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    I'm nice,friendly,outgoing,easy to get along with,and sometimes I'm shy
  1. i live in south carolina it's in united states of america
  2. [SIZE=1]My favorite band is Evanescence and my favorite song is called "bring me to life"[/SIZE] :wigout: [SIZE=1][color=red]Don't post random images for no reason - Semjaza[/color][/SIZE]
  3. [FONT=century gothic]I'm fine south carolina ^_^[/FONT] :ball: :wigout: :angel:
  4. [FONT=century gothic]My strange dream was when i was in this big water park in the beginning of the dream i was on this monster ride thing at the end of the monster i was holding it's tail and guess what the cast of save by the bell was in my dream also which was really wierd dunno why though [/FONT] :cool:
  5. [COLOR=blue]The thing that scary me the most is roller coaster i hate be in high places and i'm scared of animals that have slimy scales[/COLOR]