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  1. [I]"Friends and companions. Please meet me at where I stand. Your thoughts and curiousity at which why you are here will be answered." [/I] [COLOR=DarkRed] Everyone had stopped when they heard Hudrenda's words. Terra and Kakaulani turned towards Ty and Melina after Hudrenda stopped talking, or for better words thinking, to them. "Sounds like the big man's awake." Ty said gravely. "Did he just stop thinking or did he cut the connection?" "He cut it." said Melina as she let go of Ty's hand and crossed her arms. "Apparently he wants to be left alone for a while, but before he cut it I did catch a small glimps of his feelings." She frowned slightly after saying this and seemed to be staring into space. "What were they." said Terra after watching her expression for a bit. Melina jerked out of her spaciness and looked up at Terra. "Sorry?" "His feelings, what were they?" Terra said a little bit annoyed. Melina looked at the white nothingness before replying, "He was worried about something." Ty frowned then asked, "What was he worried about?" "I don't know," she said has she turned to look at him. "but I think we better go meet with him if we want any answers. Which shouldn't take us that long since he's in the garden." "Well then lets think of the garden and get there already." Kakaulani said evenly. The others nodded their heads in agreement before they all ,except Ty, closed their eyes and imagined the garden that felt like home to them. When they opened there eyes again instead of seeing the white nothingness they saw all types of trees and vegetation surrounding them. Ty took a deep breath and said somewhat lightly, "Smells like we're already there." Melina smiled and said, "You're right, we're here. Now we just have to find him." "Then lets get going." Terra said as she turned and started to walk away. Melina took Ty's hand again and followed Kakaulani who had already started following Terra.[/COLOR] O.C.C. Sorry that this one is shorter than my last post. It would be alot easier to write if some of the other guardians would write more often. Any way, promise to make my next post longer than this one. ;)
  2. [COLOR=DarkRed]Melina, Terra, and Ty were still walking in what appeared to be nothing, when they saw another figure in the distance. Even from there they could see the wings of their fellow Guardian [I]Kakaulani[/I]. When they were close enough for her to hear them Melina called out to her like she did the others. "Kakaulani!" she said with a small smile. Kakaulani turned and looked her for second before walking towards her and the others. They all stopped a few feet from each other. "Melina, Ty, Terra." She nodded her head at each of them as she said their names. "It's been a while since we last seen each other." "Or heard." Ty added ruefully. Melina glanced at him with a sad smile and replied, "Yes, it has been a while, but why have we been brought out of our sleep?" "I'm sorry Melina, but I have no idea." Kakaulani said evenly. "Something tells me that we're not going to find out why until we regain consciousness." Melina said with a heavy sigh. "Lets connect with Hudrenda, then we'll decide what to do from there." "Sounds like a plan to me, lets get going." Kakaulani said as she and Terra started to walk off. Right as Melina started to follow them when she heard Ty give a soft noise that sounded suspiciously like a growl. *Ty,* She mentally said to him calmly. * will you please do me a favor and not fight with Hudrenda this time? It's been a long time since we've last seen each other and I don't want it to be you two having a mental fight with each other alright?* He gave a mental sigh and replied, *I'm not going to promise you anything Melina, but I will 'try' not to fight with him. It's partially your fault that we don't get along quite as well as we use too.* *I know it is.* Melina thought gravely. "Hey!, come on you two. We don't have all day." Kakaulani yelled at them from up ahead. "Actually we kind of do have all day." Melina heard Terra tell Kakaulani as they continued to walk up ahead. She smiled and turned to Ty. "Come on, lets get going." Ty nodded his head before Melina grabbed his hand and followed the others that were already ahead of them.[/COLOR]
  3. [COLOR=DarkRed]Deep in the Amazon Forrest lies a hidden building completely surrounded by trees except for a narrow path that a large truck can barely squeeze through. The building is three stories high and two stories under ground. A jeep drives on the narrow path leading to the buildings hidden garage. It pulls in and parks in one of the empty parking lots next to about a dozen different vehicles. A man carrying a bow and a satchel of arrows gets out of the jeep and walks to the nearest elevator. He is wearing a white lab coat, black pants and shoes, a blue shirt, and gold name tag with the name [I]Morrick[/I] engraved on it. He has short black hair, green eyes, and his appearance is one of weariness. He pressed the button marked U2 and the elevator started to go down. Once the doors opened he walked to the end of the hall where a large metallic door stood with a number lock on it. He typed in the code and pulled open the door with some difficulty then walked into a room that was obviously a lab. On a bio table in the center of the lab was a woman with long light red hair and rabbit ears with only a white sheet to cover her. A chinese woman wearing a lab coat, black skirt and pumps, a green shirt, and a gold name tag with the name [I]Meeshka[/I] engraved on it turned to the man. Looking just as weary if not more she said hoarsely, "Dr. Morrick, I take it that you found something in the tree?" ?No, well not in it any way, but near it." He said then held up the bow and arrows and continued. ?These two items were under a bunch of the roots near the base of