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  1. Yea, this isn't all that bad. There's the animation style from Escaflowne that really rules.
  2. I'd like to duel a female duelist as well. I mostly duel a wide range of people at my school. My brother also duels.
  3. I'm somewhere in between. While Relena can be annoying, she also serves a major role in the story. She's determined and strong, and she wants to achieve her goals. In this way, she is a very important person to the story.
  4. I'm one of those folks who likes the darkness to remain in the show. If they edit some out, its fine, as long as it doesnt butcher the show. And yes, I remember the ketchup incedent that was mentioned by GSB Master....lol. :cross:
  5. I see nothing horrible about this. Whats wrong with the older cards being classified as Archfiends?
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Queen Asuka [/i] [B][color=hotpink][size=1]Brittney Spears said the same exact thing, and look at her name. Biggest slut in the industry, practically. Pretty soon she'll have to give up the "clean" image. They'll say "Sex sells. If you don't dress sexier, no one will want you." And by then she'll be so desperate for money, popularity, and fame, she'll go right along with it. She's 14. They can manipulate her any way they really want to. As for GORDO, he is my favorite character. You've always got to love Gordo. And Miranda is nice, too. So is Matt, lol. And Matt's friend, the one that never talks.[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] This is due to the fact that Spears is a freaking slut. On the other hand, I myself can't stand Lizzies singing. She should have stuck to acting.
  7. American anime......yugh. :therock: The show borrows anime elements, yes, but nothing can stop the suckiness of the show in general. Also, I don't like the sudden wave of stuff like this that's been flying about nowadays.
  8. duelist22


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mystfyre [/i] [B]We are limited by ourselvers and others. Just thought I'd add that. And also, while it is amzing when you think about the human body, its also slightly depressing when you know how weak we can be. [/B][/QUOTE] Yes, very true. It's only scary, however, when you see just how weak we can be in our everyday actions sometimes.
  9. Whoa.....Stabbed in the butt. :eek: Scary scary stuff. Anyways, I remember getting a blood test for my medication, and they took 4 tubes!! Although thats nothing compared to a needle up your bum. :cross:
  10. duelist22


    I despised my English teacher last year. She was always happy! Just happy happy, happy! It was creepy... :therock: Now this year, I have a teacher who can talk forever. Today, it took us a whole class period to finish reviewing notes! Short notes I might add.
  11. duelist22


    You think that was bad? HAH! The Bears played a truly crappy game Sunday. Wow, 3 turnovers....... IN THE FIRST HALF!!!! Lets hope they can do better with their team than this. On the flipside, the Packers also lost.....:D
  12. I actually have a large group of friends that like anime. One of them is one of the best anime/manga artists i've seen! :love: On the other hand, there are the people who haven't a clue what anime is, and always ask what it is, or when i'm drawing a pic, ask why i'm drawing cartoons.
  13. The ShadowFox from Zoids. :excited: That thing is great. It has both long and short-range shooting, cloaking, plus more. Its my ideal mech.
  14. Anime really hasnt affected me much, except for that cash problem most of you seem to have as well. It really hasn't affected my grades from what I can see. On the plus side i'm a avid manga/anime style drawer now. :D
  15. BeYblades? When did this appear? What has this queer world come to?!
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