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  1. number 12 is out?! must get! XD
  2. there is alot of female top nudity.in the manga that is.the anime is not as bad for that
  3. I do not do bad things.....seriously.Heck I stop my mother and grandmother from doing things like litter.....o.0 I am a good boy! lol
  4. I love Love Hina.It is my third favorite anime series!I know way too much about Love Hina.Aoyama is my favorite character @.@ then Mutsumi lol.I have seen every episode of Love Hina and Love Hina Again and I have read up to manga 11. "The other girl is from the Parakalese islands...her name is Mutsumi....She is the other girl that Kietaro happens to rember later in the series.. Does that answer your question ands was I right QA? Sorry to answer the quesion b4 you but I saw an opprutunity so flash my skills!!!" no....Mutsumi is not from Parakalese Island.She is from Okinawa.Nyamo is from Parakalese Island. *knows way too much on Love Hina*
  5. or get Slayers OVA Slayers Special or Slayers:The Motion Picture
  6. XxmagentaxX is correct,Legend of Crystania sucked.Better ways to blow money on anime.... I have never seen Ruin Explorers. Slayers is my second favorite anime next to Gundam.The music is exceptional (especailly the ones sung by Megumi Hayashibara) and it is hillarious.There are three TV series (Slayers,Slayers Next and Slayers Try)two OVA(Slayers Special and Slayers Excellent) which take place before the TV series and five movies four of which take place before the TV series (Slayers Perfect,Slayers Return,Slayers Gorgeous,Slayers Great and Slayers Premium) all following the story of Lina Inverse (voice by Megumi Hayashibara who did voices for Rei Ayanami,Haruka Urashima,Lime,Achika Masaki and Tira Misu to name a few)who is a sorcereress extraordinare.You will not go wrong with this series.
  7. I would have to say anything Slayers lol.I know I know lol but all Slayers music is the best so i will say anything Slayers,especially sung by Megumi Hayashibara @.@.
  8. Char

    T.V. Show

    Star Trek:The Next Generation.it gives a great veiw of our future and how everyone will get along
  9. i thought this might be a nice topic i got from a different board I have keys for- my Grandmas door my Grandmas deadbolt my house the pool for the complex my key chains on my keyring are- Scooby-Doo a cellphone thingy i got in Japan at Nirita airport that has Mobile Suit Gundam:Seed Sailor Mercury head (the body fell off ^_^; ) a gold keychain that says Good Luck in plastic a pepsi key chain cards to Blockbuster,Big Y,Stop and Shop and Shaws
  10. maybe Sonic Mega Collection,many people say it is bad cause it has bad graphics *rolls eyes* or maybe Godzilla:Destroy All Monsters Melee
  11. hmmmm.... Mobile Suit Gundam.Char is the best lol (DUH)then i would say Char's Counterattack (DUH!!!). for MS desgins my top ten are in order lest to favorite-Tallgeese~RGM 79-GM~Gelgoog Char Custom~HeavyArms Custom~Strike Gundam~Gundam Epyon~Nu Gundam~Tallgeese III~RX-78-2 Gundam~RGZ-91 RE-GZ Refined Gundam Zeta
  12. oh this is my favorite game!double beam saber Gundam is great! i perfer to play Adventure mode myself federation side with Gundam.the PS2 version is better than the arcade version in Japan,it was really laggy and the graphics were bad
  13. i would say mine was.....Grave of the Fireflies i guess.yeah good movie,really sad.
  14. i usually do not smile regularly at things...i just smile when i smile i guess...
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