the tree. I think they belong to her." He nodded towards the woman on the bed then he put the items on a near table. "Well, while you were out finding those she started to show signs of mental awareness." said Dr. Meeshka evenly. ?But she still hasn't woken up yet." ?Interesting, well I guess we better start running some test then." Said Morrick as he headed towards the bio bed. While Dr. Morrick and Dr. Meeshka are talking the woman on the bed, known as [I]Melina[/I] the guardian of nature, started to reach out to the other guardians with her mind. In her mind she is dressed in a long flowered dress that covers her abnormal feet. All around her is nothing, but a white color. She looks around sees someone in the distance. She walks towards the person until she is close enough to see the person?s details. It is a man with a bandana tied around his eyes. She immediately called out his name and ran towards him until she was a few feet away. "TY!" ?Melina, is that you?" He said unemotionally. ?Yes,? she smiled even though she knew he couldn't see it then said, ?I don't suppose you know as to why we have been awakened do you?" He shook his head as he replied, ?No, I was hoping you could tell me that, but since you're asking me I guess not." There was an awkward silence between them for a long time until Melina couldn't take it any more and broke it. ?I?m sensing that the others are also awake. We should go connect with them and see if they know why we are awake." she said evenly. ?Alright then lets go." he bowed and said jokingly," Ladies first." She rolled her eyes, grabbed his hand, and started to walk towards what looked like nothingness.[/COLOR]
  4. Hey Kyle, I'm glad that the RPG is up and everything, but didn't we already answer the question about what happened in our bio's. Even if we didn't you your self said that the gods had cursed the guardians and that one of the goddesses was kind enough to put us all to sleep. So what is the point in starting our characters off by repeating something that has already been posted? Charlie
  5. [QUOTE=Annie][color=navy][size=1]Kyle, what is taking so long? I know about what happened at work, but the least you can do is update for us. I don't know what the others think, but the more you delay, the less interested I am becoming. I'm very excited to retry this RPG, considering the last attempt was jumbled and out of control. It's been over two weeks now, what's holding you up? I know I'm supposed to take this to PM's, but this (I've found) grabs attention much quicker and more efficiently.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] If you didn't believe me before Kyle than here's my proof. I wasn't kidding when I said that Annie was getting tired of waiting and to be quite honest with you, so am I. I understand about the situation and everything, but I told you that you need to at least start the RPG so the rest of us can continue it while you rest. *sighs* I also know that I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm hoping that Kyle will take me a little bit more seriously if he reads it in this thread. Thank you. ~Charlie Levoy~
  6. [quote name='Burori']That's right. I told her to do that. heh. All we need is Arika's post of the earth guardian then we can begin.[/quote] Um does Arika even know about this and if so does she even want to do this? Cause if not then let's let someone else, or maybe even Duo, take her place. Oh another thing you still need to make one minor adjustment to your first post Kyle. Just a reminder. ^_^ OOPS!, heh, Sorry about that Arika. ^_^!
  7. I am finally done. Here is the new and improved Melina. [U]Name[/U]: Guardian #5- Melina [U]Age[/U]: Undetermined [U]Guardian[/U]: Nature [U]Appearance[/U]:[url]http://www.we-love-anime.com/gallery/index.php?g=Chobits&p=45&frpg=3&f=#pic[/url] (she also has the feet of a cat) [U]Personality[/U]: Melina is a very kind and gentle person, but you can't control her. She is very intelligent and is no ones fool. She is a very calm person most of the time, but when angered she's not particularly pleasant to be around. [U]Weapons[/U]: [U]Bow and Arrow[/U]- These items are always kept with her and are mainly used for long distant combat. Her satchel produces an unlimited amount of arrows. [U] Plant Staff[/U]- This staff is one that is made when needed. Its design depends on what plant Melina grows it from. It is mostly used for hand to hand combat. [U]Abilities[/U]: [U]Elemental Arrows[/U]- The arrows in her satchel can use the four elements. [U]Telepath[/U]- Melina has the ability to hear the thoughts of all the creatures on earth and she can talk to anyone she chooses with her mind. [U] Plant Growth[/U]- Another ability is that she can control the growth of plants at will. [U]Healing Blood[/U]- Melina's blood is a healing agent that not only allows her to heal fast, but also to heal the wounds of others. When her blood is mixed with water, chamomile, and Ginseng it can cure most poisons of today's world. [U]Bio[/U]: Melina had been the Guardian of Nature for centuries before she ever traveled to Egypt. She was just a guardian with immortal life that could still be killed by mortal means. The people of Egypt ,however, began to see her as one of the Egyptian Gods. The real Egyptian gods disapproved of this and cursed her with the ears of a rabbit and the feet of a cat in hopes of proving her as a false god. All this really did was encourage the people that she truly was a Goddess. Realizing that their plan had failed the Gods then imprisoned her in a large tree in the middle of a vast forrest to sleep for all eternity. So there she remained for centuries on end until the day humanity, or scientists in this case, released her from her imprisonment and eternal slumber. And there you have it. If you have any problems with this Kyle, please notify me and we'll discuss it.
