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  1. Good, point! People never actually think on things very long, it must be a flaw in humans, but they do hast to decisions that they cannot support or try to support. The people that criticize anime are just as bad as people who criticize Rock Music. They probably haven't even heard any of the music, but they were fed the fact that is was awful by another person. I can't say much on the topic becuase I have done the same thing myself; however, haste leads to bad judgement and wrongdoing. < Age 16, own entire Gundam Wing DVD Box Set and Movie (along with some manga)
  2. Nice Idea, but the people that actually pay enough attention to GW are those that know everything about it. I suppose I might start a little discussion here. There is a lot of controversy over who actually came up with the idea to send the Gundams into the Sun, who did it Domon? GW Guru to Gw Guru...
  3. I beg to differ! I am very sure that she would like to carry out her father's "dream" in honor of his death, but that is so wrong. She was fed that load of crap by Dekim... her father, Treize, gave up on his "dream" and formally stepped down from his position in OZ. He led the final battle in the Eve Wars to preserve the peace between the colonies and Earth, and he died in battle doing so. Mariemaia was just following indirect orders...
  4. Didn't he ask for a Gundam from G-Gundam? I thought so. Mine is Spiegel Gundam from Neo Germany.
  5. I would like to see a remake of GW where Heero actually kills Relena saving us from all of her passivism bull crap.
  6. Take notice to the professions and specialties of each gundam pilot and then look at the abililites of their MS. They fit perfectly for each other.
  7. As you may recall, Heero was trained from childhood. That's why he(with the exception of Trowa, who fought in Leo since as far back as he can remember) is the only one who has no feelings. Duo, Quatre(especially), and Wufei have all had emotional experiences outside of battle which led to their being incomplete as soldiers. Plus each pilot has his special abilities which compensates for the things that are easier to do at the coming of age.
  8. Duo's was quite interesting... whereas Relina's gives alot of background on the first few episodes. Wufei's was the coolest because you learn why he calls his Gundam Nataku all the time, and demands Justice, and doesn't talk about his past. Plus it gives a lil info on why he can talk to Sally Po about it, because she led the attack on the colony (She didn't want to). Duo's was my fave tho.
  9. Hydra was totally the coolest one in there. The pilot (forgot his name) was really coool... sorta reminds you of Milliardo in the final episode.
  10. I seriously thought it was Super Deformed... cuz the models are called Super Deformed right on the boxes. Plus, I think it looks stupid but quite intruiging.
  11. Uhhh... Mariemeia is not obsessive. She was fed a story by Dekim, but she thinks that her father's(Treize) will was to take over the world; but he gave that up about half-way through the series. Everything else is true.
  12. Uhh yeah, most people like GW, but who are you talking to? The Whole of us?
  13. It sorta reminded me of Transformers with the Gundams talking and all.
  14. Deathscythe Hell Custom all the way. This Gundam really shows Duo's genius here. It's the fastest, it can disappear, and it has a massive scythe that's it's entire body length. I would say my fave MS is a Gouf.
  15. I loved the story, but I do have to say that the Domon Party at the back was the best part. Has anyone ever played Gundam Battle Assault for the PS? The Hydra Gundam was the final opponent.
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