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  1. ha ha. these are some good stories...or...humorous stories. any ways, im sorry you feel that way wiccansamurai but please know and note that i am not a perv, and that i have never touched a girl in an unappropriate way -EVER-. im not sure what that statement changes, but oh well. i can't get over some of these stories though.....hahahaha
  2. hahaha. good stories, but why would you slap me,wiccansamurai?! i anwsered the question honestly! and as for me being a "lucky bastard"....HAHAHAHA! i wont say i didnt like it, but it was unappropriate at the time. lol. im just glad the teacher didnt catch her doing that next to me...that teacher HATED me and would have freaking had me in detention for the rest of the year. i don tknow why but all my teachers have liked me EXCEPT that one. stupid history teacher....want to know what pisses me off the most about her? on 9/11 when i got to class she made us all sit down and watch the news. now i was interested and i was praying that everything would be worked out, but she yelled at us to get our attention and stated the most sick comment i've ever seen (and i will never forget it) "this is the best day of my life! see whats happening in new york! you should all be extremely happy that this is happening because this is history in the making that no one will ever forget!" i was so sick i said to her face "what a load of crap you idiot" and walked out of the room. heh. that wasnt akward, but i enjoyed it. :P
  3. i would have to say mine is pretty close to that. i was sitting in history when my friend asked me if i thought she was attractive. me being a forward guy said "yeah, i think you look great" and she responded with "well, i like my body, but i dont like my boobs. i wish they were bigger" and proceeded to...ermm..."fondle" them you could say, for the remainder of class in front of me while asking me what i thought of them in different positions or what not. it was all very strange....
  4. Maybe you are just stressed, or are having anxiety problems? I was going to say heart burn at the begining of the post, but heart burn usually doesnt cause depression. heh. any ways, did you take anything weird for your cold? You might have had an allergic reaction to cold medicine, or something else. Like for me, when i take codine i get either A- super-uncontrolablly(SP) hyper or B- super depressed and wish i would die. i dont know, a few things you might want to think about. im glad you are feeling better though.
  5. man, you can have sex any time...go ahead, but then you have to remember you are just a hooker. no offense to any one, but sex is a very mature thing. and christians dont see sex as a sin...pffft, shows how much you know. ANY WAYS, i believe that sex should be an act between man and wife, not something for you to toy with or "experiment" with because its a large life change. You look at relationships completely different after you've had sex, and you could also screw up and have a kid! now, dont take me the wrong way, some people do things on accident and have children, but that doesnt justify it. they could love their children but it was still unplanned and it completely changed their life. sex is ment to be between a man and a women in the bonds of matramony (SP) and thats that.
  6. i can anwser this question! Wait until your married, save it for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. YAY! har har! BTW, sex (when you're married) drugs (whe you're sick) and rock'n'roll (ALL the time)
  7. Im a little behind, so i'll try to catch up. in my opinion there have been so many great albums out this year its hard to single them out. now CD's released this year, i dont know how many i've already baught, but CD's that have been previously released and i baught this year is different. CD's that have been released this year that i enjoy are as follows- Blind Guardian Live - these germans know what good metal is, and with a two disc set for only 18 bucks that beats any other metal right there. there classic sound is quite amazing and the way hansi sings is incredible. Ranging from acoustic ballads such as "In the Forest" to heavy metal songs as "The Soulforged" they are great. The Early November - The rooms too cold - what a great album from a brand new band. Their first release, the "for all of this EP" was quite possibly the best new band i've heard last year. Now that their new full length has come out it is mind blowing what teenagers can do with music and creativity. every one in the band is lesse than 20 and yet they have the skill and know-how of music as if they were 80 year old men who still want to play so they join weird jazz bands. any ways, thats my opinion The Starting line - "Make yourself at home" EP - another outstanding peice or work from such a young band, especially since 4 of the six songs were recorded in the back of a tour bus while on the road, and all the drum tracks were recorded with a old Casio "learn-how-to-play" keyboard. what a great acoustic album. Further Seems Forever- How to start a fire i can go on and on about this band. they are my #1 (tied with blink 182) but wow...from the moment the CD starts to the time it ends, its one large trip of melodical perfection. I saw this band in concert not too long ago and the singer even held the mic up to my face for me to sing on the very last song. that was quit possibly the best night of my life...but wow. This band is the best. other good albums of the year- Blink 182 - untitled (
  8. Iny my opinion, a person creates what they are. I also feel that the parents of the child help create the child as well. Them teaching the child right from wrong, good from bad, etc etc, in essance it helps mold the child into the adult they become, i also feel that society and their friends help create what they are as well. A good example is looking at american children and african children. In Africa, there is still a strong sense of Ancestors, sacrificing to the gods, the strange piercings, living in the jungle and so forth. Their parents raised the children that way. And then the American kids, the technology-literate (SP) that its just how they live. They have money handed to them, and have no clue what else is out there. So its two big differences in culture, but also how the parents raise them. Thats my opinion any ways. Esca*
  9. TheEsca

    "Emo" Music?

    I have a question. how do you all feel about "emo" music? as in emo, im referring to almost all forms of "emo" music, not just the emo-pop bands like All-American Rejects, or dashbord confessional, but also the emo-rock bands to further seems forever and finch. Also including what i personally consider "emo-core" bands such as norma jean, dead poetic, and so forth. Now i personally enjoy almost all form's of "emo" music, becuase simply stated, its good music. i want to know every one else's opinion's on it, just out of curiosity of course. Thanks. Esca*
  10. Well, im brand new to this board, and i will state my thoughts. My friends told me this was a pretty cool board, but i see alot of fighting, and dear i say...."nazi"-ism. So i will watch what i say, but i will exercise my freedom of speech. A- i do not agree with homosexuality or homosexual weddings. B- i do not judge people on being homosexual, but i will not support it in my personal life C- I know homosexuals and i know bi-sexuals, and of course i know hetrosexuals, i treat them all as i would want to be treated well, thats my two cents. i will talk to you all later i suppose, have a good evening.
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