  8. Lol I can't wait to see your improved character Annie. As for me, well I'm going to reread my character describtion and I might make some changes, but other than that I promise to post it sometime soon. ;) ~Charlie~ ~ Blood Rose~ P.S. Kyle please check your email. I sent you one yesturday and I need a reply ASAP. It's about a suggestion I had for my character. Thank you^_^
  9. It was 6-o-clock when Aura finally left work. She had stopped by Kash-N-Karry to do a little grocery shopping before heading home. It was 6:30 when she got back to her car with her groceries. She was three blocks from her apartment when she had to pull over to let a firetruck pass her which was going 50 mph. *I wonder where they are headed.* Aura thought as she pulled back onto the road. five minutes later Aura pulled up to her apartment building. She saw the firetruck that had passed her earlier trying to put out a fire that was coming from the windows in her apartment. She stared in shock as she got out of her car. She was still staring at the roaring flames when her neighbor Becky ran up to her. Becky looked at Aura with concern as she said, "Oh Aura, I am so sorry that it had to be you who had the fire." Aura looked at Becky as if though seeing Becky for the first time. Aura shook her head silently before pulling herself back together. " How did this happen?" she asked Becky in somewhat of a calm voice. Becky shook her head as she responded, " No one knows Aura. One minute we were all going about our buisness and the next the fire alarm was going off. (Aura looked down to the ground) We didn't where the fire was until we came out here and looked up at building. (Aura nodded her head in understanding) Why don't you go see Lance while I take care of all the questions that you would be ask?" Aura looked back up at her and smiled slightly as she said, " Thanx Becky, I think I will." Becky gave her a quick hug before opening the car door to let Aura in. Once Aura was in Becky shut the car door and Aura started up the engine. After she put on her seat belt she drove off down the street, but instead of going to see Lance she was heading towards Vormir's apartment. Half of an hour later Aura was knocking on Vormir's door which was ight in front of the parking lot on the second floor. So she didn't have to walk far from her car. After knocking three times the door opened and a shocked Vormir was staring at her. " Aura, your an hour early. I wasn't expecting you untill eight." Vormir said surprisenly. Aura thought for a moment a about how she was going to tell him that her apartment was burned down and that she had groceries in the car. All of a sudden she remembered the floppy disk he had given her for safe keeping three years ago and figured that she would start there. She looked at him and said, "Hey, Vormir Do you remember that floppy disk you gave me three years ago?" He looked at her perplexed and said, " You mean the one that had the one that had the information of my inheritance from my grandfather? (Aura nodded her head) Yeah I remember it. I gave you that copy just incase if I should lose the original." "Yeah, well I don't have it any more." she said in a small voice. He looked at her with a frown and said, " What do you mean you don't have it? You said that you hid it underneith the television for safe keeping." " That's just it. (sighs and then forces her self to tell him) When I got home after work there was a firetruck in front of my buliding. (looks down before continueing) It was my apartment that was on fire." she finished in a whisper. He looked at her in horror then pulled her into his arms held her. " I am so sorry Aura." he said kindly. After hearing those words she finally broke down and stared crying. " Oh god Vormir. All of my things were in there. Everything I had ever owned was in there and now it's gone. It's all gone." she said as she cried on his shoulder. " Shh....It's alright honey. I'll help you out. Just like I always do when you're in trouble. Just like you would do for me if I was in trouble right now. (he pulled back a little to look at her) Okay? " he said in a soothing voice which calmed her down immensly. She nodded her head and smiled up at him in reassurance. " Alright, then let's go on inside and have a cup of coffee." he said as he put an arm around her shoulders. " Umm...would it be alright to put my groceries in your fridge? I had bought some on my way home from work. " she asked sweetly. He laughed then said, "Of coarse you can. Let's go get them real quick." They both went down stairs to Aura's car and got the few paper bags full of food. Then they went back upstair and into his apartment.
