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  1. Anime

    Not sure if you're talking about .hack//Legend of the Twilight, also know as .hack//DUSK, or not. I myself found something on it a few days ago. [url][/url] I also bought the DVD of it a week ago, it was good. :3 You'd probably want to ask Ani_Freak about anything .hack ;)
  2. Anime

    That's why I love Naruto too, all of the chararcters are developed well, you know what their personallity is. To tell you the truth, I have a slightly larger forehead then most people too, though no one really notices it. And I also have this inner me that curses out a lot of people because I never have the heart to say what I'm thinking. Naruto is kind of a way of life to me too, when Friday and Saturday roll around, I'm usually checking for a new chapter every hour. XD Another thing that Studio Peirrot may do is let 4kids license Naruto and bring it to America. Naruto is not a kids show, and 4kids already ruined the Shaman King, in my opinion.
  3. Anime

    [QUOTE=Godelsensei][COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New][Spoiler]And did you hear about the possibility of the show's introducing a major character that did not appear in the manga? I hate it when that kind of thing happens. Damn them...>_> [/FONT][/COLOR][/Spoiler][/QUOTE] [spoiler]Yeah, Studio Peirrot said that Naruto needed some "Comic Relief." They claimed that this new person would appear after the movie release in Japan. The way they described his character in the Newtype artical, he sounded just like Jiraiya to me. None of this idea makes any sense, and it ticks me off.[/spoiler]
  4. Writing

    That's kinda forcing DW to let you.... that's harsh man. o.O At least give him credit if you're going to take it and run. As a friend of mine would say, "Holy copyright infragment, Batman!"... Oh, yes, I'm stocked up on quotes tonight.
  5. Writing

    Armadillos Gavynn? XD What will you think of next? Your ideas are always the best though, keep it up! Poor Shinmaru, he's never given a break....
  6. Writing

    That was the awsomest DW. *glomps* Taught me..... absolutly nothing. XD Except Syk will make you wash underwear. (been awhile since I've been here, but you always keep me coming back DW!)
  7. Well, I have been gone for more then the holidays, as it's been so very long since I posted. ~went to grandparents house last Sunday for an early Christmas ~went to see the lights at the zoo ~went to see Lord of the Rings some day last week, can't remember when o.O ~played some video games ~did some computer graphics out of boredom ~read a lot ~had Christmas ~had a soup yesterday I think ~went sledding ~slept in :P
  8. RPG

    Okay, Gav, I'm not gonna start this quite yet. I just wanna say that this is sounding a lot like Skies of Arkadia for Dreamcast. Not that that's a bad thing! ;) And that, my friend is why I cannot reply quite yet. *digs out Dreamcast and blows some dust of it* Now, where is Arkadia? *digs some more* Ah. here we go. *starts up game. Opens saved file of newer game. Looks on in confusion* Where the heck am I and what was I doing!?
  9. Anime

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by haruno_sakura [/i] [B]Naruto never fails to make me laugh, which is why it's my favorite anime right now. Anyway, one of the funniest moments is in Episode 3 when [spoiler]Naruto is staring down his rival Sasuke, because Sakura, his crush, really likes him, and then someone bumps Naruto from behind, forcing Naruto and Sasuke to kiss while all the Sasuke fans stare on in horror. Also, in the same episode, I couldn't stop laughing when Naruto transforms into Sasuke to get closer to Sakura, and when they're about to kiss, Naruto gets diaherria (sp?). OMG, it really came out of nowhere, and I couldn't stop laughing.[/spoiler] [/B][/QUOTE] I know! [spoiler] That whole episode freaked me out! It was even worse in the anime! My brothers in Japan right now and he sent me the first few episodes because he knows how much I love Naruto. Another funny moment from Naruto is when Naruto keeps on calling Haku a girl even though it's a boy. XD[/spoiler] A big Inu-Yasha one : [spoiler] In the second movie, after Inu-Yasha and Kagome kiss [omg, I loved that!], Miroku stares at Sango. Sango raises her hiriakutsu, saying, "Oh, no! Don't you dare get any thought you pervert!" Or something like that.[/spoiler]
  10. Sign Up

    Umm, yeah, I'm not seeing it Gav. And you're not on AIM, so yeah. . . o.O Yay, I was picked! *tracks down cat and tells her that she is never alowed to look out the window again. o.o
  11. Sign Up

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i] [B]And I do know where your bedroom is, Kate. MUHAHAHAHA! [/B][/QUOTE] WHAT?! Did the cat tell you?! MILLIE GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE.
  12. Sign Up

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i] [B]Silence, you! It won't get you in sucking up like you are! Go to your room =3 But she's right anyways. Still need more :) [/B][/QUOTE] You don't know where my room is so ha! =P I laugh at you now! Puhahaha. But, I am currently sleeping in my brothers room cuz he's in Japan and his bed is comfy. BUT, you don't know where that is either! [it's just down the hall from my room, acroos from the bathroom. But, you don't know where any of these are! =3] But, I was right. About how many people do we need?
  13. Sign Up

    Do I get bonus points because I had you in it, Gav? =3 It 'twas so true too. ;) Bonus points for Kaitlyn? Nice good everyone! I think we need some more though.
  14. Sign Up

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i] Kate: Gavynn? Gavynn: Kate? Barney: Kate? Kate: Barney? Gavynn: Barney? Kate: Kate? Gavynn: You are Kate. Kate: Yeah. [/QUOTE] Yay, I was used. But, Barney? o.O Payback time! Here we go: [i]There's a fox running by Gavynn and Kate.[/i] Kate: Lookie! (Pointing to the fox.) A fox! Just like I am. Gavynn: Yeah, right. Kate: I'm innocent like foxes. You said so yourself, doofus. Gavynn: . . . (With a little odd expression on his face.) [i] Both of them begin to ponder.[/i] Kate: What's a fox doing around here anyhoo? Gavynn: I have no clue what so ever. Kate: That's because you're dumb. Gavynn: I'm sexy. Kate: . . . Gavynn: What?! I am! Kate: Yeeaah. . . [i]Ten more foxes run by.[/i] Kate: What is going on? Gavynn: Don't know, don't care. Kate: I bet they're running away from you. Gavynn: Then they're the males. They're running away because I'm so sexy. Soon, the females will come. Kate: Uh huh . . . [i] A hawk flies by and picks up Gavynn.[/i] Kate: Ha ha! (Rolls over laughing.) Gavynn: What?! NOOO!! Nice hawkie. . .
  15. Writing

    Gav, you've out done youself! *is speeckless* Far better then anything I could ever do! How long it'd tkae ya?