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  1. name:Chaud age:14 Navi/Protoman Grade:8 Cause chaud is smart lol Picture... ill find one u'll see lol
  2. Sure ur welcome ^_^ i know quite a bit about MMBN1,2,3 and TRansmission so come to me for stuff
  3. IS THIS THING GONNA START OR WHAT PS: this Banner is my Temporary Banner it sux i know but im only using it for now
  4. Sorry my banner is too big
  5. Name:ProtoMan Weapon:Cust Sword,Heat ShadowStyle Bio: a Slick fast moving Net Navi that just loves to battle. Description: Red and Purplish Armor
  6. RealWorld:Michael Appearance: Kool afro with pick,Brown skin kinda like Dex,Wears Blue Striped Shirt and White Jeans,Wears Blue and White and1's, has a Star with a Sword in the middle as a Necklace and has a pair of Black rubber Gloves for electric work. Bio:loves his Protoman alot even though he is not rich Personality:Quiet but Determined Net Navi:ProtoMan Appearance: Scarf, Sword attached to Left Arm,Red,and purplish color armor. Bio: A thoughtful Navi that looks carefully before he makes a decision even in battle! Style: Heat Shadow Style Chips:CustSwrd,Slasher,CrsShld3,Magnum3,Muramasa,BassGS,Reco120,AlphaArm,AntiDmg,Recov300,GrabArea,Z-cannon Ability:Can absorb Sword attacks once ever 30 battles
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