  10. Aura and Vormir had just paid for there meal and were getting into the car. Vormir started up the engine and pulled out of the parking spot. Aura knew that sooner or later she would have to give him an explanation, but she wasn't sure how to approach the subject or how he would react to it. Once Vormir pulled out of the parking lot he looked over at Aura. " So tell me, why do you have a floppy disk in hidden pocket and am I right in assuming that there are other copies of it lying around somewhere?" he asks. Aura sighs as she confirms his guess. "Yes there are other copies of the disk. I found the original one on the floor at my work. Lance dropped it." He gives her a suspicious look the replys, " Hu huh and what exactly is on this disk?" " All of the passwords to the governments computer data base and the information that you would find in the data base." she stated bluntly. He looked at her in horror then pulled off to the side of the road. He looks back at her and replys, "Ok let me get this straight. Lance walked into your work, dropped a disk that just happens to contain the passwords to the government data, you find the disk and knowing you also hacked into it, and now you have made copies of it. Oh and you're also are carrying one of the copies in your coat pocket." " Yes, Vormir that's exactly what happened. Now will you please pull back onto the road now and tke me to work?" He looks at her then turns back to the wheel and drives back onto the road. He remains silent and drives her to work. Five minutes later when he pulls in the parking lot of her work he finally looks at her again. " Aura I'm not going to lie to you so when I tell you that you have most likely put yourself in great danger I mean that almost without a doubt you have put yourself in great danger." he stated. aura looked at him with an understanding and said, "I was afraid you were going to say that." " How did Lance get the disk any way? " Vormir asked curiously. " He says that he found it in the parking lot, but I think he lied to me so I don't know. (vormir stops the car in front of the building) Any way I got to get back to work." Aura said as she picked up her purse. " Aura I want you to come over to my house for dinner so I can take a look at that floppy disk on my computer. Alright? " He asked. " Sure, I'll be there at 8." She gives Vormir a quick hug goodbye then gets out of the car and walks into the building.
  11. Lyla was being chased by creatures that she had never seen before. *How did I get my self in this mess? I mean first I arrive at school late, then I see a girl with wings, ten minutes into my third period class and these guys show up, now I'm being chased by them, and to top it all off I'm not allowed to use my powers.* Lyla thought to her self as she dodged a couple more monsters that she ran into when she turned the corner. Lyla managed to pass the monsters and continue running. She saw one of the stair wells, but when she started to go towards it more of the creatures came up from the lower level. She dismissed the stair well and turned to the corner at the end of the hall only to come to a dead end. When she turned back around she saw at least a dozen of the creatures if not more. They surrounded her on three sides and her back was against the wall. She looked around and thought, * Damn, (sighs) well so much for not using my powers. I only hope that mom and dad forgive me.* Coming to terms with her decision she summond up her called upon The Moon Sword. There was a stream if white light coming from the ceiling and when it if the floor a few inches in front of her a sword appeared with the blade stuck into the floor and the blue and white handle sticking up. Without further delay Lyla grabbed the sword and it quickly from the ground. She immeadiately began attacking the creatures using her spped and agility to manuver around them and dodge their attacks. One of them managed to cut her fore arm and another punched her across the face causing her to fall to the ground. She waited for only a second or two to shake off the punch before leaping back onto her feet and attacking again. Eventually Lyla realised that they can hurt her, but for some reason she either couldn't hurt them or more kept showing up from somewhere else. If she didn't find some way out of there soon she wasn't sure that she was going to be able to hold them off for much longer.
  12. Aura and Vormir had reached the restaurant and were now sitting at a table looking over the menu. She decided to have the Tour of Italy and Coke since she did have to go back to work. She had just sat down her menu when the waiter arrived. " Hi my name is Tony and I will be your waiter this evening. Are you two ready to order?" he said politely. " Yes umm....I'll have the Tour of Italy with a Coke please." Aura said as she looked up at Tony. Tony jotted it down before looking at Vormir saying, "Ok......and for you sir?" " I'll have what she's having and I would also like the Mozzarella Cheese Stix appitizer please." Vormir said to the waiter. " Will that be all? (Aura and Vormir nodded there heads) Alrighty then I'll be right out with your appitizer and drinks." Tony said as he closed the pad that he had been writing on. As Tony walked past Aura he accidently knocked her coat off the chair next to her. Not realizing this he kept walking towards the kitchen. When Aura was about to get up Vormir ushered her to sit back down. " Don't bother I'll get it." he said as he bent over to pick the coat up. When he picked it up the floppy disk that had been in her hidden pocket fell out and hit the carpet. Vormir put the coat back onto the chair then bent over again to get the disk. He looked at it then at Aura. After a while he gave her a certain look that had the word 'explain' written in it. She looked at him for a minute or two then replied, " Look I know that you want me to explain as to why I have a floppy disk in my hidden pocket and I promise you that I will, but for right now lets just enjoy lunch. (he started glaring at her) I'll explain everything in the car. Promise." she said while giving him a pleading look. He sighed and said, " Alright Aura, but when we get in the car I had better hear your story or I won't take you back to work got that? (she nodded her head) good." Vormir lightened up a little and they started chit chatting again as they waited for their food and while they ate their food.
