out of his mouth Cloud slowly got up and picked the buster sword up again.Cloud:"What do you want with my friends?" Sephiroth:"nothing...except to kill the flower girl she could pose a problem for my plans,not that any of you can stop me." Cloud feeling more anger than ever before rose into the air red electricety running all around his body.His pupils went from bright green to pure white and he unleashed his most powerful attack Omnislash.He slashed left then right then up then down then diagonaly for a long time he repeated until he finnaly conected with Sephiroth.Sephiroth stubbed backwards a bit clatched his swors tighter then preformed his version of Clouds Omnislash they floated in the air swords hitting ever few seconds then both did there finisher the swords hit then Cloud out of determination to hurt Sephiroth in any way pushed as hard as he could with the buster sword then the swords both gave way and both people were hit with the hilts and both fell out of the air knocked out. OOC: Im home and i can post now :)
  14. RPG

    Sora-"um... a heartless is one with out a heart, and they are drawn to hearts of anyone or thing."as they are walking towards the portal with Kiara. Kiara-"they are beings that have lost there hearts and have been consumed by the darkness and r now bent on sontrolling a hearts once again." Cloud-"hmm......." OOC:bluegender is going to take over my character untill sunday august 10 cause ill be away not able to post anything
  15. RPG

    "Who is this?"-Cloud said pointing at Kiara. "Oh she's..."Goofy started. "I'm Kiara who might you be?"-Kiara said. "I might be Cloud."-Cloud said in a sarcastic tone. "I think this is the most I've ever heard Cloud talk."-said Donald. Tidus walked over too the group and said "Hi I'm Tidus, and I don't know where I am.Could you help me a little by telling me where I am at the very least." "I don't know either thats another reason I'm glad to have run into Sora here."-said Cloud