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    I'm spontaneous, i don't like to plan things much, big procrastinator (but hey, i think i work best under pressure!) I like to listen to music ranging from classical and opera to rap and hip hop. And just so you know i'm a spaz.
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    Heh heh, I work at Dairy Queen. Pay sucks but it's the people i tell you!
  1. oops! I guess that's what I get for not reading through the whole thing. sorry.
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by T man [/i] [B]The wolfwood guy from trigun is my favorite because he is so cool.:D [/B][/QUOTE] If you get far enough into the series Wolfwood is definitely not a minor character. In the episode Paradise, it made me cry when what occured in the church happened. But one of my favorite minor characters in this series would be Kaite. And the cat! It's in every episode.:excited:
  3. I never was a big Inyuasha fan, but my little sis is. she's really mad that they took it off. I was mad when they took Trigun off. I came in on the series in the middle i think then i missed a few episodes here and there. So i bought the boxed set and wow! It's a lot more powerful when you see all the episodes. The schedule I have for adult swim is Big O, Kikaider, Trigun *yeah*, and Lupin. Lupin's a fun show. And is it just me or does the negotiator on Big O sound a bit like spike on Cowboy Bebop? (I've only seen Big O once and I kept thinking it Cowboy Bebop. it was weird.)
  4. I'm kinda new to the whole anime thing. But I do have to say that from the few shows of Cowboy Bebop i did see, i liked it. I even pre-ordered the movie. The movie was great. But I would have to say that Trigun is what got me hooked on anime. I bought all the episodes for the series and I really like it. Vash is hilarious! My sister says he's bi-polar but she's only seen a couple of episodes. But back to Bebop, it's got great music, great dubbing, and the artwork is awsome. This is my opinion and think what you may.:box:
  5. Let's see, if anime went away without a trace i would probably be watching something else at 3 o'clock in the morning. I would probably read more and my computer desktop wouldn't be a collection of pictures of Vash that I made. I would really miss Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. I would be sad but it's nothing to commit suicide over. And I would have a lot more money in my checking. wouldn't we all? ;)
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