  13. O.C.C Oops, heh sorry I forgot to keep look out for this RPG. Lyla was through the halls as she looked at her schedual. "Hmm...lets see, Study Hall 1st, Ugh German 2nd, Trigernometry 3rd, Chemystry 4th, P.E 5th, Public Speaking 6th, and of coarse English 7th. (sighs) At least I have a study hall this time." She said to her self. She had already missed her first period class and was on her way to second hoping that she wouldn't miss that class too. * I'm gonna have to stop my morning exercises with dad if I'm going to get to school on time. (looks back at her schedual) Them again it would be worth it to skip German. I didn't pass it the first time and unless they got different teacher now i doubt I'll pass it this time.* she thought as she walked around a corner. Lyla froze and immeadiately noticed that something was odd about this scene in front her. She started to evalute the scene before her. *Lets see here. There's a guy standing at the end of the hall way with a girl in front of him and they both are staring at another girl who has wings. (her eyes widened) A GIRL WHO HAS WINGS.* Lyla stood there watching the others in the hall way. None of them seemed to notice that she was even there.
  14. Aura entered her office thirty minutes after leaving the Chinese restaurant. She put her purse down next her computer and turned on her computer. She looked at the illumanis clock in the corner of her desk and noticed that it was 11:30. Aura whispered, "Damn Vormir is going to be here in an hour." She looked back to the screen and typed in her password. She started to pull up the data base for the new laptops when the thought about the floppy disks in her cabnet and inside zipper coat pocket came to mind. She had assumed that Lance had dropped it when he came into the building this morning. She didn't buy his 'I found it in the parking lot' story. Since he had obviously lied to her she had told him that both of the other copies were here at the office. So she had told him only half of the truth. At least she had been some what truthful. She went back to her project and worked on it nonstop. An hour later she started to get frustrated with whole thing when Vormir walked in. She turned and looked at him before replying. " Oh hi Vormir, let me just close this up real quick and we can go." she said in a sighing kind of voice. " You sound frustrated." said Vormir. " Yeah well you don't have to mess with some stupid laptops that refuse to work." she said as she turned of her computer and grabbed her purse. " Well then this might cheer you up. We're going to Olive Garden for lunch. " he said with a grin. She smiles at him and says, " Well that brightens up my day." They both start laughing as they leave her office and headed toward Vormir's car.
  15. Name: Lavon Age: 17 Gender: Female Grade: 12th Element: Moon Bio: Lavon was born to a mother and father like any other child, but while her mother is human her father is a spirit animal. He looks human, but in his true form he is actually a wolf that can change into a human. Like her father she cah also become a wolf however her true form is human. Despite her abnormalty she still went to school at her mothers request. Although she had to promise her parents not to use any of her powers out in public she was allowed to develop her powers under the watchful eye of her father. She can use her powers at any time, but not for very long during the day. At night she is at her strongest and she becomes more powerful under the full moon. She is very serious at times, but fun to hang around with. She has no real friends and has a big problem with the guys at school. She has been suspended a couple of times for fighting in school even though she was just defending her self. Lavon is very friendly and she jokes about turning into a wolf with her parents and the few people who now the truth about their family. While she does talk to people at her school in truth she is really alone and nobody, but her family to turn to. Describtion: Long silverish white hair, Blueish silver eyes, Diamond earrings, slightly pointed ears, Creamy white skin, Blood red peasants shirt (you know the ones with the flaring sleaves and the tying ribbons at the top) the sleaves are transparent and the main part of the shirt is velvet, Black jeans, Black high heel leather boots, A bunch of silver rings and blck braclets with silver charms on her left hand, A diamond gol ring and a gold watch on her left, adn she wears a dragon knecklace and a chines symbol choker around her kneck. Skills: She his very fast and agile, she can change in to a grey wolf at will, she is very cunning, she can get almost anyone to do her will and she can do certain things under the moon light. Weapon: Moon sword (a white sword created by the moon light) There you go jro13.
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